Written by Jimmy

30 Jun 2004

A friend and I are touring on our motorbikes; it’s getting near dusk so we stop at a sleepy little town for somewhere to stay overnight. Calling at a guesthouse that has vacancies in the window, we park up and unload our stuff locking the bikes up for the night. Standing at the door dressed in our leathers, we chap at the door when this young woman opens it. She must only have been in her early thirties, long flowing red hair. She was dressed in a blue blouse and black knee length skirt very tidy and smart, as she worked in the local bank we found out later. Showing us to our rooms she said the bathroom was just along the corridor, as they didn’t have en-suite rooms. Pealing off the tight leathers I was glad to get a hot bath, as it had been a long ride from our last stop. The guesthouse was quite small only having two rooms upstairs, as the third bedroom belonged to the owner. Walking down the landing with a towel wrapped around me, I bump into the landlady heading the other way. She said there was plenty of hot water, and she had laid out extra towels for us. She had a job looking at me as she spoke her head dipped; I thought she was embarrassed to see a nearly half naked man with just a towel on. Until getting to the bathroom I discovered I was semi erect, and the towel must have been jutting out quite a way! Running the bath water I removed my towel, and standing in front of the mirror stretched my aching limbs. Bath full I stop the taps and ease down into it, savouring the warmth as the water eased my muscles. As I lay their eyes half closed, I tugged on my cock feeling the warmth of water upon it. Gently I massaged it to full erectness, while soaping and sliding between my hands. It felt soothing and nice to feel my soapy hand upon it, imagining the landlady naked beside me her red flowing locks of hair matched by her trimmed red pubic hair. Through my half open eyes I caught sight of movement, and the blink of some light. Trying to focus on it without opening my eye wide, I could see an eye pressed up to a small hole in the wall. Now I new where my room was in relation to the bathroom and my mate’s room and it wasn’t either of ours, so it must be the lady ladies. Teasing her I soaped and rubbed myself all over, then washed it off paying special attention to my cock. After emptying the bath and washing it out, I started to run one for my mate, knocking on his door on the way past I told him it was running and headed back to mine. When I heard the door shut I waited a couple of minutes then went out onto the landing, hearing the water splashing I new he must be in so pausing outside the landladies room I knocked very briefly and opened the door. Scanning round the room I found her in her underwear on the floor, pressed up against the wall holding a picture to one side. She released the picture when she saw me and it swung like a pendulum, walking up to her I held out my hand and moved the picture to one side. Sure enough there was the hole through the wall, looking directly in to the bath. She started to weep and say she was a lonely woman, and could not help herself since loosing her husband. Reaching down I held her by her arms and guided her to her feet; She stood before me wearing only her white bra and knickers. Her nipples were jutting out hard pressed against the fabric of her bra, and a distinct damp patch in her knickers. Putting my arms around her I held her tight and said it was okay I understood, as she wept her face pressed against my chest tears trickling down on me. I was still only standing there in a towel, as her arms embraced my waist feeling the material of her bra pressing against me. She pleaded with me to forgive her for what she had done, as I run my fingers through her long red hair. Looking up at me her makeup smudged and running round her eyes, she looked so vulnerable I bent down and kissed her on the lips. Initially a small lingering peck on the lips, but as I pulled away I returned and gave her another longer kiss that resulted in us opening our mouths to one another. Exploring one another with our tongues we hugged each other, as our kiss seemed to get progressively longer. Squeezing my waist as we hugged and kissed, I felt my towel begin to slacken around me before gravity took over and it ended in a heap on the floor. We were still snogging each other my arms around her, one around her back the other gently squeezing her bum cheeks. I felt her hand moving down my back, until she was rubbing over my own bare bum cheeks pulling me towards her tightly. By now my cock was getting interested, and I could feel it pressing into the gusset of her knickers. Moving my hands up around her back I unclasped her bra, breaking away from our embrace I run my hands over her shoulders bring it down her arms as we parted. Seeing her beautiful breasts before me for the first time, the nipples were swollen and hard as her bra fell to the floor. She also was