Written by Dirtywhore

28 Jun 2005

A couple of years ago I was sent on a course by my firm and although I didn't want to go I knew it was compulsary and I was upset at not seeing my hubby and kids but eventually arrived in Edinburgh unpacked my suitcase tarted meself up and went down for dinner and soon got chatting to a young man at the bar who couldn't seem to take his eyes off of my boobs and I jokingly asked if he liked them and he smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek.After a few more drinks I became bolder and I rubbed the front of his trousers and asked him if he wanted to continue our chat in my room and he downed his drink and led me to the elevator and once it closed he pushed me against the door and lifted my top and massaged my tits and whilst doing so he rubbed his leg agiant my pussy and I told him to wait until we are in my room.We soon were inside the room and yanked my top off undid my bra and beagn to chew on my erect nipples like a man possessed and I told him I wanted fucking as my pussy was soaking wet and I had him lay on the bed with his cock fully erect in the air as I climbed aboard and was soon bouncing up and down with my tits all over the place and I told him to fill my pussy with his seed and he didn't last long but came loads and it ran down my legs and he got off the bed and said he had to go to his girlfriends room. I went to my drawer and produced my huge didlo and fucked myself to sleep.9 months later I gave birth to a baby boy and my hubby knows he isn't his and we still enjoy talking about it when in bed and have discussed the possibilty of finding another man to breed me maybe even black as I have seen many films and love the idea of being fucked by several until one of them pregnates me.