Written by andy

12 Jun 2005

I wish this was a first hand experience but it was told to me this afternoon by the young lady involved, and I thought you would love to share it. so here goes, the younge lady Louise (not her real name) is without a man in her life but she has a lot of freinds and many of them are men just no one that is close at the momentm Louise is mad on cycling and belongs to several clubs biking on a national level she gets to go all over the country however this happened near her home.

She was at home reading a very sexy book and getting quite worked up when the door bell rang she got up and there were ten of her cycling pals waiting to go for a ride, asking Louise to go with them she said yes OK I'll just go get ready, well she didn't know what made her do it but as she changed into her tight lycra out fit she pushed a small pair of eggs into her pussy, pulling up her tight all in one outfit, she looked in the mirror to make sure nothing was showing she had done this before for a road ride, and the eggs had given her a nice sexy feeling for the whole ride, but this was to be something different.

They started off on the road but turned into the forest after a few miles this Louise realised was someting else as she bounced upo and down over the rough tracks the eggs did all sorts of things to her, bringing her to the edge of a climax after only a mile or so, she tried to slow down but the others urged her on saying come on letts see if we can beat out besr time through here, louise groaned as they picked uo the pace the eggs felt as if they were doing somersalts inside her cunt the vibrations were sending shock wave right through her she was about to come.

She stopped and made the excuse she needed a pee they left her but as soon as they had got out of sight another group of riders appeared, she couldn't just squat in the bushes as her outfit was whole body style and the top had to come off as well, and being Louise she had nothing under it, no bra and no pants, she loves the feeling of the lycra and the chammie leather lining next to her skin, she is a randy young woman at best of times, she has gone clubbing in only a mini dress nothing else at all.

She waited for them to go but they took thier time and another couple came into view, by this time her freinds had missed her and returned to see if she was OK, she had got over the feelings in her cunt and thought she would try again, off they went she had only gone half a mile before she realised that she was in trouble again, she stopped and said look you go on I'm going back, they wouldn't leave her alone in the forest because it's not safe she is quite small and very pretty, high risk bird, as she puts it we ll they turned round and started back but the eggs were giving her hell she stopped again and this time one ofe the girls took her aside and asked what was wrong, she told her what she had done and they both laughed about it but neither could see a way out of the situation the suit was too tight to pull to one side and get them out that way and there was no way she could take it off outside she was naked underneath.

She told Louise to wait and she wouls see what she could do, she went back to the group and despite promising Louise she wouldn't tell she did, they all thought it was hilarious and made all sorts of lewd suggestions as to what Louise could do, in the end one of them suggested that they leave the trail and go into the quieter parts of the forest where it would be safe for Louise to strip off and take the eggs out, they all mounted up and took the track used only for forestry tractors it was very rough and before Louise could stop the eggs brought her to a climax she had been on the edge for the last hour and it hit her like a steam roller, she fell off her bike and groaned as the thrills coursed through her body, she curled up into a fetal position and just let it happen when she opened her eyes all her mates were watching in amasement, on of the girls said when you get them out can I have them for a while, Louise got back on her bike as it was very open the treesa had all been harvested in this section, and by the time they reached the next trees she was just about to come again, she thought what the hell it can only get better and kept riding till it hit her sha managed to step off the bike and dropped to her knees, all modesty was gone and she pulled her top off and stripped it down to get the eggs out, the girl who asked for them took them and pulling down her pans and knicker she pushed them into her self, jumping on her bike and riding off down the rough track shouting for joy as they did thier thing for her.

Louise needed a pee after all that sexual activity and moves as best she could with her suit tight round her knees, don't know if you are familuar with these suits they are made of lycra a bit like a wet suit but tighter and not as thick but the elastic is very strong, Louises was a short one just like a pair of short, shorts not much leg at all, she managed to get into the bushes and had a pee she was strugglig to get her suit back up when one of the lads siad it's apity to cover that up, I didn't know you had such a sexy body, he reached out and touched her erect nipple she shivered at the contact andhe took that as a green light and moved in the next thing she knew he had her near naked body in a full blown embrace, she could feel his cock hard through his suit and before she knew what had happene he was fucking her standing face to face, she said she had never felt a mans cock rub so herd on her clitty and she was into another orgasm, there was qite a bit of sex going on as they had all got inti itLouise made me laugh when she said I'm gald they all got at it, it would have been emgarrasing if we were the only ones, embarrased when she went out with vubratinf love eggs inside her with a gang of mixed people?

All the girls tried the love eggs and most of them wanted to know where to get thir own, the lads were just glad of the small excuse it took to all get some good sex.