looking down as we parted to remove her bra, and gazed upon my hardening cock her hands moved from my sides she made to hold it with one hand. I move my right hands up to her breast cupping it and stroking my hand around it, feeling the weight and shape of it as I did so. Gripping my cock she moved my foreskin back and forth gently, encouraging me to get even bigger and pleasuring me as she did so. Bending my head down while lifting her breast up wards my mouth guided itself to her nipple, my tongue made contact first licking the hard bud as my lips enveloped the rest. Forming a light suction in my mouth I nibbled and lick her nipple, as she continued wanking my hardening cock. Pulling away from me and pushing me backwards I fell back on to the bed, she was not far behind pulling her knickers down sinking to her knees her head landing level with my cock. Pulling my skin down her mouth enveloped my purple head, her lips locking around the shaft as she pressed and sank down my length. Turning and pulling myself onto the bed properly I encouraged her onto the bed with me, holding her leg and removing her knickers she new which way round I wanted her as she through one leg over me her knees landing either side of my head. Holding out my arms and cupping a bum cheek in each hand, I gently pulled her towards me. Her Red trimmed pubic hair just as I’d imagined it lying in the bath before hand, Lifting my head to meet her descending pussy my tongue parting her lips as we made contact. She was already moist and juicy as I licked, scooping globs of her juices into my mouth and tasting her for the first time. She was musky and salty and even sweet, her mouth going up and down on my tent pole while gripping my shaft base. Pulling up from me she was obviously ready for the next step, keeping a hold of my cock she positioned herself facing me. While pushing back against me I felt myself against her hot lips for the first time, my cock easily finding the moist path as she pushed herself back further. Pausing with my head just inside her, her hands balanced on my chest I watched her eyes closing as she felt and savoured the pleasure I was giving her. Relaxing herself she gradually started to sink down my whole length, as I felt myself opening her up inside as she came down upon me. Her hot pussy gradually enveloping my whole shaft, she was sat on me taking all I had inside her. Motionless she waited letting her pussy feel my girth inside her, a picture of shear pleasure on her face. Then moving up and back down she started feeling me cock pushing in and out, reaching up I cupped each breast in my hands pressing each one my fingers encircling her nipples. I squeezed and played with them as she moved up and down, her own hand finding its way between her legs as she pulled and played with her clitoris. I had been aware of the noises in the bathroom, and soon heard the bathroom door open. I had not shut the bedroom door after coming, as my mate passed the open door he could not help but hear the moans of pleasure she was making and looked straight in at us. Seeing me lying on my back while she was straddling me, moving back and forth upon me. He stood there watching for a while then went back to his room, before returning to the landlady’s bedroom. Removing his towel as he climbed onto the bed, he positioned himself behind her. I felt him reach round to one of her breasts so let go to allow him one to fondle, his other hand moved down between her legs. Feeling his hand she let go and put her hands behind herself to feel his cock, his fingers found their way between her swollen lips and flicked and played with her clitoris. She massaged his growing cock feeling him getting tight and hard in her hands, as she continued working herself up and down on me. Her eyes tightly shut head rolling back, my mate kissing and gently and biting her on the neck. Removing his hands my mate lent over and picked up a condom, he hand gone back to the room for together with some KY jelly. Putting on a condom on his now rock hard cock, he squeezed out some KY from the tube onto his fingers. Placing it on the head of his cock he rubbed it over coating it, then pushing her forwards till she were laid down on my chest he guided it to the entrance of her arse. Holding it steady he rubbed it round coating her, leaning forwards applied pressure till it opened her up and the head of his cock popped inside. I saw her face tighten as she felt her arse open up, but once inside she relaxed. He held it there for a moment letting her arse become accustomed to it being there, then he pushed himself further in. I could feel his cock opening her up, sliding in along side my own inside the other hole. She was panting as he rocked her back and forth, each time his cock going that little bit deeper and it was making me excited feeling him in there too. With her face right up against mine our lips found each other’s and we snogged together, apart from brief pauses when