Written by Amy and Rich

13 Sep 2004

I have never really heard of Car Dogging until surfing the internet. I don’t think it’s done here much, but I am hoping to change that!

My wife and I were heading for a night out at the local clubs, and she was dressed to the hilt. She wore a loose denim mini skirt and a sheer black button down top with no buttons fastened higher than the bottom of her black lacy bra. Since she is a full 36C this outfit showed off a lot of cleavage. The club we went to is known to be a bit risqué and has female dancers on top of some of the tables dancing in black bra’s, thong underwear and a small piece of material acting as a skirt. We sat at the bar for a while talking, drinking and people watching. Amy then stood next to me facing the crowd which allowed me to lift the back of her skirt and rub her bare ass. A couple of guys at the bar could have seen her ass if they looked, but we are not sure if they did.

Amy was getting horny and suggested we walk around the bar, we went to the upstairs loft and Amy suggested we sit at one of the couches. The couches are in pairs facing each other along the outer wall. Amy and I sat down and she immediately started kissing me. I suggested we switch sides and so I sat with my back to the wall and she sat with her back resting against me, facing the other people in the club. I draped my arm around her which put my hand right between her lovely tits. As I reached under her bra for a good handful of her tit and started pinching her nipple, I fully expected her to stop me since we were in full view of everyone. Instead she leaned back and told me how good it felt and how much it was turning her on. When the waitress came to see if we needed a drink, I didn’t remove my hand from down her shirt and I continued to squeeze her tits as we both politely said no (as we each had a full beer). The waitress just smiled from ear to ear, and walked away. Quite a few people saw us and smiled, and a group of young girls saw us and were a bit shocked, but not shocked enough to quit checking on our progress every few minutes. Amy then spun to face me so she could kiss me and have me kiss her neck, which really turns her on. She was holding my hand in hers, and then she brought my hand up her leg to just under her skirt, and then released my hand to roam under her skirt. I got her to spread her legs just enough for me to have access to her pussy, as she spread her legs she whispered in my ear “I am incredibly wet”. She wasn’t lying either, her pussy, between her legs, and half her ass was soaked in her juices. I rubbed my fingers in her juices and brought them out to rub around her mouth so we could share the taste of her. She loves to taste her own pussy juices. I began working on her clit and in only a minute or two she told me she was going to cum soon. I couldn’t believe it but after another minute with the loud music hiding her moans, she closed her eyes, and with a deep shudder she had her first orgasm of the night.

