Written by Puzzled Husband

4 Sep 2006

Nothing can compare to the experiences we had on our vacation to a remote Caribbean Island with my wife of 18 years. Last year in ten days we were introduced to a whole new way of expressing our sexuality. The past year has been wonderfully varied. And now, just a week since returning from our second visit I feel compelled to share our story.

Lori is exquisite. Five foot five, full but not pendulous breasts, small waist, an ass that giggles just slightly as she walks on slender runner’s legs. Her naturally curly auburn hair falls just past her shoulders. Though she readily attracts attention, she is shy and dresses on the conservative side both at home and in public.

December before last I booked a small bungalow on an island popular to South American middle class but rarely visited by English or Europeans. We arrived at our resort at the end of February and found a very friendly native population that lived comfortably by producing and exporting a wide variety of exotic plants.

We were pretty worn out as we arrived at so as soon as we had dropped our bags off in our condo I donned a pair of boxers and settled on our deck with a glass of white wine. The beach stretched for about a mile in each direction, and, to my delight, au natural was the most popular way to enjoy sun.

Having slipped into a white, one-piece suit, Lori joined me on the deck. I knew she would be uncomfortable wearing less so said nothing as we headed out for our first stroll. Secretly I hoped her attitude would change.

We were sunning on the beach during our third day when the proprietor, Jose’ Sanchez, sauntered up. He stood well over 6 feet tall, had taut athletic looking muscles, was balding slightly, and maintained a wide, provocative smile. Taking off his sunglasses as we introduced ourselves revealed greenish brown, hypnotic eyes, which contrasted sharply with his dark olive, skin. He wore a skimpy red pouch that all but spilled its ample contents. Not only was he well endowed, but also, upon complimenting Lori on her beauty he stiffened noticeably. I could tell Lori caught this "gesture" in spite of her efforts to avert her gaze. I was surprised to find myself enjoying, rather than feeling jealous, at their sensual exchange.

Jose’ was friendly and we learned that besides owning the resort he was a successful commercial photographer. He was also an avid movie fan, as is Lori, and soon the two of them were deeply engrossed in who, what, and where of the entertainment world. As they talked I could detect Lori’s growing attraction as she frequently stroked her hair and fluttered downcast eyes. (She has had several "crushes", and I know of two, which resulted in affairs. I can see the signs before she is conscious of her feelings.) Jose’ was confidence incarnate and was very skilled at pushing all of Lori’s buttons.

By mid afternoon Jose’ had told us much about the island, its people and their customs. Then he suggested we go into town with him and "experience" the nightlife. Surprised to hear there was such a thing I asked a few more questions and learned that "night life" consisted of dancing at the one and only bar in town. We were also promised a chance to meet one of his favourite models, Natalie, who would be arriving from New York City later that evening. We agreed to meet him at the bar about 9:00.

Since town was just one mile away Lori and I decided to walk. At sunset we reached the bar situated within the expansive garden of a vine covered colonial mansion. We took our cold rum drinks at a booth on the circular porch and listened to the music while a few very young children ran about or practiced their dance steps. Or, rather, their provocative moves. Jose’ appeared smiling broadly as he guided a tall, olive skinned beauty in a clinging, chartreuse dress toward us. "This is Natalie," he announced. She confidently shook each of our hands smiling with sophisticated elegance.

As we visited the band gradually increased the tempo and volume. A continuous flow of very fit looking black and brown skinned people filled the bar. The men wore baggy slacks or shorts and either a sleeveless T-shirt or nothing on top at all. The women wore a variety cropped and off the shoulder tops (sans bras), or bandeau tops, and colourful full skirts or sarongs. Thus a delightful amount of thigh and cleavage appeared in every direction. I sensed Lori felt quite over dressed in her ankle length dress even though it had an off centre slit to mid thigh.

As the adults began to fill the bar they mingled noisily. The dance floor began filling. The women held their skirt in their hands and tossed them about flirtatiously in time with the music. Frequently they exposed more than their thighs. English standards for "Dirty Dancing" were redefined in this crowd. Couples danced close, humping without inhibition. Some gals would place their hands on their knees and shake their ass. Usually her partner would dry fuck her ass. If he stayed for more than a few measures inevitably her skirt would get lifted or pushed aside exposing a full derriere with barely concealed manhood gliding between shimmering orbs. If she stood up her partner would rub her breasts and pussy.

