Written by Slutwife

13 Jan 2005

Last week I had forgotten to move my wheelie bin from the back garden and whilst I was looking out of the kitchen window I saw the lorry turn into our road and grabbed my dressing gown and put the belt round it and ran like mad to make sure I caught up with the binmen and I managed to catch them up but didn't realise that the belt belt had fallen off and I had all my body on show in my small babydoll nightie and as it was a cold morning my nipples were rock hard against the material and I thanked them for taking my bin when the older of the group came up to me and said they didn't know if they could take my bin as they had started to move away from my house and I begged tham as there was two weeks rubbish.He looked me up and down and asked for a new years kiss and he leaned forward and put his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him and I gave in and kissed him back and as my hubby had been away for three days I was gagging for it I asked him back to mine and no sooner were we behind the door than he lifted off my nightie and went to his knees and sytarted to part my hairy mound and I was gone and told him to do me in my bed so he carried me upstairs and lay me down and went back to licking my moist sweaty pussy and I urged him on until I shot my juices over his face and then told him to show me his cock and he told me to undress him.I sat in front of his trousers and undid the belt then the zipper and fred his big sweaty cock that tasted so good I licked the helmet and tasted some precum and then got on all fours and told him to fuck me rough and hard and soon he was pumping in and out of my married pussy and calling me a dirty slut and his hairy balls were banging hard against my arse cheeks and he told he was about to cum and went to pull out so I told him to shoot his spunk deep inside me and make me feel used and he did just that and carried on fucking me until his balls were empty.After withdrawing his cock he went to his coat pocket and started to dial a number on his mobile and started to talk to someone called Leroy and when he had finished he told me not to bother cleaning up as the other 3 lads would be here soon and he left.I didn't know that he had left the front door on the latch until my bedroom door was opened by a young blackman of about 21,two whitemen about 30 and 35 and soon Leory got between my legs and eased his black cock inside me and the other two stood there wanking their cocks and came closer so I could wank them as I felt the blackman fuck me.I told them to use me and if they did a good job they could fuck me each week when they came to empty my rubbish.What I liked was the fact they all had sweaty bodies so the room stank of sweat and spunk and Leroy soon dumped his black seed into me and said his father would like a piece of my white ass and said he would bring him next time and I just nodded as I sucked one of the others off and felt the other one slip his cock into my pussy already swimming with sticky spunk.

I was fucked 12 times that day and now get fucked by anyone who wants to fuck my body but they must make sure they do it whilst hubby is not at home as he has no idea I am a slut for cocks full of cum and if word got out it would ruin me and him.