Written by Jed

29 Nov 2006

Just a short account of a sexy encounter I had a week or two ago.

I stopped in a lay-by near the A1 for a coffee from a snack van. I drove further down the lay-by and parked up, reading the paper and drinking my coffee when a car pulled up behind me. Glancing in the mirror, I saw it was a mondeo, typical reps car. The driver was a youngish guy, dressed in a suit. He was talking on his mobile. I didn't pay much attention until I glanced in the mirror again and saw that his right arm appeared to be moving, as if he was wanking. I kept looking in the mirror and saw he had unbuttoned his shirt and had his other hand inside, rubbing his chest. As I watched, he flicked his sidelights on and off. I was starting to get aroused, so I touched my brake lights in response. After a couple of minutes, he got out and walked slowly past my car, glancing in. I noticed a large bulge in his trousers, so I took my cock out and stroked it to hardness. As he walked back past me, he saw what I was doing and paused by my window.

I wound it down and he stood right next to me. We said Hi and he asked what I liked to do. 'Just wanking or sucking' I replied. 'Me too', he answered. As we were the only ones there and were screened from the main road by trees, I reached out and rubbed my hand over his groin. He then undid his zip to reveal a very tasty looking and very large erection. I pulled him closer so that I could take it in my mouth and began to suck him.

His cock seemed to grow bigger and harder and it wasn't long before I felt his hips beginning to jerk and he moaned 'I'm going to cum'. I stopped and got out of the car. Standing behind him I pressed my large erection against him as I wanked him with one hand and teased his nipples with my other. He soon moaned again as he shot a huge amount of cum all over the place, in big spurts. I pulled away and he took my cock in his hand and wanked me until I did the same.

We cleaned up and chatted before exchanging mobile numbers, which led to another meeting a few days ago. I will post that story soon.