Men and woman without partners danced alone unselfconsciously and would occasionally squeeze between dancers. That person would either be ignored or the original partner would leave and the new couple would continue the erotic undulations. I expected to see some serious conflicts but none did.

Lori and I tried to dance a couple of times but felt conspicuously awkward. As the tempo and volume of the music increased the dancing became more feverish. Several women humped and stroked my butt. Men had done the same with Lori. After two men had blatantly "sandwiched" her between them, humping her hips from the side while fondling her ass, she blushed in frustration and urged me to sit with her at our table.

The floor became so crowded that dancers’ sensuous convulsions took place practically in our laps. We chortled about feeling a certain urge to put a dollar in a pair panties, and was about to suggest that a particular couple was actually copulating doggie style when the guy pulled an incredibly long, shiny, black schlong from his partner. "Oh god," Lori gasped. "We gotta get out of here," and took me by the hand as she headed to the exit with her trying to explain the limits of, "being a good sport."

Lori squeezed my arm tightly as we walked into the night with the unmistakable sound of more hankie panky under the stars. We didn’t talk about it much. I hugged her from behind after letting her through the door and playfully cupped her crotch. Her cunt was sopping wet. Clearly she had been aroused by what we saw. Arching back she rolled her ass across my erection and asked, "Would you like to dance like that with me?" This sent my already high state of excitement over the top. I dropped my slacks. Lori lifted her skirt and braced herself against the bar as I split her with my cock. We fucked ferociously for less than 20 seconds before we were both coming. Something very powerful was driving us but we did not discuss it. We just flopped onto the bed and went to sleep without showering.

While I sunned alone the next morning, Jose’ came by and offered me a frosty citrus drink. Lori and Natalie were shopping. As we talked I had to ask some questions about the previous night. He laughed saying, "You silly stiff English." After shaking his head in disbelief for a few moments he went on to tell me more about the local customs. He explained that to these islanders sex is to be enjoyed. "The more the better."

According to Jose’, "The guys considers it a compliment to have a man he admires make love to his wife or girl friend. That’s what they meant when they danced suggestively towards you and Lori.

Jose’ continued, "You English are such Puritans. You have so many taboos and carry so much guilt. You’ve developed traditions that say the guiltier you feel about something, the higher you must qualify the object for which you allow yourself to break the rule."

I looked at him perplexed.

"Take any of the Ten Commandments. Everyone will say, ‘thou shall not . . .,’ and feel guilty if they break the commandment for something mean. However, if they convince themselves that the act is for something they have labelled, 'high value,' they justify the act. It’s all so external. There’s no internal control."

Jose’ was still "teaching" me when Natalie and Lori arrived. Natalie was wearing a very small, bright yellow thong bikini bottom and a gauzy top, which hid little of her high breasts. Even so, she removed it as she sat on the sand. She leaned across me took a sip from my drink. "Gracias," she smiled and flattened out on her stomach. "You’re welcome," I responded still feeling a sensuous tenseness where her nipple had slid across my arm.

Lori was wearing a new, much skimpier, almost sheer, orange bikini she had just purchased. She seemed perplexed trying to get used to this more daring exposure. Jose’ teased her inhibitions.

After some forty or so minutes of his flirtatious chatter he asked me to help him mix some more drinks back at his place. As we parted he leered suggestively at Lori and said smiling, "We go to make a love potion. You rest now, we can make love later." By now his insinuating, playful come-on had become commonplace, but I picked up on her sideways glance and the hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

"You see that?"

"What?" I asked.

"Your old lady’s feeling hot to trot. But to her, it’s me and it’s wrong so she shoves it back. She’s unable to simply say she feels sexy inside and would like to have my cock in her cunt."

I flushed but Jose’ ignored me.

