Written by SP

14 May 2004

My wife M and her best mate J had been out drinking in town together the other night. M is 35, 5'4, size 12 blond small tits, J is 33, 6 foot blonde size 12.

I had crashed out in bed and was woken by them stumbling back in around 1am. Conversation went quiet and then they both headed upstairs into our spair room, next to our bedroom.

I could hear the action getting hotter, snogging and moaning noises - after 5 mintutes I had to have a peek. I stood at the door and pretended to be on my way for a piss. M noticed me and suggested that I join in - no need for a written invitation - I jumped in to find M naked and J down to her bra and thong.

I went down on M, who was very pissed and had a sopping pussy that I fingered and tongued, whilst she and J kissed. I slipped 2 fingers inside J's thong and found her pussy to be sopping also - so I carried on tounging M whilst fingering J. M then came strongly and I leaped off, pulled J's thong down and tounged her - what a great sensation, the taste of 2 different pussies alongside each other.

We then headed back into our room - bigger bed, where I now fucked M, whilst J licked my balls - just as I was about to come I pulled out of M's cunt and came in J's mouth.

We all woke up together the next morning and nothing more was said