Written by Mansa

7 Aug 2005

When i got married,on our first night my husband insisted i keep my wedding dress on.I had this satin gown with a soft petticoat underneath.When we went to bed,he allowed me to take off my bra and panties.I wore strapless dress.He went to bed naked and asked me to come over.I straddled his body and sat on his manhood.He asked me to move up.I kept moving untill i was at his chest.At this time he covered his face under my gown's skirt.I kept moving .I could feel his hot breath on my cunt.I spread my wet cunt and touched it to his lips.He started sucking hungrily.I pressed my cunt firmly on his face.Soon i was squirming on his face in a wild orgasm.He dried me off.I moved back to his manhood which was now pokingneath my cuntthat he just sucked off.To help me get aroused again,he sat uo and pulled me close.He pulled down my dress to expose my breasts and took a nipple in his mouth.He started sucking with great passion and filled my cunt with his waiting manhood.As we fucked,he kept sucking even after my orgasm.I felt so good that i let him suck.We both fell asleep and at some point nipple came out of his mouth.I morning,i woke up first.He asked me to sit up and then he put his head in my lap.He was trying to reach my nipple again but it was a little too high.So,i supported his head in my arm and pulled him close to nipple.He started sucking again.One he sucked both boobs,we had another session of a great fuck.

He has now been sucking my boobs daily .My nipples are now quite large and breasts have grown much bigger.Just right for him.I have been producing some milk as well which he really appreciates.