"Look 'mon', if she decides I am good enough (good looking, good i.e. "rich enough," sensitive enough, etc) she will weigh this against what you might tolerate and, eventually, she will or won’t have sex with me based on all this complicated balancing act. Tell me I’m wrong."

Trying to digest what he said while acting cool, I suggested that I just think about it. Jose’ easily switched to another topic while we prepared "the love potion."

We brought back half a gallon of Margarita and the four of us spent the rest of the afternoon sunning, swimming, laughing and flirting. By afternoon my head was spinning. Natalie and Jose’ had stripped completely. Lori, noticing her suit was nearly transparent when wet, removed her top so I rid myself of my suit too. We became the objects of numerous coats of sun protection. I was becoming incredibly aroused both by Natalie’s attention and the increasing expressions of interest (lust?) between Lori and Jose’. Lori and I seemed to be falling, head long, into a full-scale seduction and we did nothing to stop it. As the sun began to dip we were returning each of their caresses, tickles, and coatings of oil.

Suddenly Jose’ noted the lighting and announced to Natalie they should do some shooting. He was particularly interested in a cloud formation arising in the southwest through which he anticipated particularly interesting colours and light rays. As Natalie left to get ready Jose’s gaze levelled on Lori’s breasts. She blushed at his boldness as very lightly he ran the back of his hand over her left nipple, and suggested she join them in the shooting. Her nipple stiffened under his touch and literally popped from under his index finger. She blushed again and laughed nervously at this all too obvious physical response to him. But although being interested, she bowed to her conservative nature and said, "Thanks. No."

They left in the Jeep and we started walking along the beach in the direction of their photo sight. Lori carried her bikini top casually in her hand, smiling and saying, "Hi," to everyone that we met. I marvelled at her absolute beauty open for the entire world to enjoy, and the way she was coming to relish expressions of appreciation.

We found Jose’ and Natalie in a rock formation that jutted into the water. Natalie was posing in a variety of sportswear items. They interrupted their work long enough to greet us. Jose’ asked me to assist with the equipment. It was fascinating to watch him and Natalie work. He assigned each article a name and described its personality. She was skilled at bringing a life into each item. She portrayed an eye-catching sexiness that was subtle and did not over shadow the article itself.

A green, long sleeve jacket was named, Stretch, and described as envious. Wearing only the jacket Natalie sat among some rocks pulling and biting on the coat while she twisted and squirmed. Jose’ was shouting encouragement in Spanish and shooting fast.

When he finished to reload he told Lori he would like for her and Natalie get into a tug-of-war over the, "envious" coat. Lori shrugged, "Okay," and took a couple steps into the water, but halted abruptly to Jose’s, "Na na na na." She gave him a puzzled look. He laughed confidently and said, "Get rid of that," pointing to her bikini bottom. As she pondered her options he resumed his attention to the equipment. To her questioning eyes I shouted, "Loose it, Babe! It’s time to stop worrying about what ‘everyone is thinking.’ No one’s here."

With a look of wary excitement she tossed me her top. Turning away she slipped the bottom past the curve of her ass and let it drop on the sand. Without looking back she ran to Natalie.

At first they circled each other. Natalie, comfortable in this situation began laughing and growling. Lori tried to imitate each of Natalie’s sounds and gestures. Lori was stiff at first but as the semi drunken pair began pushing and pulling on the jacket a type of hysteria began mounting. Jose’ smiled confidently behind the camera as they became more forceful. He shouted encouraging approval. Water and sand began to fly and the jacket began ripping. I joined Jose’ with the enthusiasm of a bull fight fan. By the time the film ran out Lori and Natalie were so exhausted they were unable to stand and fell together into the surf laughing and gasping for air. Jose’ expressed great pleasure and assisted each to her feet giving a wet, rewarding kiss as he promised a showing the next day. "But tonight," he announced, "we go dancing!"

To my surprise, Lori, usually a night time only lover, hugged me hard as I stood at our condo sink drinking water. Her soft hands reached aggressively into my shorts and quickly had my dick standing at full attention. Turning me towards her she slipped the shorts to my ankles, dropping to her knees, and took me into her mouth. Her eagerness combined with the surprise and afternoon delights had me shooting my load on her neck and breasts within seconds. I love getting a blowjob but always found it a bit frustrating that she would not swallow my come (. . . "for fear of choking."). She looked up and smiled in a mischievous way I had never seen before.

