Written by Johnny

6 Nov 2004

Recent stories about older women reminded me about something that happened to me a few weeks ago. My wife has been running a book group for some years, almost all women who are almost all now 50 plus. I’ve got to know them quite well over that time, but no more than a little gentle flirting with the more fanciable ones.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my wife took a call from one of the group who said she couldn’t get hold of a copy of the book for the next meeting. The upshot was that I said I could drop it round on my way back home from work.

Audrey lives on her own – her husband died suddenly about 5 years ago – in a neat little town house. She’s always looked after herself. Looks good and dresses well to show off her still shapely figure.

I rang the doorbell and saw her shape come along the hall through the door’s frosted glass. When she opened it, she kept slightly behind the door, probably because she was wearing a loose kaftan type dress, buttoned down the front. Or at least it could have been buttoned down the front, but the top buttons were undone to show a glimpse of her full breasts, held in a wispy black lace bra, and the bottom buttons were undone to show what looked suspiciously like black stockings.

“I was just having a drink”, she said. “Have you got time for one yourself?” I’d have stayed anyway, if only because of the day I’d had at work, but seeing Audrey, I didn’t need a second invitation.

She was having a scotch and poured me a serious one, then sat on her sofa. I was going to sit in an armchair, when she said, “No come over here, then we can have a proper chat. It’s not much fun being on your own. I only ever seem to get to meet other women. I hardly ever get to talk to a man these days.”

“I find that hard to believe,” I said. “Well it’s true”, she said. “Unlike you, who’s probably got loads of girlfriends nobody’s meant to know about. I suppose you know half the book group fancies you.” I was about to answer, when I felt a hand resting on what had become a bulge in my trousers. “Do I take it, you find me attractive then?” “I certainly do”, I said rather pathetically. “Well how about putting that drink down and really showing me how attractive you find me”. I barely had time to put the drink on the floor, when I was locked in a deep kiss, her lips were stunningly soft, and her tongue was flicking mine then plunging down my throat.

Almost by instinct I reached for her breast which was amazingly firm and realised that the bra I’d glimpsed was minute. I squeezed her nipple through the kaftan, and Audrey let out a deep moan. I managed to undo another button, brought her left breast out from the bra and began to kiss her nipple. Audrey pressed her tit into my face and I crammed as much as I could into my mouth, gently biting on her nipple which was now becoming quite a mouthful itself. I could hear her panting and moaning as I pulled the kaftan apart and gave the other tit the same treatment, sucking one and squeezing the other. It was fantastic to see and hear her reaction as her body rose and fell, whilst she kept my head buried in these fantastic tits.

By now my cock was straining to be let out. I managed to undo my trousers and slide my pants down. I pulled away from Audrey and lifted the kaftan, as she sat on the sofa, to reveal a shaved pussy, the cunt lips already looking very moist.

“Are you surprised it’s shaved?” she asked, “It’s how Charles liked it, and I’ve kept it that way.” “I’ll show you how much I like it” I replied, and with that I buried my mouth in her pussy, sliding my tongue up and down her lips. She started panting and opened her legs wide to make sure I could give her by now swollen clit the full treatment. I started sucking her clit, whilst my fingers worked her cunt lips, and I could feel her juices begin to pour away, when suddenly, with a great groan she pulled her legs together, trapping my head between them, as they started bucking and shuddering to a gigantic climax.

“I’m sorry” she said, “I just needed that so much.” “Is that all you needed?” I teased. “I think you need some more, and if you don’t, I certainly do.” Lifting her buttocks I plunged my aching cock into her streaming pussy. I plunged in and out. She flung her arms round my neck and kissed me, her tongue down my throat, whilst I felt her pressing her clit down on my cock, whilst I rode her. Before long she let out another cry. “Oh, my God, I’m coming. Fuck me. Fuck me. Hard. Now.” And with that we both came as I shot my load up her cunt.

I pulled out, and sat beside her whilst she took another swig of scotch. “That was amazing”, she said. “I don’t think I ever came like that with Charles.” “Well, I’m not sure I’m finished yet,” I replied. She looked slightly surprised as I said, “I think you’d better take that kaftan off.” She undid the few buttons which were still done up, slid out of it and then looked at me for further orders. “Now the bra” – which she unclipped to let her breasts hang free. “Now, on your knees.” “What, doggy style? That’s certainly a first.”

She knelt down on the floor, her arse facing me. It was fantastic. Round and firm. A real woman’s hips and bum. I knelt behind her and got hold of both her breasts, squeezing her nipples. As I squeezed, she gasped. Then I slid my prick, which was straining again, into her warm and sopping pussy. I felt her cunt gripping my prick. Then leaving one hand to deal with her tits, I very slowly ran my thumb from her neck, all the way down her spine, down between her arse cheeks until it reached her bum hole, where I let it stop. Audrey didn’t need any more teaching. I felt her press her arse back on my thumb which I worked around and then within her hole, before easing it in and out. “That’s brilliant”, she said. “Is it really?” I replied as I pulled my prick out of her cunt, took my thumb out and pressed my prick against her bum-hole. “So that’s what you want” I heard her say, as she pressed her arse back on my knob. It went into that tight hole so beautifully and soon I was fucking her arse, whilst my fingers worked her dripping cunt. I started to rub her clit, as she moaned and groaned beneath me. “I think it’s what I want too. Please, please, keep going. Keep going. Oh yes, yes, come now, for God’s sake come.” Which we both did.

When I eventually slid out of her arse, leaving a trail of cum dripping there, my prick was still erect. Audrey looked at it curiously. “I think we’ll have to clean you up before you go home.” And she lent over and took my cock, which had enjoyed both her cunt and her arse, in her mouth and cleaned it up. She sat there as I got dressed, a teasing smile on her lips. “You’d better let yourself out”, she said. Which I did.