She relaxed for only a moment then said “let’s go out to the car, I need to get fucked”. On the way through the parking lot I lifted the back of her skirt exposing her lovely ass to the world as I squeezed her bum. She climbed into the back seat of out SUV but before I joined her I put the keys in the ignition and turned on the accessories. I told her it was so we could listen to music, but it was really so that I would have access to the electric windows. As I climbed in the back she removed her bra and pulled her skirt up around her waist. As I sucked on her tits she undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles. As I sat up in the seat she got on her hands and knees on the back seat and proceeded to suck my cock and lick my balls. In this position her ass was up in the air giving me good access to finger her pussy and rub her clit some more. While she was sucking me off, a guy came and got in the car parked to our left. I wound down my window and told Amy to sit up and give the guy a good show of her tits. She immediately complied, but this guy wasn’t paying attention to anything around him. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed two guys getting in the car to our right, and the one guy was pointing into the car telling his buddy what was going on. The windows are tinted, buy you’ve got to remember since she was on her hands and knees facing the guy to our left, that put her ass about 3-4 inches from the window facing the other guy. I told Amy “wait there are two guys on the other side, and they like what they are seeing, and I reached over and lowered the window on the right, while Amy put up the window on the left. The guy was getting into his car when he saw the tinted window come down giving both the guys a unobstructed view of Amy’s ass and pussy. He stood back up and gave us a big smile and a “way to go man!.” I asked Amy to go back to sucking me off as I waved the guy over to the window. He was unsure what we wanted him to do, or would allow him to do so he cautiously approached the window. I asked him if he wanted to play a little, and he said he did and reached a hand through the window and squeezed her ass. Amy immediately wiggled her ass and backed up closer to his window. He was beginning to get into it more and he slid two or three finger into her pussy and began pumping in and out of her. Amy spread her knees apart as far as she could without falling off the seat to open her pussy up for this stranger. Listening to his fingers slurping in and out of her pussy and having her moaning while her mouth was full of my cock was too much for me and I shot my load into her mouth. When I looked back to the guy working on Amy’s pussy I now noticed he had opened the door (which turned on the interior car light) and stood at the open doorway. His friend just stayed in their car, watching the action. I just sat there and allowed Amy to decide what to do next, and how far to go. By the time she finished swallowing me, wiped her mouth, and started to turn around the stranger had his cock out and was starting to jack-off (wanking I thing you call it). Staying on all fours she spun to face him and immediately dove face first, mouth wide, for his cock. I was presented with her ass this time and continued to rub her clit while she was sucking off this stranger. While he was getting sucked he got bolder and asked me “you don’t mind if I fuck her do you?”, I replied that I didn’t mind. Then being the perfect gentleman, he asked my wife “you don’t mind if I fuck you, do you?”. She pulled her mouth from around his cock and said “I really want you to fuck me, you have such a nice sized cock” I looked over to the cock in her hand, and it was fairly big. I am 7” and he was definitely 8” or maybe more. Amy sucked on him some more as he fished a condom out of his pocket. As he was getting the condom on Amy asked “what position do you want to fuck me?” His quick answer was doggie-style, Amy’s favorite. Since we were in a SUV he was having a hard time reaching up high, and Amy was already as low as she could go on the seat. He then pulled her legs outside the open door instructing her to stand outside the truck and lay bent over onto the back seat. Then the serious fucking started, he grabbed her hips and started giving her a real good fucking. Amy by then had lost all her inhibitions and while in the parking lot of the dance club, with the door open, and the interior light on lighting up the action, standing with her ass sticking out the open car door, with a strangers cock inside her, she started yelling “fuck me good”, “yeah, fuck me harder”, “oh god, you fuck so good”. I sat in the seat watching Amy bouncing all over the back seat moaning, groaning, grunting and yelling for this stranger to fuck her good. I don’t think he couldn’t quite get the penetration he wanted, since after a bit of banging her, he had her place one leg up inside the car and tried that position for a while. Then he again had her put both legs outside the truck, spread her legs wide tried that position for a bit longer. As he went to adjust again Amy rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide. She is very flexible so she had one leg on the passenger side front seat, and her other leg in the cargo area in the back of the truck, and slid her pussy forward to the edge of the seat facing the open car door. In this position she was laying with her head on my lap, which I liked a lot. He was then able to mount her good and again began fucking her real fast and hard. Amy continued to tell him how she liked to be fucked hard, and encouraged him to her fuck harder. Her head was on my lap, but her eyes were closed in ecstasy and her tit’s were bouncing all over the place as testament as to the good fucking she was getting. The stranger grabbed a fistful of her tits and squeezed hard as he hung on while slamming into her pussy. His shirt blocked the view of his cock in her pussy, but I could hear him slapping hard into her and I could hear her deep grunt each time he drove hard into her. I then got another surprise as my wife said to this stranger “do it, you fuck so good, you’re going to make me cum”. It is extremely rare for my wife to orgasm just from fucking, and she had already cum once earlier in the club. He said “good because I’m going to cum soon too”. She grabbed his ass and as he picked up the tempo of his fucking and then she threw her head back and shuddered with each slam of his cock as she had another great orgasm. As she was recovering from her orgasm he continued pumping away then he started grunting and he came about 10 seconds after Amy. He then removed the condom, put his cock away and said “thanks”, and Amy said “thank you!.” I was thinking the other guy in the car might get out to take a turn, but he just smiled and waved as they pulled away. I was hard as a rock again by this time and told Amy “I want to fuck you like he did, doggie-style out the door.” She smiled and said ok, as I climbed out the back door and she again stood outside the truck lying on the back seat as I got my serving of sloppy seconds from my beautiful, wonderful wife.