"Jesus!" I said lifting her up for a kiss. "Whatever brought that on . . . I want more of it."

Rubbing herself against me she whispered, "You ask too many questions . . . I’ve got a pussy needing attention," and she fell backwards onto the bed pulling me on top of her.

I slid down her body licking her neck and chest, and sucking her tits along the way to her pussy. The flimsy material of her suit slipped aside easily and my tongue began lapping her juicy pussy. She ground her heels into the floor pressing her pelvis into my mouth as she squeezed her nipples and arched into a long and very intense orgasm. As it subsided I moved up to lie along side her watching her recover. When she opened her eyes we looked at each other and began laughing as we had when we first became lovers 20 years ago. This was great. "I’m ready to eat and go dancing if anyone else would care to join me," Lori announced playfully.

"You can count on me," I said hugging her once again.

While showering together I explained to Lori the local "sex" customs as explained to me by Jose’. Appearing astonished, she reported that Natalie had alluded to the same things but she, like me, had passed it off as so much bullshit by someone on the make.

After towelling off I slipped into some comfortable cotton slacks and white short sleeved shirt. Lori looked enticing in her new powder blue string bikini and wrapped a matching sheer sarong around her hips. She studied herself in the mirror, swaying and turning to see the effect. She seemed pleased yet a little unsure of herself. I walked up from behind, cupped her breasts, and kissed her on the neck. As we swayed I slipped my hands to her crotch and ruffled the strands of pubic hair sticking out the side. "Don’t you think we should get rid of these?" I asked. Though puzzled, she agreed they should be trimmed a bit. She let me do the trimming with a pair of sewing scissors and a razor. I finished by rubbing her mound with a lotion, then kissed her "tailored" bush. Fascinated by the new texture I lingered sending Lori through another big "O." We rolled back and laughed again. Minutes later she slipped back into her suit, and gave an approving once over of her image in the mirror.

Standing in front of the mirror, Lori began dancing; trying to imitate the natives we’d seen the night before. I joined her and she playfully lifted the sarong and suggestively rotating her ass against my cock. Stepping back, I found the sight of her cunt virtually bulging through the thin, blue material, and peeking between her ass cheeks incredibly arousing. She seemed to read my thoughts and put even more energy into her movements. I started to feel dizzy. I was overwhelmed at the thought her dancing like this in a public, or with another guy. Would she do this with Jose’?

We found Natalie sitting on Jose’s porch wearing a gauzy, peach, ankle length skirt that hung low on her hips and was slit high on her left thigh, and a cropped white tank top that left the bottom curve of her breasts exposed. She stood and greeted each of us with a hug. My hug included a kiss on the mouth (her talented tongue darted between my teeth.)

Jose’ appeared at the door wearing a sleeveless white undershirt and baggy pleated slacks with sandals. His curly black hair was still wet and combed straight back. He ogled Lori for a few seconds before opening his arms to embrace her. She seemed to float into his arms as he kissed her heavily while skilfully caressing her breasts and ass in the course of a three-second hug. She pushed him back and playfully chided him for being so aggressive. We were taken to their favourite restaurant and treated to lobster. Lori seemed particularly giddy, her hands playing in my lap throughout the meal. I touched her thigh and found Jose’s hand opposite mine. I just grinned at my drink as I took a nervous sip and continue to monitor the not so clandestine advances of my host. (He’d already gotten to third base and I just invited it.) Our playfulness seemed to have an air of historical significance as if after tonight many things would never be the same again.

Walking towards the bar we lingered at the shop widows longer than Jose’ and Natalie cared to so we separated agreeing to meet them at the bar. After a long silence Lori asked why I had done nothing when Jose’ was getting so, "friendly?"

This led to a remarkably candid, yet comfortable conversation about what each of us felt and suspected. Lori told me it seemed like she had entered a dream world of Jose’s gentle voice, exquisite eyes, and sensuous hands.

