Written by Mary and Ed

1 Nov 2004

It was Mary's birthday during the week. As requested I bought her a new dressing gown - black and very soft. On Saturday evening Laura, Mary's best friend came round for some drinks. After a couple of drinks, Mary got up with a smile on her face and said that she was going to model her birthday present for us.

She came back down wrapped in her new gown and showed it off from all angles. She then opened the gown up and to gasps from Laura and me displayed a strap-on tied round her waist. "A birthday present to myself" she explained.

While I sat in shock, Laura lost no time and yelled "Me first". With that she hitched up her skirt and yanked down her knickers. Mary didn't need a second invitation and eased her tool into Laura's pussy.

I recovered myself and stripped naked as quickly as I could with a burning erection. While Mary pounded into Laura, Laura massaged my cock. Then Mary said she wanted her third present. "What's that?" I asked. "Your ass" she replied.

As we made our way up to the bedroom she quickly explained what she wanted. Laura knelt on the bed. I was on all fours licking out her dripping pussy. And then I felt the strap-on nudging into my ass. What a sensation - so much pain and yet so much pleasure. I tried to concentrate on the pussy in front of me, but Mary's regular movements took control of me. Laura felt left out so she moved underneath me to suck my cock. That was all I could take and I exploded into her mouth.

When Mary pulled out, the two girls moved into a sixty-nine position to bring themselves off and let me recover for the next bout.....but that's another story.