Written by Marcus

14 May 2005

You'll know from reading from part 1 how amazed and shocked yet turned on I was by seeing my gorgeous 34 year old wife Sara licked and finger fucked to orgasm by 2 young guys on a bar in Cancun. I forgot to mention that as they were going down on her people kept shouting "make her cum, make her cum" including many of the girls there.

They certainly didn't disappoint.

Anyway, the adventure wasn't over. We left the bar after my wife had cum and went back to the hotel. On the way Sara just kept saying that she was really sorry and that she didn't know what was happening and that it was just a bit of fun that went too far when she felt herself cumming. She couldn't help herself. She said she was ashamed and felt like a slut. I tried to reassure her that it was just fun and that I had enjoyed it but she was mad with me that I let it carry on. What could I say? I mean she was cumming - loving every second of it, and I was about to have a spontaneous ejaculation.

It was 2 days later before we could talk about it again without argument and we stayed clear of the bar we went to where it all happened. It was then she told me how one of the guys was finger fucking her with 2 fingers whilst they both licked the flavoured sugar off her clit and lips. She seemed to have got over most of the hang up though since our love making was better than ever.

Next evening we were out again - Sara dressed in a very short white ra ra skirt made up of a lace band for the top third. Her pink sheer front g string clearly visible through the lace. I had bought her this from the internet a year before but she had never worn it until now. She also wore a fine mesh white vest top with her nipples clearly visible.

Midnight and we were pissed again. She brought up the experience of a few nights ago telling me that she was sorry for having a go at me and that she had actually really enjoyed it. She said that she had been thinking about it all the time since it happened and that it was making her horny and wet. I asked if she was horny and wet now and she said yes! I thought that this is my lucky night again.

Without any prompting she asked if we could go to the same bar that the incident happened in since she enjoyed watching the body shots being licked off guys by the girls. There was no need to ask - I was already on my way.

We turned up at the bar to be greated by the barman that had sucked Sara's nipples last time. He recognised us instantly and gave us 2 drinks on the house telling us that it was a wild night that night. He said that after we had left a girl was on the bar having her pussy licked by another girl. And then vice versa. It was something to with spring break he said. I didn't understand what he meant at the time but having looked up spring break since then it seems it is an american holiday where all the college girls go completely wild at places like Cancun etc.

The barman chatted with us for a while and every now and again complimenting Sara on how hot she was. She just thanked him and denied the truth of it.

It wasn't as busy as it had been last time but still there were about 20 people in there. All were younger than our 34 years of age and most of them very attractive people wearing little.

Sara was telling the barman how she had cum the other night and had not done anything like it before when I returned from the loo. He said that he knew and that everyone in there new. He said that it wasn't the first time though and that it had happened 3 times before over the years including a guy that got sucked off by 2 girls. Sara looked amazed and I think much of the shame she was feeling was lifted.

The barman then said if we stayed until 1:30 am they have 2 male strippers appearing. Sara was intrigued. She had talked previously that she had always wanted to see a male strip show because she was curious about what happened.

We stayed until the strippers appeared. Dressed as american cops - more like CHiPs than NYPD they began dancing on the bar whilst stripping to the cries of a mostly female audience that had increased to about 80 people.

Sara was cheering on, clapping her hands shouting at them "get it off". Both were very well defined and tanned guys. They stripped to thongs and danced around the girls in the crowd making girls stroke their black silk pouches that were sticking out horizontally. One of them appeared in front of Sara and she immediately grabbed his package wanking him through the black silk. Once more my eyes must have been deceiving me. This was a case of "Good Wife Gone Bad" - or gone good as far as I was concerned because I was as hard as the stripper was.

The stripper sat on my wife's lap facing her, his legs either side of her body whilst she continued to wank him occassionally looking at me and raising her eyebrows and blowing a kiss.

She pulled hard on the parcel and held it there whilst he put his hand up her skirt. I couldn't quite see what he was doing but after he removed his hand he put his finger in his mouth and sucked it. I wasn't sure if it looked wet before he put it in his mouth or not. He got up and entertained some other women, each of them groping his package squeezing the shaft and cupping his balls although still covered in the thong.

It wasn't long before the strippers (still thong clad) were offering body shots for sale off their bodies. Girl after girl licked cream, tequila, liquours, jelly, off the strippers bellies and chests whilst occassionally groping their clearly hard cocks.

Sara was really excited. I asked what the stripper was doing to her earlier and she said he had rubbed his fingers over her knickers over her clit and that it had made her super horny and very wet. I put my hand up her skirt to confirm feeling her soaking wet knickers.

She wanted a body shot on each of the strippers. I said ok and paid the barman who gave me the thumbs up sign.