I told my wide-eyed wife Jose’s version of the local mores, and my feeling the Natalie who, although very sophisticated, seemed itching to fuck me. I tried to discuss some of Jose’s Puritan guilt stuff but didn’t do a very good job. Then, to my surprise, I told her, "I didn’t do anything about Jose’ because it was exciting watching you respond to him."

"Would you . . . Do you want to make love to Natalie?" Lori asked.

After a long pause I said, "You’re damned right, but I’d never cheat on you. I continued, "But for some reason, I get the feeling you are curious about what I will do if you have a go at Jose."

There was silence, with occasional wisps of smiles at nothing for three blocks.

"Well, am I right?" I asked trying to be upbeat.

I stopped walking and turned her to look at me she smiled nervously and shook her head affirmatively. I hugged her and whispered, "It’s okay."

"It’s okay for you too," she breathed warmth on my neck before kissing my cheek. We walked the rest of the way to the bar without saying more.

Jose’ and Natalie were dancing thigh to thigh. Noticing us, they pointed to the booth with four frosty pink rum drinks. We took a long sip then joined the dancing throng. Boldly, almost violently, slammed together in our own lustful dance. Tonight, we fit in.

In minutes our dancing groove was disrupted when she was approached for a dance. Surprised she looked to me for directions. I shrugged as if to say, "It’s your choice," but apparently the decision making took too long and the stocky black man in baggy turquoise shorts and no shirt was gone a second before Lori turned to accept him. I found this interaction sexually charged and stepped in closer. Lori responded by straddling my thigh and pressing her crotch firmly against me as we were swept in to the erotic dance of our life. We kissed. Her feminine warmth surged up my leg. My erection strained against my slacks. Before we broke off our humping I was aware of another’s presence. A very short, black guy, peering beneath the brim of a Panama hat with sparkling black eyes and an eager smile on his raisin like face displaying his interest in a dance by ferociously humping her ass. As if to throw herself into the spirit of the evening she stepped away from me and turned to her as yet unseen suitor saying, "When in Rome . . ," and almost started laughing at the sight of this little man. She did, however manage to re-establish her composure and soon became aware of the fact that his small stature was no indication of any lack of sexual energy and confidence. To his obvious disappointment, he had less than a minute with her before she was on to the next. Before I could recover from this stunning circumstance a third had moved in. Lori had apparently been converted and was now, smiling and laughing with her partners fully engaged in the spirit of this tropical night and her sudden popularity.

As this seemed to be likely to go on for some time, I decided to sit for a while and have another drink. The music was pounding in my head and my wife was only occasionally visible among the fifty or so dancers that was beginning to look like a sea of groping hands, thighs, breasts, butts, and "swinging dicks."

As I finished my drink Natalie slipped into the booth, took a sip of hers and said in mock western accent, "Let’s shake it mister." Laughing I took her hand and fell into the relentless mass of pulsating human flesh. Sweaty men and women were bumping and grinding and running their hands over each other with abandon.

Natalie danced tight on my leg. She slipped her left hand between her thigh and my cock and gave it a squeeze, then smiled wickedly at me and pulled my mouth to hers with her right hand. The kiss was long and probing. When we broke it off a man next to us danced/humped from behind his partner while both smiled widely at us. She was tall slender, and looked to be a beautiful genetic mix with olive colored skin. I felt dazed and dizzy looking into her light green eyes. I was aware of her hips gyrating to the beat as she inched her red skirt higher and higher under her man’s groping hand and finally disclosing a delta of white satin he squeezed against her sex.

Oh shit! It hit me like a sandbag to the back of my head. He wants me to fuck her . . . and she ain’t arguing’! I smiled and nodded but tried to gesture that I was more interested in Natalie. His smile of understanding seemed weak. (I suspected he had set his sights on some action with beautiful Natalie.)

Natalie began running her finger nails up my back and her tongue through my ear. As we hump danced I was sure I was about to shoot my wad and tried to distract myself by looking at the other dancers.

