Written by REDBULL14

11 Nov 2008

Can anyone help me with my fantasy??.

We would go to a pub and have a meal some drinks to loosen her up as I’m a randy sod anyway my wife of 23 years is attractive with a excellent body and nice small firm breasts, well we are sitting in a country pub enjoying our meal and the drinks are flowing my wife is dressed in a sexy little top no bra and her nipples are showing and getting some attention from some chaps in the pub.

She was wearing a short skirt and knee high boots which made me very proud to be with her but I also wanted to share her and watch another man push his hard cock up her juicy wet pussy,

I was sitting next to her and telling her that there was a chap tall well build very tight jeans on about 5.8 looking at her so I started to slide my hand up her short skirt to find out to my amazement she had come out with no knickers on, at this point I felt her and said open your legs and flash your shaven pussy,

To the bloke at the bar she was shy but after a bit of persuasion she did I said watch his cock stiffen in his tight jeans and she could see his bulge stiffen this made her wet as my fingers were on her pussy she was getting so turned on now.

I said would she like to fuck him again still a bit shy and in need of another drink I suggested that I would get her another drink, she was fine with this not knowing I would approach this chap and ask if he liked what my wife had to offer. He was more than happy and I asked him would you like to fuck her.

He stuttered and seamed shocked but I could see he’s cock straining in his jeans I said rub your cock so my wife can see you want her, he did this and my wife was all shy but I could see her looking in anticipation at his bulge and I could see she was very interested, and no dought getting wetter by the minute my cock was also twitching at the thought of seeing this stud fucking her.

I went back to my seat and she said what I have been saying I asked would you like to fuck him he has said he would like to fuck you; she was lost for words so I placed my hand on her crouch and could feel the juices flowing this I took as a yes, I gave her the keys and told her to go to the car get in the back while I spoke with ( Dave ) I asked him would you like to come home with us and I can watch you fuck my lady, he was again lost for words but I think his cock did all the talking as he got up and followed me to my car.

I told Dave to get in the back with my lady and I would drive us home I thought I would drive slow and the long way home as I wanted her to enjoy what Dave had to offer, we set off and Dave started to kiss my lady and caress her hard nipples through her top watching the road and them was not easy as I wanted to watch but also not crash.

I could see in my adjusted rear view mirror that my lady was starting to slide her hand over his jeans feeling his rampant cock, and trying to release it but Dave had to help then his 7 inch cock was out and she looked very excited and started to run her hand up and down his shaft.

watching this and the road was unbearable so I put my foot down a little and decided on a quicker route home, as I did this I could see her lower her mouth over his cock,

God I wanted to stop and watch but though getting home and in a bed would be far more erotic for us all.

Dave was bringing my lady off with his fingers and doing a fine job as I could hear her moans even with Dave’s cock in her mouth, at this point a said we would be home in two mins so dress and we can move this inside she released herself from his cock and licked the pre-cum of his shiny head.

She moaned yet again but louder as this time she didn’t have Dave’s cock in her mouth as he expertly played with her soaking wet pussy.

They tidied themselves up and we all went inside I told Dave to make himself comfy in the lounge and my wife and me would make some drinks we went into the kitchen and whispered she was so horny as was I.

We kissed and I felt her pussy one more shit she was wet, She asked if this is what I wanted I said very much yes so get in there and start again while I finished the drinks after a few minutes I went back to the lounge and my eyes popped out he was licking her pussy while wanking himself her legs were over each arm and you could hear the slurping of her juices, I placed the drinks down sat at a good vantage point dropped my jeans and started to wank my cock.

Dave then placed this throbbing cock at the entrance of her pussy just probing she screamed for god sake fuck me then without warning his whole length disappeared as she then withered with pleasure, I moved over then placed my cock in her mouth as she sucked, I have never seen her so full of pleasure.

Dave started to jerk then I could tell he was coming inside her and she orgasmed at the same time I could tell as my cock was still in her mouth, it was now my turn to slip my cock into her swollen wet pussy I could feel the warm juices of Dave and my wife and again pumped long and hard as Dave stood in front of me and placed his cock in her mouth watching this tipped me over the edge and I shoot the biggest amount of cum into my wife she had ever had from me.

We tidied up and Dave said he would like a repeat sometime so we exchanged numbers and he left. We talked and fucked for the rest of the night and who knows we might even call Dave soon.

So are you the Dave we are looking for ?