Written by Hal

4 Jan 2005

It was a warm summers morning and I was lying in my bed with my girlfriend. We were both naked and so there was no chance of hiding anything. My girlfriend had a very bad cold and had been sniffling all night. Suddenly she sneezed and it was obvious she badly needed a handkerchief.

I reached into my bedside drawer and gave her one of my hankies which she took from me. I had never seen her blow her nose before and I couldn't believe that I was becoming excited at the thought of seeing her use my hankie. I didn't have to wait long. She opened the handkerchief and put it to her nose and blew an amazing wet honking blow into it. The sight of her blowing and the snotty noise her nose made made me feel so horny and my cock was bone hard. When she asked what had turned me on so much I had to confess it was her blowing her nose. She then straddled me and put my cock inside her and as she was riding me she took my hanky and gave her nose a thundering wet blow. I shot my load instantly. Ever since I have had a fetish for womens hankies and women blowing their noses and believe me my girlfrend still gives me the best 'blow' job.