Written by D Lyons

13 Oct 2006

It was recently my 30th birthday; my wife said she would take me out for a meal at a posh restaurant. On the appointed evening I had a shower and was about to get dressed when my wife suggested we had a bit of fun before we went out. I did ask her about the meal and was told I would get to eat all I could later. Just a quickie she said. Well I am not one to turn down a bit of sex. I was promised an evening I would never forget. I took my dressing gown off and lay on the bed, waiting for my wife to do the same.

Just then the front door bell rang. With the way I was lying on the bed I can only say panic set in. My wife said don’t worry I will get rid of whoever it is. She answered the door, and I could hear female voices down stairs. I thought I recognised the voices as being one of her friends and wondered what she wanted. I was thinking she had better not catch me lying to the bed like I was. I could hear my wife coming back up the stairs, it’s just Caroline and with that my wife and Caroline walked into the room. Talk about being embarrassed I could feel my face going really red. My cock was as flaccid as ever. I was wondering why on earth my wife doing this. While Caroline looked on my wife took her dressing gown off she was stark naked underneath. She fondled my cock but I can only say I knew it wouldn’t rise to the occasion not with her friend looking on. Hazel (my wife) said to Caroline I think I need a little help here. With that she quickly undressed and joined my wife on the opposite side of me. They ran their fingers over my chest and rubbed their tongues around my nipples. Hands moved down my stomach and slid up and down my thighs. At this stage my cock was not touched. They were really teasing me. They could see it start to twitch, and it very quickly started to rise and within seconds was pointing straight up my stomach. This is when they both put their hands around my shaft, it felt so hard really rigid. Baby oil was brought out and poured onto my cock. The feel of their hands massaging my slippery cock was out of this world.

They took it in turns to rub their hands up and down the length of my cock. Caroline then leaned over my face and brought her pussy up to my mouth. I licked and sucked away, whilst Hazel was now sucking my cock. This went on for just a few moments, as they were swapping around and were making sure I did not cum. There were many rests while I calmed down. I had tits rubbed across my face and nipples put in my mouth. Tits rubbed against my cock.

I was asked to stand up. Caroline knelt in front of me my cock felt so hard, and now I was going to look at her taking me into her mouth. When I looked at my wife she had our digital camera in her hand and took some shots of Caroline with her tongue just touching the head of my cock. I was slowly taken in while more photos were taken.

She cupped my balls and licked along my shaft then licked the head of my throbbing cock rubbing her tongue inside my slit. Then took it into her mouth again as far as it would go. My wife told me she was letting me do something I always wanted to do, something she wasn’t too keen on doing herself. With that my wife held my cock and Caroline turned her back to me and bent right over showing me her arse. My cock was placed against her arse hole then more baby oil was rubbed along my shaft. I always wanted to fuck my wife up the arse but she was never keen on the idea. I put my hands on her hips and slowly pushed my cock in once the head went in the rest seemed to slide in nice and easy. But it felt so good, so tight it was a lovely feeling. I proceeded to slide it in and out. My wife was watching my shaft as it went in and out. Caroline told me to do it harder as it was getting her really worked up. Hazel said it was ok give it every thing you’ve got, and I did I rammed it in and out. Even my wife was enjoying watching my cock slide in and out of her. I slowed down and brought my hands around and cupped her tits bringing one hand down to feel her pussy and I rubbed my finger up and down rubbing her clitoris she was getting really excited now. I was told to carry on fucking her while my wife took over and rubbed her clit.

I felt so hard inside her it was great, I slowly pushed in and out of her slowly getting faster. I could tell she was on the verge of coming after a few more thrusts she started to shake just as I was starting to come as well. Caroline moaned and groaned with the pleasure of it. I could feel my cum start to shoot I felt it went on for ages. Spurting and spurting. It was a brilliant birthday treat.

My wife made it quite clear to me that this was a one off, and wouldn’t happen again. But I am forever thankful.