Written by kettler3

14 Feb 2006

want to tell you a story that happened to me a couple of years ago. I started chatted online to a large lady who lived quite a way away from me but seeing as we had same sense of humour and got on great i thought i would take a drive one night and meet her.

Now i would not normally go for a BBW but when she opened the door those huge breasts just screamed at me to be sucked and groped!! she was a big woman but still very curvy indeed.

We sat and chatted and drank lots of coffee for a couple of hours and then she stood up and said "right then, time for bed i think!)

I was a bit shocked but thought of the drive home and those marvelous mammories and dutifully followed her copious frame upstairs. i went to the toilet and when i get into the bedroom she was already undressed and for a big woman every thing was quite firm, especially those tits!!

I was undressed in a nanosecond!!and before my clothes had hit the floor i had one of those 1" long rock hard nipples in my mouth and sucking hungrily. Now i have a long tongue and as i flicked at her nipple and played with her other tit she started moaning and saying "God! i didnt think you were going to bother tonight!!"

I mumbled something inaudible and as i carried on playing with her tits i let my other hand slide down to her pussy. When it got there i couldn't belive how fuckin wet it was!! I took my mouth from her tit and had to look at the soaking wet fanny and patch that had already formed on the bed! i must have looked shocked or something as she shrugged her shoulders and just said "i have sensitive nipples!" all i could manage was a "wow" or "fuckin hell" or something i dont remember but instantly dived straight in there without the usual tender licking around and tasting first!

Now girls, you moan about guys cum tasting funny but some of those pussies smell so strong they'll burn the hairs out your nose! Not this one tho! it was pure nectar i swear! and her clit was already hard and sticking out. I started to lick it straight away, that long start far back on the tongue lick, moving my head up letting the length of my tongue do its stuff! Well it did and within a few licks she was having her first orgasm! christ she squirted all over my face and in my mouth a bit, i couldn't believe it! her legs were quivering her head was bent forward and she had that maiac look on her screwed up face as she tugged my face hard into her pussy!

By now all my face was covered in her sweet juices and i was in heaven! I just carried on licking and biting at her clit and she was moaning and almost shouting as within minutes another orgasm tore thru her body. By this time i was getting too wet and squeezed to breath properly so returning to those lovely nipples my right hand continued playing with her pussy and clit. Every mans dream i was living i think! huge firm breasts, not those saggy ones by the armpits, massive hard and sensitive nipples, and the most wonderful tasting and reactive pussy on earth!

After a minute or so she pushed me round so that she could grab my cock and with a firm and i mean FIRM grip she slowly started to wank me up and down.

We were kissing and wanking each other and as we were tonguing away she pulled away slightly and murmured oh god! oh god! not again! and another orgasm shook her body. I thought she was going to rip my cock off! But as her orgasm subsided she opened her eyes and smiled at me and moving down the bed she took my squeezed cock in her mouth. Now this woman does not mess about, she just slid straight down to my pubes and now it was my turn to gasp and catch my breath. Obviously i was straining every vein in my cock by now and within a few long sucks from tip to base that allconsuming feeling took over and my cock just ripped into an orgasm and pumped a record amount of thick salty sperm into her mouth and down her throat. She took the lot! never wasted a drop!

She carried on sucking gently until i couldn't take anymore and she moved back up the bed.

"Wow" she said "no warning at all!" we laughed and i spent the rest of the w/e there and i have never known a woman cum as much as her it was fantastic!

Well i didn't manage to get back there before she got a boyfriend but we stayed in touch and we still say it was the best sex w/e we have both had.