Written by sx

19 Feb 2005

Last week I met a girl on here for the first time following some exchanges of texts. I told her to just be ready for me. I drove to her place and found the door wasn't locked, walked in and found the bedroom. when I walked in the room she was totally naked, on all fours with her bum sticking straight towards me. She was a big girl, but so wet and ready and lying on the bed next to her was a tube of ky and a dildo. I nearly broke my neck getting my clothes off and my cock was hard and ready. She never said a word, so I just got my cock and rammed it in her pussy as far as I could go and she instantly shuddered and had an orgasm there and then! I carried on thrusting for a bit until she had come at least three times and then i started playing with her bum, rubbing the ky over her and gently inserting a finger.

This just seemed to make her wild and she pushed her bum further towards me, moaning with pleasure. I took my cock from her pussy and gently placed it in her bum, slowly moving forward until she had it all.

All she said was "don't stop"! I fucked her arse for about 10 minutes and realised I was going to come, so I told her I was going to fill her arse up and she just turned around and smiled!! I have never come like that before and shot my load as far as i could inside her. She moved forward, turned around and took my cock, placed it in her mouth and proceeded to clean it with her mouth like nothing else I have experienced before.

We ended up in a 69 position, her sucking away and me with a tongue in her pussy and a dildo in her arse. We both came a few more times and then I left to return to the wife! She has promised to use the dildo on me next time, so can't wait. Any other midland ladies fancy trying that?