Written by Graham and Corrine

10 Nov 2005

Corrine and I have recently bought a camper van and decided to try it out in Spain. On the way down we stopped off at St Jean de Luz. We decided that we would not bother cooking and left the campsite in search of a restaurant.

On entering a cafe which took our fancy I noticed a tall. thin blonde woman at the bar. She smiled at us and carried on with her drink. While I ordered our drinks and a meal Corrine went to find toilets.I sat down at a table and realised the tall slim woman had left. Corrine came back the table with a smile on her face and I knew what she had found!

"You remember that tall woman? Well she foolowed me into the toilet. I was at the sink doing my face when she came up behind me put her hands round me an squeezed my breasts. I turned to face and went into a deep kiss. She slid her hand down my skirt and slipped a finger into my slit. I was already wet. She said that feels good but not here . Can we meet somewhere later? I told her where our van was and arranged for her to be there at ten."

We eat our meal and left the cafe. I was wondering if this woman would show but said nothing to Corrine.

At 5 past 10 there was a knock on the van door. It was the woman.

We invited her in and had drinks. She said her name was Averil and she was on a touring holiday into Spain but her man friend had ditched her.

She recognised Corrine as a woman who enjoyed fun with other women and decided to make a play for her in the toilets.

The van had a double bed so Corrine invited Averil to come and join her on the bed and if she wished I would join in.

The two women were soon undressing each other and feeling their bodies. Averil was dark blonde with blue eyes, she ahd a full mouth and a long neck. Her breasts were small with fine nipples. Aline of golden hair reached from her navel to her cunt where it had been trimmed into an inverted heart,

Corrine was well into her routine and had Averil breathing heavily and arching her back as she was penetrated by Corrines fingers. She sighed deeply and shuddered as Corrine swithched from fingers to tongue.

Averil rolled Corrine onto her back and began to suck her breasts. I had stripped off and was gently stroking my cock.Averils moist cunt was favcing me in the air and I could not resist ruubing my bell down her slit. She purred like a kitten.

" Rrrrrmm... thta's good. Put it up me please."

I pushed into her cunt and found her entrance tight and as I pushed harder she relaxed herself to help me. My cock was all the way in and she was moving against me slowly.Corrine hafd found clit and was massaging it gently and moitening a finger I slid it into Averils Bum.

She moaned as it went in and I felt her hot juices come over my cock. I began to pump her harder and was soon ready to spray my load. "Can I come inside?" I brethed heavily.

"Fill me!Fill me!" she cried as I let loose my spunk."Oh FUUUUU...CK!" she cried as she shook to a violent climax.

We all agreed it was good fuck. We shared our bodies several times that night and agreed that she could join us for our trip and we would take her to Valencia where she was catching a plane to the UK in aweeks time. We had lots more fun on the way and are going to the UK to see Averil at the end of November.