Written by fi

6 Apr 2004

My b/f is nearly always working, its good for the money but it does get a bit lonesome at times. I live near a very well known beauty spot, its just been in the newspapers thanks to a worn out footballer been silly. I often go over in the summer and park in a quiet area and read a book. If the sun is on the car I tend to pull down my top revealing my bbobs to top up my sun tan. There is often guys around and they tend to walk past just to get a glimpse of me acting all innocent.

The one day as I was reading I heard a noise and looked up and saw a guy on a bike standing just back from the door, clearly getting a good view of my exposed boobs. I said 'hello' and he smiled and said hi back. He asked me what I was reading and was it any good. He really didnt want to know about my book, he just wanted an exuse to ogle me. He then siad did I know there was a guy in the bushes looking at me, and that he scared him off. i thanked him and he moved a littel closer. He compleneted me on my figure, and that becuase it was so hot it was the best way to dress. He told me he used to be a fireman, and he had a very casual and friendly approach. I suspect he chatted a lot of ladies up, with his looks and charm.

He had his top off already, and made a comment that becuase it was o warm its a shame you cant take everything off. I laughed and said go on if you want I dont mind. Without any delay or hesitation he dropped his shorts exposing his very nice tackle, he was already at least half erect. I couldnt help but stare, he caught me by surprise. Go on, he siad its your turn. I already had my top down, so without any delay i pulled my pants down and off. His cock bounced up until straining at the leash. He said a cars coming can I get in to get out of sight. He opened the back door and climbed in. It was difficult to realise, there I was only come out for a read, and ended up with a naked guy on my back seat. The car drove on and off again. Climb in the back we can talk better, so I got out of the front seat, naked, and got in the back next to my firefighter stranger. We didnt talk for long before we started touching and then kissing. I slid my head down to his cock and licked and nibbled the head, tasting his juices seeping from his knob. He siad slow down I dont want to cum yet, and he wentdown to my cunt and slid his tongue up and down my crack tasting the juices from inside me.

He slid back up my body, kissing me as he came up, as his head reached mine, and his lips kissed mine I felt his knob probing at the entrance to my love hole. A slight nudge and it just went into me. I could feel the whole length of his cock in me. We stopped like that kissing each other, I could feel him twitching inside me as we explored each others mouths.

He then started sliding in and out of me, fucking me slowly but surely. He kept on getting faster and faster and as he was about to cum, he stopped to let his cock just subside a little, so he could fuck me more. His technique was very good, he clealry knew how to fuck. The back door was open on one side towards the bushes. Look he said that guy is back in the bushes watching us. I looked and saw the guy there cock in hand wanking away. I siad go on dont stop fuck me all you want. We carried on for ages, using the same technique of getting to the climax and then stopping for a while. i was so wet and hot. swaet was dripping of us both becuase of the heat, and cunt juices were trickling down my legs from my very fucked cunt hole. I kept on glancing across at the wanker in the bushes, and each time I loked he got closer and closer. I suspect that the 2 guys knew each other, but what the heck. After a bit of furious fucking neither of could hold back any more. His cock went totally rigid, I could feel it stiffin inside my body, the next thing i knew I could feel his hot spunk been shot up me, this just finished me off, and I came madly on his cock as he shagged me hard and deep emptying his load of fresh hot spunk inside my pussy hole. I looked around and there was the other guy just finishing wanking and spraying his spunk in the air.

We wiped ourselves clean, and sat up to let some air get to us beter to cool down. We sat for some time chatting, and drinking some water I had handy in the car. We fucked twice more that afternoon, and each time a different guy was at the side of the car wanking away.

We did a lot of fucking last summer, and even though he had a steady g/f we still fucked in between servicing her, in fact he bought her over to the parkingarea and fucked her and showed her off to the other guys. I actually watched them on a couple of occasions from the bushes myself. We got to know each other pretty well, it seems he chats a few ladies up from the cannock area, I was sure lucky he picked me for soe penile excercise. A very nice summer. We actually still see each other, even though hes moved away becuase of some trouble.

Fi x