she broke away to gasp a big gulp of air. She was getting close her breathing becoming ever more rapid, has my mate was increasing is stroke travelling all the way in and nearly back out sliding against my cock as he did so. Its was all to much for me feeling that, my cock began to throb as I felt my cum pulsing into her with a groan they both new I’d just cum. Her breath really panting she soon went ridged on me, as her muscles tensed up I could feel her pussy gripping me and I’m sure my mate could feel it gripping him also. He was not long in groaning aloud as he pumped his seed in too, we all collapsed in a heap falling to one side she was sandwiched between us. We lay there for a while our cocks softening and eventually falling out of her, her eyes were closed in front of me as she rested her flowing red hair part covering her face. Stroking it back from her face her eyes opened and she looked into mine, a sweet satisfied smile upon her face. Getting up she told us to stay where we were, then bending down between us she tugged off the condom. Holding both our cocks she placed them both in her mouth, then pulling each of our bums pulled us together so they both went in together. My cock was again slide in along side his but this time into her mouth, she took turns to suck us individually then together. He looked at me raising his eyebrows as if to say this was okay wasn’t it, I winked back my acknowledgement then we both looked down at her sucking us both together. Laying back down between us she motioned my mate to lye on top of her, parting her legs to let him between them he pushed his cock into her pussy. Her leg wrapping round his thighs, Gripping hold of my cock she pulls it wanting me to bring it up to her mouth. I move my body round so my cock is up to her mouth, my mates face is right next to hers looking at her sucking me as he drives his cock into her. She looks at him gazing at her, putting an arm round the back of his head pulls him closer. His lips pressed against her but her mouth is full of my cock, pulling my cock back and forth she guides my cock between both their lips. Not sure what my mate is making of this, but he’s not objecting probably because he has his cock berried into her pussy too. They both suck and lick up and down the length of my hard cock, but she stops and pushes my mate back them unwrapping a condom she rolls it down the length of my cock. I’m puzzled why she had done this as he was on top of her, then coating my cock in KY she tries to guide me behind him. Clicking what it is she wants me to do, I hold my cock firmly and guide it up to my mate arse. By this time she has her arms wrapped around him and is snogging him intensely, as I gently prod my cock towards his arse he freezes and stops shagging her. I feel him tighten up when he feels me pushing against his arse, where I wait for a moment letting him relax. When I’m sure he has I prod forwards pushing my body weight against my cock, feeling his arse opening and my cock head sinks inside. I pause for a moment letting his body adjust to it, then pushing my weight forwards again it slides into him. As I start to pump myself in and out, he also moves his body too his own cock pumping her. I’ve never imagined myself doing this to a guy like this before, especially one that’s shagging a woman at the same time. We continue building up a rhythm; I’m holding his hips pulling myself into him as he in turn pushes into her. Before to long he’s groaning aloud, I can feel his arse hole tightening in spasms on my cock; I want to shoot soon too but the landlady stops me from moving pulling me down on top of him. My eagerness to shoot off subsides, as she motions me to pull out which I do. Pulling my condom off and easing my mate out of her, she guides me to he pussy and I feel my cock sinking into her hot sticky pussy. Tugging my mate’s cock this time she indicate him to bring his cock up to her mouth, But instead of sucking it herself she guide it to my mouth and makes me suck him. As I’m stabbing my cock into her pussy, I’m sucking a semi limp cock covered in cum and pussy juices. Finding it doesn’t taste to bad I suck and lick down as much as I can fit into my mouth, All the while feeling it hardening in my mouth. Fully hard she pushes me back and fits a condom on his cock, and coats it in KY. I realise what’s about to happen, as she guides him where she wants him to go behind me. He knows as well, holding his cock he offers up to my arse I feel the moist KY against me. His prodding cock pressing against my arse hole, I feel myself opening as his cock stretches me up. It’s painful initially but once inside he pauses and lets me adjust to the feeling, then pushes deeper into me filling me up. It’s a weird feeling being fucked in the arse, but hell of a turn on. I’m sure my cock found it extra exciting as I was hard as nails inside the landlady, shagging her at the same time we built up a good rhythm. Her pussy was so tight