Written by Jas

14 Apr 2005

It was one of those nights when the wife, Dilys, and I really clicked. I had got home early from work, brought flowers, and weaned her away from "Footballer's Wives" on the tv for an early night. During the glorious shagging process, she said how much she'd like a second cock to play with. Often lusting after a 3-sum, I said I could probably fix something up. "How...who do you know...?" I explained, whilst recovering from orgasm number one, that I could search the net for a possible accomplice. She seemed quite happy with this, so knowing that her randy spasms usually lasted at least 3 or 4 days, resolved to try and get a guy off Swingibg Heaven. After the usual pic collectors and time wasters (please, guys, have some respect!!) I finally made an arrangement with a near-local lad, Kevin, for the third evening. The wife and I had eaten (with plenty of Chardonnay!) and cleared away when Kevin arrived. He drove up in a weatherbeaten Ford Sierra - Dilys, who had already started having second thoughts about a 3-sum, wathed him get out of his car, and said angrily "That's it-look at him!". Kevin had done himself little credit, wearing casual, almost scruffy clothes, and forgetting to comb his unruly mop of hair. "I'm not doing it with him!!" was all Dilys could say as Kevin made his way expectantly to our front door. "Look, my gorgeous cuddles, we can't just tell him to bugger off...we'll have a drink or two and then let him down gently - tell him your period's come on or something..." "Oh, all right...better let him in". When I led Kevin into the lounge, Dilys has assumed an attitude of sweetness and light, at the same time noting that he was not the best looking man she had ever set eyes on. Kevin settled for a beer while I had another glass of merlot, and topped-up Dilys's white. What Kevin lacked in outward social skills he more than made up with humour and witty repartee, mentioning that even if she had been wearing an army greatcoat, he could see Dilys had a great figure. The icewoman started to melt, and taking this as his cue, Kevin started to undress. This sudden move toward the inevitable seemed to alarm the wife, until she saw the awesome sight of Kev's cock as his briefs were abandoned to the floor by the setee. Semi-hard, it was'nt very long, but incredibly thick, with a large bulbous head finished off with a deep slit. In just a few seconds, Dylis was transformed from one extreme to the other, not taking her eyes off his weapon. We normally made an art-form of undressing; not so tonight, as she disrobed to her panties in seconds. Kevin had sat back in the armchair; Dilys moved over, kneeling between his legs and feasting on his now-stiffening cock. In the time it took me to get naked, I was behind her with my hard cock moving slowly up and down her arse cheeks, looking over her shoulder as she took Kev's tool into her distended cheeks. He pushed her away, saying "I'm nearly cumming, hang on a bit..." We rested just long enough for Dilys to offer her moist cunt to Kevin on all fours..."Come on, just fuck me..." she called hoarsely "Now..." Kevin positioned himself behind her, and after a preliminary hole-finding probe, eased into her wet cunt, getting only the helmet into her labia before she cried out. "Wow, it's so big...just go easy, big boy..."she gasped. Kevin obliged, slowly easing the full five inches in as far as it would go. Dilys started moving rythmicly back against him her thrusting getting more urgent with every stroke. With a lot of gasping and grunting, Kevin came; where most men would then subside and slip out, he kept pumping, pulling Dilys even tighter into his pelvis as he defied nature and intensified his penetration. Dilys was getting close, and after about thirty seconds, climaxed with the noisiest orgasm I had ever heard her give out. But still Kevin kept on; his spunk, now mixed with Dilys's juices, were leaking profusely onto the carpet. Having been gently wanking, the powerful eroticism of this made me cum, shooting my load over her shoulder and into her hair. I was waiting for Kevin to cum again but as Dilys and I recovered from our climaxes, he pulled out a still-hard cock with the words "Phew...that was good!" Finishing his beer, he asked for the loo, then having dressed, he left with the words "Must get on..." and was gone. Dilys and I looked at each other, wondering what each was thinking. "Would'nt have missed that for the world...thanks, love...! Dilys came over and kissed me like never before, stroking my rather ordinary cock back into life.......