I spotted Lori. Her eyes sparked with excitement as she leaned back and balanced herself by holding onto Jose’s large biceps as manoeuvred her along his thigh. She moved with hard jerky humps. When the crowd between us cleared a bit I could see he had one hand at the small of her back and the other held her ass and pulled her hard against his exaggerated undulations. Somehow she made eye contact with me, but it seemed she had to force her mind through a fog to recognize me. When consciousness finally came through she shouted something at me I could not hear.

The song ended and we tumbled together into our booth. The wet smell of hot male bodies lifted from her humid skin. I started to hug her and she grabbed my head, buried her tongue in my mouth, and kissed me deeper than she ever had. She was breathing heavily. Then she pulled back, took several gulps of her drink, and studied me with intense fear in her eyes. "What is it?" I asked.

The stare continued. She took another long drink. Then she said, "Don’t hate me . . . "

I feared pressing on but found myself getting increasingly excited as the moment of "the question" (and the exciting/frightening answer) struggled to the surface.

"I . . . ," she started.

Closing her eyes and taking a big breath, "I’m sorry. You’re not mad at me, are you?" She swallowed hard continuing to catch her breath.

Surprised at her question I laughed, "No. I’m having a good time too. You are not mad at me are you?"

Natalie just shook her head, "No."

"Good," I kissed her. "Have fun."

Natalie and I continued to dance ever closer both front to front and with me behind her. Lori and Jose’ were doing the same but she seemed to continually seek me out with a questioning look on her eye. Finally Natalie suggested we go. "She’ll never loosen her tight English ass as long as she’s worried about what you’ll think."

"Her ‘tight, English ass,’" I protested.

"Yeah, that’s what Jose’ calls that stiffness in the lower back of English women. Look how he’s trying to get her to loosen up by moving her with his hands and, see there, he’s telling her to watch that black woman next to them. Yeah, do it like that, sister!" she laughed.

Over Natalie’s head I continued to watch Jose’ and Lori. Each held the other’s right forearm, and a leg between that of the other’s. They were leaning back, close to the floor, their crotches met, and began rising and falling together; Jose’s erection very evident. He guided her left hand to the end of his prominence but she jerked back and looked for around the room.

"Let’s go," Natalie said abruptly while chewing on my right ear. "You just signal your little wife you’re leaving with me."

I did. Lori gave a little wave, good bye.

As Natalie and I stepped into the surrounding garden sounds of lovemaking were mingled with that of the tropical night creatures. She stopped me almost immediately to give full focus to a long tongue search of my mouth. I reached under her ass cheeks to pull her to me she stood tiptoe on one leg and wrapped the other around my waist. Deftly she lifting my dick from my slacks with her finger pushed her panties to the side with her thumb, and buried me within her in a single push. She shuddered and began a lengthy orgasm that subsided minutes after I had erupted into her. Shit, I’d just screwed her in less time than it would take to dial her phone number.

We recovered. She took me by the hand and said, "Come this way," as she led me around the outside of the cabana.

She explained, "I saw you looking. It really turns you on to watch Lori with Jose’. So now that she thinks you’re gone she will be less inhibited. You’ll both get what you want now!"

I started to protest but she kissed me and began backing up towards the building. Then, smiling impishly, she tugged on my hand until I submitted to her demand and walked with her.

Through a lattice we could see the whole dance floor. Lori’s hips were certainly loosening up with Jose’ and, occasionally with one of his friends; sometimes two of them. For several minutes she leaned forward with her hands on her knees and rocked her ass while Jose’ and two of his friends took turns humping her. The third guy tossed her sarong over her ass and firmly wedged his bulging erection between her cheeks. He took her hands and placed them around his ass. When she started to pull him hard against her he fondled her breasts roughly.

Jose’ took her again. They leaned back holding forearms, with their legs intertwined. His cock stood high in his pants. As their hips came together he repeatedly manoeuvred it in the crease along the underside of her bikini. I could tell she was about to come by the spasmodic rapidity of her humping and the glazed, distant look in her eyes. Then Jose’ smashed himself against her for several long powerful strokes. Lori’s abandoned all pretence of inhibition, coming in waves of pleasure against him. When she stopped, he loosened his hold he pointed to a wet stain across the peak in his slacks.