hot and sticky, and she loved every moment of this her head shaking side to side. It was all getting too much for her breathing very rapidly, she let out a cry and her body shook beneath me her. That was all I needed to hear and I to felt myself cum, spunk bullets rushing up my cock and exploding into her. My arse tightening in spasms each time I ejaculated, and I soon hear my mate grunt behind me as the feeling of my arse gripping his cock must have been to much for him. We all collapsed onto the bed my mate and me either side of the landlady, lying there we gasped each catching our breath. Each of us falling asleep huddled up in a threesome, with my mate and me both putting our arms round the landlady, as she was sandwiched between us. When I woke up some time later desperate for a pee I nipped to the bathroom, standing there aiming my cock down at the toilet bowl I felt relieved to feel the golden stream flooding out. Bleary eyed I stood there waiting for it to finish, when I felt another warm hand clasp my cock. Looking down I could see painted nails so new it was the landlady; I let go and let her continue to feel my stream flooding out. As she aimed me round the bowl directing me at a target of some toilet paper, she chased it round the bowl until my stream faded and stopped. Holding me there she lowered the seat and sat on it herself, I heard her pee flooding out into the water below. My cock now pointing down at her with a drip still on the end of my cock, she pointed her tongue out and caught it on her tongue then put it back in her mouth to taste it. Reaching out she lifted my cock with one hand, her mouth opening as she fed it into her mouth pulling my skin back as she did so. She sucked me for a minute or two, her Pee faded and stopped she then pulled me down to my knees. Standing up she placed one leg on the toilet seat, then holding my head pulled me towards her pussy. I could see the odd drip of pee still clinging to her lips as my face neared. In anticipation I pushed out my tongue as my head came into contact with her, feeling the warmth on my tongue I new I had caught them. Drawing my tongue back I tasted her salty pee before swallowing, then moved my tongue back out lapping away between her lips again. But I was not getting the same sensations this time, but globs of something else filled my tongue and mouth. She was warm and sticky as she held my head in place, I licked up cum dripping out of her feeling her excitement as she shacked and moved. Squirming herself against my tongue she new what she was doing, and where she wanted to feel me lick her. Holding my head tightly against her she shuddered in a climax, while I licked furiously wanting her to feel the pleasure. Once she stopped she noticed how hard I was, gripping my cock she guided me to the bath standing inside she pulled the shower curtain across. Turning on the shower we kissed and held each other under the stream of water, she paid particular attention to my ever-growing manhood. Propping one leg up on the side of the bath, she guided me to her pussy turning and pulling herself up it sank into her. Building up a gentle stroke we stood there under the shower of water, my cock thrusting in and out of her while her nipples stood budding out again erect and pointy. We soon heard another shower as my mate took a pee, once finished he to joined us she holding out a hand inviting him in. Standing behind her she massaged and wanked his growing cock, while I continued thrusting mine inside her. Pulling him closer to her she tried to line him up with her arse, taking the hint he took over and managed to line it up and ease it in. Once again we were both inside the same woman, feeling each other’s cock sliding along side the others. We had her sandwiched between us, both thrusting our cocks into her in semi unison. I was kissing her mouth our tongues entwined around each other’s, while my friend kissed and chewed her neck. Later she broke off from kissing me to kiss him too, so bending I managed to suck on her nipples in turn nibbling and gently chewing on them as I did. The speed was building as water cascaded over our bodies, my mate being the first to shoot off followed closely by the landlady and myself. As we slowed we both eased out of her, she grabbed soap and proceeded to wash us both down all over paying special attention to our cocks. We both reciprocated washing her all over too, sliding four hands over and in to her body propping her leg back up as we both fingered each hole again. Drying off we all slept in the same bed together she being in the middle, falling to sleep in a happy sexually tired way. Waking the next morning she was gone, checking the time to find it was 10:30. We dressed and went down stairs to the breakfast room, finding a note saying she had gone to work. She thanked us both for a wonderful night, and asked us to call round again on our return journey.

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