Written by bhbewestie

5 Jun 2005

I had been interested in the dogging scene for sometime probably since discovering this site! I have visited the usual bristol dogging sites but had no luck, they just seemed to be full of boy racers (espeically Tog Hill) or just blokes.

I had pretty uch given up on the whole thing when last night the most random of things happened! I was on my way home from dinner with some friends when I just had to stop as I needed a wee. I stopped off at the Gordano Service station on the M5 but couldn't be bothered to go into the services itself so stopped on the far side of the public car park. I had a quick look around to ensure no-one was around then hopped out and moved into a line of trees to have a wee. No sooner had I undone my trousers than a car had parked just one space away from mine. I thought this was a little dodgy as there were very few cars in the carpark yet this car had parked next to mine. I instantly thought they were going to try and nick my car! - I realised that the inside of my car was lit up as my door had not shut properly as I had got out in a hurry and my interior light was on. I squinted to look at the people in the car whom by now also had there interior light on. I was surprised to see an attractive lady driving mid 30's with a guy in the passenger seat. They looked around not seeing me checked out my car again before he leaned over and they started kissing. I had finished peeing by now but was struggling to do my trousers up as without even thinking about it I was becoming aroused!

The people in the car had left there interior light on and I could obviously see that he was groping her breasts under her top. I had a serious case of "what do I do next" so I decided to just stay put nad see how far they were going to go, I didn't want to scare them off. After just a couple of minutes of heavy snogging I saw her lean down into his lap which I thought could only mean she was giving him a blow job. I managed to move around a little so that I was looking through the passenger door from about 10 meters away to see her stuggling to keep the hair from her mouth as she was really giving him a hard and fast blow job. He quickly seemed to get bored of this so turned her around so she was on all fours with her ass pointing toward him and me! Her buried his head into her pussy at a very difficult angle (I was thinking you could never do that in my car!) I thought well here goes nothing and moved around to her side of the car to see if I could makeeye contact with her without him seeing! I managed to do so and she just gave me a cheeky wink which was just adorable!

He soon had mounted her doggy style and within notime at all he was tensing up as he shot his load into her! I moved back away from the car to stay out of his sight. They both adjusted themselves and I thought well that was fun when his door opened. I though oh shit I have been busted but he just shut the door behind him and made for the services! Well, I thought here is my chance to at least chat to her, I came over to her window which she undid as I approached. I said it looked like you had fun and she said well he did but that she hadn'tcum yet. I was about to say that I would like to have a go but before I had the chance she had opened her door, swang her legs around and said "well, do you think you can do better?" Her skirt was still hitched up around her waist and her knickers were nowhere to be seen! I explained that I didn't have a condom as this was the last thing I was expecting, she said forget the condom, she wanted my cum inside her as her hubby would never know and I looked a nice enough guy!

Well, that was all it took for me, within a second I was pushing my cock into her wet but tight shaven pussy. I was pounding away at her whilst rubbing and tweaking her clit. She was really enjoying it as her moans of pleasure started to become more intense. From nowhere she exploded into an orgasm which seemed to last for ages. I could feel warmth on the inside of my legs as she was literally squirting cum onto me. This was the first time I had experienced a "squirter!" I continued to fuck her but she sensed I was struggling to cum. I explained that she was so wet with cum that I was going to take a while. Concious that her hubby could soon return she told me to rub some of the juice into her bum and to but my cock in there if it would help me to come, I obviously jusmped at the chance and before long had my cock all the way up her ass. She gave a little scream as it went all the way in saying that she had never had such a big one in her bum before but that she was so horny it felt amazing. It was that! So tight that withing about 20 strokes I could feel myself getting close. I gave another couple of strokes before pulling out of her bum and putting my cock back into her pussy where I pumped for all I was worth as my cum exploded into her. She was going crazy and I could feel again the little squirts of her cum on my inner thighs!

We quickly sorted ourselves out before I sneaked back into the treeline waiting for her hubby to return. He did so within 5 mins and they left! - What an experience! My faith has now been restred in the dogging scene, and I guess you are either lucky or not! I would love to hear from any bristol couples or females who fancy some fun, daytimes or evenings, my discretion is assured!