Written by Lynn

14 Aug 2006

After just reading about "my first Affair" by Jane I thought I had to share my true experience of a few years ago. I also had only had sex with one man , my husband who had always satisfied me or so I thought.

My work had sent me on a residential course to Brighton and I was really nervous about going being a fairly shy person. At the end of the first day we had all gone back to the Hotel and had agreed to meet up in the bar before going into the restaurant for our evening meal. I went up to my room and showered and got changed then sat on the bed not wanting to be one of the first in the bar. When I did pluck up the courage to go down most of the other people on the course were there and one of the men, Pete came up to me and asked me if I would like a drink. He was about ten years older than me, quite good looking and I accepted his offer of a drink and we started talking. We went in for a meal and somebody suggested that we all went to a nightclub afterwards. Pete asked me if I was going and I said yes if everyone else was and so we all went in the end.

When we got to the nightclub we had a few drinks and quite a lot of the people were dancing and Pete asked me if I fancied a dance. We were on the dance floor together and I don't know if it was the drink or the fact that my husband didn't like dancing but I was really enjoying myself and when we danced a slow smoochy dance I felt turned on and knew that by the bulge in his trousers so did Pete. Eventually all of our party decided it was time to go as we had an early start in the morning and we all walked back to the Hotel together. Pete and I were at the back of the crowd and as we turned a corner he held back and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me how he had really enjoyed the evening. When we got back to the Hotel we all decided to have a nightcap before going to bed and after about twenty minutes I was feeling tired and said goodnight to everybody and decided it was time to get some sleep.

I went up to my bedroom and when I got there Pete was waiting outside, he must have rushed up the stairs while I was waiting for the lift. He told me he wasn't going to bed without a goodnight kiss and as we stood in the corridor he took me in his arms and gave me a very passionate kiss. I don't know what made me say it but I asked him if he would like a coffee and before I knew what was going on the door was open and we were both in the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom we started kissing each other and once again I could feel the bulge in his trousers pressing against me and I knew once again that he was as excited as I was. I suddenly remembered I had promised to to bed and Pete promised to be quiet while I sat on the bed and phoned him. While I was on the phone Pete came over and started to unbutton the blouse I had on and then was undoing my bra and playing with my tits making my nipples go hard. This was getting me very wet being played with while I was on the phone and I couldn't do a lot to Pete with only one hand free other than stroke him through his trousers. The next thing I knew Pete was on the bed next to me and was undoing the zip on my skirt and once undone he lifted me off the bed so he could take it off completely. My husband wanted to keep on talking and all I wanted to do was to put the phone down and get at this man who was really getting me wet. Pete laid me gently down on the bed and managed to remove my panties while still playing with my tits. The next thin I knew his head was inbetween my legs and his tongue was licking a very wet clit and getting it very excited. I could take it no more I just put the phone down and told Pete to stop as it was now my turn. I had his trousers and pants off in a second and while I did this he took his shirt off. His cock was about the same length as my husbands but was a lot thicker and it was as hard as a rock as I went down and started licking it and teasing it with my tongue. His hand by this time had moved round to my pussy and he was playing with my clit before putting his fingers inside me. As he did this I took his shaft in my mouth and started to work his hard shaft with my mouth. Just as I did this the telephone rang, it was my husband asking if I was ok as he had been cut off. I told him I was fine but tired and said goodnight before replacing the receiver. Pete and I just looked at each other and laughed before I went back down to start sucking his beautiful thick organ again. When I went down this time I could taste the precum and realised that it would not take long to get him excited again. As I did so he asked me to turn round so he could do the same to me but I was not going to move I was so wet already and was enjoying this to much to stop. All of a sudden I felt his cock twitch and I knew that his hot cum would be shooting into my mouth any second and as it did I fet his whole body tighten. We laid there for a minute and he looked at me and told me it was now my turn. He turned me over on my back and opened my lega and again went down and started to lick my clit while fingering me at the same time. wet and knew it would not be long before I had an orgasm. His tongue knew just the right spot and one of his fingers had found my g spot and I just yelled out as he brought me to one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

As we laid there on the bed together I told him how wonderful it had been and he told me that he hadn't finished with me yet. By now my husband would have been snoring but I could see that Pete was ready for more and his cock was already starting to get hard again. I started playing with him and soon had him really stiff again and I asked him if he wanted to take me from behind. I turned over and as he entered me from behind I could feel his cock slowly working my already very wet hole. His hand came round and he started playing with my clit again and as he did he was thrusting harder and faster. I knew that I was going to cum again and all of a sudden I felt him thrust really deep and as he did could feel him exploding inside me at the same time I orgasmed once again.

We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep the next thing we knew it was morning and we were late. We rushed to get dressed and down to breakfast and hardly said a word to each other. The rest of the day while we were at the course he didn't say a word to me and I thought what a fool I had made of myself. I was sitting there thinking what an idiot I had been and that he had obviously regretted the night before. When we went back to the Hotel he did not even walk back with me but was talking to a couple of the other men. I got to my room and just laid on the bed wondering where I had gone wrong when there was a knock on the door. Pete came in and explained that he didn't want to make things to obvious in front of eveyone else but that his cock had been hard all day thinking about me and the next thing I knew we were stripping each otther off and he took me into the shower for another session. We spent every available minute shagging and he spent more time in my room than he did in his own.

He was married as well and after the course we never met up again but if you are still around and as randy as you were then I sure would like to go on a course with you again.