Written by frank and sue

13 Apr 2004

Well after many and mostly useless replies to our adverts a genuine and very well hung black guy replied and sent a photo to prove his claim. Sue was thrilled and we wasted no time in answering and setting up a meeting at the sandhills for last Saturday night.

Sue dressed once again in her schoolgirl outfit, white blouse, open and no bra, tiny black skirt, skimpy red thong, and black holdups and as usual she applied her makeup heavily. She looked sensational.

We made our way to the sandhills car park in plenty of time for our date and parked up and waited. After about ten minutes a silver Toyota drove up and after shining his lights into our car he parked up alongside us and made the arranged signal with his interior lights to which we replied.

I started to kiss her and out of the corner of my eye I saw his car door open and he got out and strolled over to us.I signalled to the car door and he opened it and knelt down beside Sue. He was a real gent and as he complimented her on her appearance he slipped his hand into her blouse and began to fondle her tits. She groaned and relaxed into her seat as he opened her blouse wide and took both her tits in his huge hands and caressed them and pinched her nipples which she loves. He then reached in and started to suck her nipples as I let my fingers slide into her panties and stroke her soaking wet cunt. Sue was really groaning and moaning now and reaching down John moved my fingers away and pulled her thong to one side and started to stroke her pussy. Suddenly Sue started on her first come and began to shake and shudder and open her legs as wide as she could as the sensations took over and she screamed out.

John stood up and taking hold of her hand placed it on his groin and she gasped as she realised how big he was. She quickly unzipped him and pulled his trousers down. He was wearing a little thong himself which could not contain his massive black cock and Sue was shaking as she eased it out of his thong and taking it in both hands she began to wank it slowly. On our adventures at the sandhills Sue has wanked many cocks but never sucked one but she looked at me now and her eyes asked the question and I nodded to her so she lifted her mouth to it and sucked it in eagerly.

I became aware that a couple of other guys had appeared and one of them got into the back seat of the car and started to play with her tits, squeezing and caressing them as the other guy slipped his fingers into her cunt. Sue was now making a lot of noise as she sucked that huge black cock greedily. He had his hands on her head and suddenly his hands tightened as he started to come in her mouth. Sue grunted but continued to suck him and he gave her a lovely mouthful as I watched her suck another cock for the first time.

Sue then turned to me after a couple of minutes and told me she wanted to be fucked so we left the car and walked over to a picnic bench stopping on the way for the four of us to kiss and suck her tits and play with her pussy. She was loving every minute of it and finally we reached the bench and laid her across it. Immediately eight hands were all over her body again and John knelt between her legs and started to lick her cunt. She had a cock in each hand and was wanking them furiously and soon both of them leaned over and come all over her tits at which point she had another lovely come.

There was now quite a crowd gathered around and I moved between her legs and spread them as wide as I could and eased my cock into her cunt as once again John placed his cock into her mouth.

I was really fucking her as hard as I could and pulled out to stop myself coming when I felt fingers closing around my cock and for the first time since school another guy was wanking me. I moved back to Sue and the guy placed my cock back into her cunt and finally I come deep into her.

This is all true and we are really looking forward to meeting John again but in the meantime I have to ask myself the big question.