Written by dan

17 Jul 2004

joan is 49 a little over weight, plain looking with huge tits and shy she is not, when ever we are alone joan always remarks if she were 20 years younger she'd have me for breakfast. well the other day i thought i'd play joan at her own game. she quite often stays over and does some cleaning, ironing as the wife works full time. there i am laying in bed my cock is throbbing, the wife has gone to work and joans in the next bedroom. i get up and knock on joans door, she asks who is it.i say its breakfast open the door and walk in. i'm wearing nothing but a smile, my cock is as hard as rock all 7 inches. joan takes one look and says mm i'm going to enjoy breakfast. joan pulls back the quilt to reveal her naked body, i get on next to her and just lay flat on my back saying breakie is served madam, in know time at all joan has got my stiff cock in one hand, with the other hand she is massagng my balls, she gets up on her knees leaning over me, ten starts sucking on my nipples working her waydown to my cock, taking me in her mouth and sucking for all shes worth, i start to tense up joan can feel me ready to cum, with that she start bobbing her head up and down faster sucking harder, i explode in her mouth joan takes every drop of me, sucking me dry. with that she flops down beside me, then says don't you go anywere breakfast is not over until i've had your cock inside me. with that joan starts stroking my inner thighs and squeezing my balls, joan is a dab hand at it as in know time at all my cocks up and rock hard. joan i s now up on her knees leaning over me with her huge tits smothering my face, i start sucking hard on her nipples sucking each one in turn this really getting joan worked up, joan is wanking my cockk faster and faster, i stop her and get up, tell her to get on all fours as i am going to give her a good fucking doggy style, as i enter joan her cunt is juicy and my cock slips into her easily, i start pumping away faster and faster, joan pushes her arse on to my cock, joan is gasping, telling me to hold her tight, i can feel her tighting up, shes telling me to fuck her harder, harder, with that we both cum together i fuck until the last drop of spunk from my cock, we then both collapse on the bed, just lay ther for ages. Then without saying a word we both get up to wash and dress. i'm now down stairs i can hear joan comming down stairs, she walks into the room and says i'll be off now, thank you for breakfast. no doubt we will have breakfast together again soon, i'll keep you posted..