The first stripper laid on the bar whilst the barman squirted whipped cream on each nipple and just above his bulging thong. Liquor was added down the middle of his body. Sara didn't wait around. Sucking each nipple she worked down as she lent over the bar and the strippers body. Arriving at his manhood she grasped his shaft over his silky thong pulling it further and further down to the base of his penis. THis had the effect of causing it peep out ever so slightly from the top of his thong where she almost met it with her flicking tongue. The barman didn't mess around and instantly created a noisette of cream on top of the silk which had a small wet patch of pre cum. Sara licked up and down the subtly covered shaft eventually feeding the head of his cock into her mouth. I was hornier than the night before and wondered where all this was going. My often prude wife had turned into a sex maniac.

She sucked for about a minute - half of the head covered in silk but the other half was flesh to flesh in Sara's mouth. Cheers went with camera flashes just like the previous time. My hand was up the back of Sara's skirt fingering her covertly as I possibly could in an attempt to get her to suck this guy off completely. The stripper got up quickly as Sara tried to unlease his 9" monster from its prison. The barman said don't worry you've got another one yet pointing at the other stripper starting to lay down. I removed my hand from her skirt and my whole hand was soaking. She turned to me and said that she had never been so fucking horny and was I alright with all of this. I said fucking hell yes.

This time the barman put jelly shots on the stripper around his flat 6 packed stomach and one on the top of each thigh next to his shaft. The stripper surprised everyone by pushing one of the shots underneather the thong and onto his cock. Everyone cheered and laughed. Sara was up on the bar herself now moving into a 69 position. She had one leg either side of him resting on her knees and gobbling up the shots. The girls screamed "take it off" and Sara ripped his thong clean off throwing it into the crowd. His cock must have been nearly 10" long and was as hard as rock covered in jelly shots. Sara grabbed it and took it in her mouth like a sword swallower at the circus. Sucking two thirds the way down wanking him as she did.

His cock had some kind of elastic band tied around the base of his shaft - perhaps to keep him hard for the performance. My wife just pulled this off with a cracking sound. The crowd were shouting now "suck him off, suck him off". And it looked like this was Sara's intention especially since the barman had squirted cream on my wife's bent over pussy that the stripper was licking off. I noticed the barman finger fucking my wife too. It was all too much for me and I got onto the bar kneeling in front of my wifes bobbing head pulling out my hard cock from my shorts. Sara saw me and swapped cocks in her mouth. Suddenly she let out an almighty moan stopping the attention to my cock.

I couldn't believe it but was the other stripper was knelt up behind my wife thrusting. His cock had clearly penetrated her sweet pussy. My sweet pussy. Was this going too far? I didn't know and didn't care because Sara wasn't complaining at all.

She was breathing harder and harder and moaning really loudly - I mean almost shouting out her ecstacy as she continued to wank us. I couldn't hold on anymore and came all over Sara's face. Spunk squirted everywhere before she finally put it in her mouth. She hated me cumming in her mouth and the whole taste of it but she was sucking and licking my cock head clean. A roar went up in the crowd as I came.

The crowd continued shouting "make him cum, make him cum" refering to the stripper she was now greedily sucking whilst still being banged from behind by the other one. Suddenly the stripper being sucked thrusted up his cock right into Sara's mouth nearly choking her and spunk spurted downwards out of her mouth. She quickly clasped her mouth tightly around him to avoid further wastage before lifting up her head a few seconds later and swallowing a strangers cum.

She had not swallowed my cum for years and now she was swallowing someone elses. I was off the bar by this time - cock away, and satisfied. My attention turned to the other end of the action where the stripper that had had the blow job was busily licking my wifes red swollen clit as his mate's shaft pushed in and out of her vagina like a piston.

Shit - he's not wearing a condom and Sara and I do not use birth control. I rushed to Sara and tried to tell her that he wasn't wearing a condom. Too late. I couldn't get through to her. Head back and eyes rolling back as the thrusting was frantic she came as loud as I have ever heard her. SHe screamed the place down as the stripper made one final thrust into my wife's totally previously faithful pussy. Everyone cheered as Sara collapsed onto the bar pushing her hair out of her cum sticky face.

JUst before that the stripper had pulled his wet cock out of her and it was dripping with cum. Fuck. He had come inside her. I helped Sara down as spunk dribbled out of her all over the bar top and floor. I mean a lot of spunk. She straighted her knickers and suggested that we leave. We waved to the strippers and barman and went back to the hotel.

As a result of the night we are now blessed with a little mexican baby boy we called El Gringo Gringo.

Only kidding. We joke about that now but it wasn't funny at the time. The next day Sara couldn't believe what sort of a slut she had been turning into in this environment of booze and sin. She said that there was no way she was going out to bars or clubs again in this place unless she was sober.

We had to go to the medical centre a few miles down the road to get the morning after pill just in case. This pretty much fucked up the rest of the holiday too.

Still I can't believe that my wife had been licked and finger fucked to orgasm by two young guys and then fucked by a stripper, licked off by a stripper, and sucked off a stripper! It was the best holiday ever.

The next experience we had was almost 7 months later. But that is another story.

To be continued...