It took several seconds but Lori finally realized what had happened. They fell into their seats, laughing, and hugged long. Later they walked out the door in the direction of the resort.

We followed. Coming through a grove of trees along the beach I could hear Lori’s voice. Then we saw their silhouette against the waves glowing in the clear moonlight. Lori and Jose’ stood close to each other. She was naked and looked very small and vulnerable as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and index finger on each hand. Her quivering hands fumbled to unsnap his slacks, and then, with both hands, lift his cock between her breasts.

I started to move on but Natalie insisted I watch. "This is the only way a man truly comes to accept sexuality as natural, and good. Don’t hide from anything," she whispered in my ear and pulled me to the soft ground. Let’s enjoy each other and watch them make love.

Jose’ leaned down kissing Lori on the forehead, nose and lips. She devoured his kiss and welcomed the advance of his hand to her crotch by wrapping one leg high and wide around his leg and pulling him forward with pressure from her heel against the back of his thigh.

Jose removed his shirt, then kicked off his sandals and dropped his slacks. His ample erection looked like an unreal and menacing black pillar wobbling in the dim night-light. He guided Lori’s onto her knees, then pressed her face against his thighs and encouraged her to kiss his legs and stomach. As she did so he guided his instrument of sex across her cheeks, chin and forehead.

Lori’s teacher placed the giant in her hands directed her to stroke it slowly. Her actions were clumsy at first but seemed to gradually find a natural rhythm. Expressing his pleasure he knelt beside her and laid her on her back. His face lowered to her breasts and slowly began licking and sucking while his hand slipped between her legs. Lori arched her back and stroked him faster. Jose’ licked slowly down her stomach and began kissing her pussy. Breathing hard she spread her legs and lifted her hips off the ground. Skilfully he slipped his tongue between her lips and inserting a finger. A high pitched cry announced her pleasure to the heavens.

Natalie stirred beside me. "He’s a very good lover. Lots of girls want him." Tongue in my ear she whispered, "You just watch them. I’ll show you something too." She kissed down my chest and stomach and began licking my slightly sore cock and balls.

Lori pulled Jose by his hair up to her mouth to kiss him. As she did this Jose’ lifted her left leg high and wide and gently began pressing his penis against the pussy that was eager to receive him. Her body began to quiver uncontrollably. He spoke softly and kissed her face. She swore as she twisted and squirmed, digging her fingernails into his arms as his manliness began to stretch her from the inside out a little bit more with each stroke. With Jose’s cock inside her she went into frenzy and continued to pull him with her arms and legs and mouth into herself as deeply as possible.

Lori’s orgasm began crashing over her. Breathlessly she cried, "Oh god, fuck me Jose’. Oh god! Oh god! I’m so full. Oh fuck I’m full! Oh! Oh! . . . O- o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h!," and smothered his face with kisses. He was patient, giving her every bit of attention before letting himself blast within her. Her legs wrapped around his waist tightly then stretched out skyward and squealed with a final squeeze of pleasure. I shot my juice into Natalie’s mouth.

Typical to new lovers their relaxation was short. As their ardour began to heat up Jose’ told Lori he wanted her mouth. She was hesitant. Holding Jose’s glistening pole with two hands she hugged it to her cheeks and then attempted to lick it. The first couple of times she misjudged the distance before actually making contact with her tongue. She then sat back on her heels studying the "log" thoughtfully. Leaning forward she brought it to her lips.

Responding to his gentle directions, she licked around the large head then slowly down to his balls and back again to the head. Gradually she began a series of unsuccessful attempts to take it into her mouth. He took her by the head and began directing her movements as he spoke to her in low tones about the need to relax and just let it in rather than trying to take it in. She was a willing student and soon had Jose’s bulb between her teeth. She relaxed a bit, popped it out, and, laughing at the sound, wiped her chin before taking it in again. This time it slipped in more easily. Whenever she seemed to strain he would comfort her with gentle words of encouragement and direction. Each time she took him back into her mouth he would penetrate a bit more deeply. Then, as it began to reach the back of her throat she began to gag. Again and again he would gently and confidently talk her through it.

