Written by mb

27 Aug 2006

a couple of weeks ago, i was asked to attend a business jolly in place of our business development guy, the event consisted of a night away in some posh hotel and driving a variety of fast cars the following day.

i arrived and changed into a black cocktail dress that left little to the imagination, it was fairly short and showed off my 34FF tits a treat. I decided against knickers and wore some black pointy high heels.

as i entered the bar, i felt the power of knowing all eyes were on me, the audience was mostly male and i was being bought a drink in moments.

we sat down for dinner and as the evening wore on, the man opposite me was clearly staring at my tits. he was an older guy, white hair with a white beard. so i licked my lips and smiled encouragingly at him. the next time i looked his way, he had disappeared. it didn't take long till i realised he was under the table and parting my legs, hungrily accessing my wet pussy and tasting my juice. i pulled my chair closer so that he had full access and he spent the next 10 minutes licking me deeply. I was so aroused and urgently needing cock in me.

i reached down to pick up my fork and asked what room was he in. he told me and within 3 minutes i was up there with my dress up around my waist with this 60 something guy pumping me from behind, moaning for him to fill up my tight pussy with his spunk. he was telling me what a dirty slappy i was, how he had wanted to feel my cunt around his shaft from the moment i walked into the bar.

he brought me to the verge of orgasm then pulled out as he wanted to rub his cock between my tits and then roughly pushed his cock in my mouth and told me to suck him whilst he fondled my tits some more.

I used my mouth and hands to work on his stiff prick, i could feel him getting harder as his balls slapped against my chin.

He then turned me over and pushed my juice into my arse to lubricate me, first he pushed his thumb inside my arse, then two more fingers, before he slid his cock inside my arse. I was loving it and fingered my clit whilst he pumped his cock in my arse. Within a few strokes, i oould feel him stiffen and gasp as he filled my arse with his spunk, he was a heavy cummer and drained his balls in me.

afterwards, he told me how he used to fantasise about fucking the female friends of his children who aren't much younger than me (32) and that he'd always wanted to fuck someone much younger than his wife, a slapper with big tits and a tight arse like mine.

But I didn't hang around long, i wanted more cock action and knew there was a room full of them downstairs and that i should get back down there swiftly to take my pick. I wanted more than one cock for my next session ...