Written by Jack

24 Jun 2005

It was another of those evening sat at home with nothing to do.

By now, Rose had had one or two dogging experiences and so was not quite so nervous: the only nerves were the, not knowing what was going to happen every time we went out dogging.

‘Rose,’ I said, ‘fancy a ride out, I am fed up stuck in with nothing to do?’

‘Where,’ she replied?

‘What about Heigh,’ I said?

Now Heigh is a local beauty spot, where, during the day on summer week ends car’s full of pick knickers, some with children, would flood in for the beautiful walks among the trees and besides the river; but at nigh……..

At night the self same car park became a hive of dogging activity….. this was one of our favourite spots.

We pulled into the car park and from what I could see, there was not a lot of action; there were only about 4 cars, all lights off.

Rose and I sat there just chatting inside light on.

As we chatted, I noticed movement just inside the tree line.

‘Come here,’ I said to my wife, ‘we have a watcher.’

Without waiting I unbuttoned her shirt.

Rose hardly ever wore a bra and so her lovely tits just came free; I opened her shirt wide to give our company an eye full; I wound the window right down as far as it would go.

My partner and I began to kiss, I was feeling her tits.

As she kissed me I pulled her short skirt right up and over her waist.

She only stopped kissing long enough to pull her knickers down and open her legs.

I put my head down onto her breasts and began to suck those lovely nipples as one of my hands went up between her legs; my wife was panting and moaning loud.

‘He’s coming towards us,’ she said.

I could hear the excitement in her voice……..

‘Hello,’ I heard a mans voice say to my wife, ‘do you mind if I watch?’

‘No,’ was Roses reply, ‘please do.’

‘Do you mind if I wank,’ he said?

‘I don’t mind,’ Rose told him; so he got his cock out and started wanking.

I could hear him panting….

‘Can I touch your breasts,’ he asked my wife?

‘Jack, is it OK with you,’ she asked me?

‘it’s up to you love,’ I replied?

And so our new company held my wife’s tits.

A thought came to me, I have always wanted to watch a man wank and cum into her mouth; this was the chance I have been waiting for, so I put it to Rose.

‘Not suck him off I said to her, I want to watch him wank into your open mouth and fill it with his cum….

‘Ok, she said without pause.’

My wife was soon sat in the open door with her legs outside; I went around to the front and knelt down to watch.

The guy started wanking like mad, I said to him, ‘put your cock close to her lips, I don’t want you to miss; this he did.

Rose sat forward, tongue out waiting.

He was wanking as if his life depended on it.

I told him to slow down, ‘take long slow pulls I said,’

When he did cum it was with some force, it just cum and cum and cum; Rose could only swallow so much, some ran down her chin as she gulped what she could….

He emptied his balls into her mouth……

To finish off though, she just had to lick his cock clean; Rose wanted it all and got it….

What a great evening….and what a slut I finally had.