Written by Travelbird

29 Nov 2014

This has only been written because I promised my husband its reallysomething that I prefer to think of as a private matter. However I did promise.

We are lucky enough to be able to go on regular short hotel breaks in the UK, John finds them online anI have to say, I am writing this only because my husband finds it a turn on to publicly recount d I enjoy the variety, I take a few nice dresses, heels and pretty underwear, John often takes photos which he puts on flickr.

Anyway we were in the south west, nice country hotel, with a coach party staying. It was four night stay, and I wore something different every evening for dinner, day wear was leggings and boots.

We had a variety of waiters all quiet young and very pleasant. On the last morning , we arrived late for breakfast, it was busy.

The very young looking waiter who was new to us, did a double take when he saw me, not unfortunately because I am stunning, but considerablyyounger than most of the other women, and my leggings are quite tight over my bum !! Anyway quite embarrassingly he neglected other tables and served us our breakfasts despite others waiting. I even felt obliged to apologise.

That evening after dinner we retired to the bar , the others had gone to the lounge area where a vocalist was performing. The bar was quite large with lots of nooks and crannies, it was an old coaching inn.

After a few wines. John decided he wanted some pictures, so naturally my dress was raised and stocking tops were displayed, even I think my very frilly pin up style knickers were on show at one point, as there was noone else in the bar area. However at one point I did think that our very young looking waiter who was actually doubling as barman, might have seem more than he should, as he was in the reception area, which adjoined the bar.

Anyway John had his photos, and as he had a long drive in the morning, decided to go to bed. I still had a glass of wine so stayed where I was.

What happened next was completely down to me. I moved closer to the log fire in a closed in area next to the bar; at this point the barman appeared back in the bar, and we began to chat.

Now I am not a tart, but probably with the wine and a hotel away from home; I felt flirty. I suggested that he come and sit with me, as he walked around , I made sure that the hem of my dress was showing my stocking tops.

He looked quite shocked when he sat down, but didnt comment. I assumed that we could be disturbed at any time, so immediately asked him if he had seen anything when John was taking photos. He blushed and asked what I meant. I simply pulled my dress up, it was stretchy material, and didnt stop till it was around my waist. Stockings , suspender belt, and my very frilly knickers were on show. He just got redder, not saying anything. I said my husband likes to me do this, I took his hand and put it on my suspenders. I encouraged him to play with them, and stroke my thighs over my stockings. He did, and grew a little more confident; I suggested that he slide his fingers under the leg elastic of my knickers and feel me, again he did. I could feel his fingers probing my pussy.

His breathing got heavier and I noticed his trousers getting tighter around his crotch. Taking advantage I reached over and unzipped him, opening his trousers up. I think he didnt know what to do, one of his hands inside my knickers, the other between my thighs.

I pulled the top of his pants away from his stomach and his cock sprang up above his pants waistband.

This had all happened in minutes, I was concerned we would be seen, so decided to finish him off. I thought that as soon as I touched his cock, he would explode. He didnt let me down, pulling the front of his pants down. I took hold of his sizeable cock and squeezed him firmly. He did explode, all over the front of his shirt and trousers. I pumped him gently until he seemed empty, his cum really was everywhere including my hand, which I quickly wiped on his pants.

I quickly re arranged myself and thanked him on his waiter skills. I left him desperately trying to clean himself up, his sticky cum all over the front of his black trousers.

Now this was only for Johns amusement as I told him, but re told for your amusement as well.