Feeling his pressure rising, Jose’ told Lori she must swallow it and keep sucking him after it comes. Briefly she seemed to loose her focus and a gag. But again he reassured her, guiding her gently over his dick telling her of his coming eruption. As he blasted in her mouth her reaction to pull away was prevented by his firm pressure on her head. For a moment Lori appeared to choke, but within seconds she regained her focus and eagerly gave him all the pleasure she could. When Jose’ released her head and lay back he was treated to the warm sensation of Lori sucking all he had to offer. As he rolled onto his side she stretched out beside him with her head on his stomach and continued to gently nurse on his large, flaccid cock. Natalie and I got up quietly and walked to her condo.

When I opened my eyes the next morning’s light Natalie and I were wrapped in each other’s arms. She looked so young and beautiful with her black hair splayed across her neck and the pillow. Her eyes opened inches from mine and looked around as if to test reality. Satisfied, she smiled and hugged me closer to her.

Around 10:00 we walked to my condo where we snacked on fruit as we lounged and talked. Natalie had a surprising intellect especially in areas of international politics.

As noon approached there was a single knock on the door and Lori entered looking relaxed and confident. She wished Natalie a, "Good morning," walking directly to me. We kissed tenderly and walked out onto the back deck. I followed.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"Good. . . . and yourself?"

"Uh . . . I think okay. Jose’ has asked me to spend the day with him, then meet you and Natalie at the bar tonight. I’d like to. Is it okay?"

"Natalie and I are doing fine. This is pretty damned exciting and confusing, but it seems a rare chance . . . and, I guess if there are problems, we can work them out later. Okay?."

"Sure," she responded in a tone begging for confidence.

"Have a good time. I’ll see you tonight." We kissed briefly then she disappeared through the door.

Natalie and I settled into hammocks on the deck with a bowl of fruit between us. Several minutes later Jose’ and Lori emerged from his house au natural and headed down the beach hand in hand. The sight of them gave me a hard on which Natalie found quite humorous. An hour later Rita, a gorgeous native friend of Natalie’s appeared in the doorway. Natalie introduced us. After visiting briefly we decided to go with to a small island about five miles from shore. We motored there on jet skis, and I spent the rest of the day snorkelling and lying on the beach with two gorgeous women. When Natalie and I began making love, Rita joined in. Her being equally comfortable with both genders made for an interesting afternoon. I was most impressed with her ability to truly deep throat me, and loved the sensation of my cock pulsing against her tonsils.

We returned to the resort in early evening. I ate a bit of dinner and fell fast asleep on the couch. With a lurch I awoke in darkness to the sound of Natalie’s soft voice asking if I was there. I had been sleeping fitfully dreaming about my concern for Lori. Natalie flipped on a light. She looked like a goddess in a long, very sheer dress. Her hair was pulled back and to the right and held in place with a gold band. She moved towards me. The dress moulded to her body showing her dark nipples and the glimmer of a metallic gold bikini bottom. She was gorgeous, very sexy and distracted me from my anxiety about Lori.

Teasing me with a tickle and an ear bite she chided me for sleeping past our date time. I continued taking in her beauty for a couple of minutes before getting up and promising to be showered and ready in half an hour. Natalie called a cab.

Natalie sang a variety of popular songs, quite well in fact, while I showered and dressed. Before I was ready Rita had joined her and they performed a wonderful duet.

We arrived at the bar a little after 11:00. The dancers were well into the rhythm of the night. We were quick to join them. By the second song another couple indicating their interest in an exchange approached Natalie and me. I was inclined to stay with Natalie but she insisted I continue to sample the delights of the island.

The woman who became my partner was approximately my height with very dark skin and hair. Her teeth glowed in the semi-darkness as she pulled me against her dancing extremely close and humping in triplets. Not only did she press her pussy on my thigh but all around my ass as well as she encircled me handling all of my parts as we danced. This woman was indeed a fuck machine and she was going to have me. She left no doubt about that as she managed to push me towards the doorway to the garden. Fondling each other shamelessly, we stumbled into the darkness.

She was out of her light green skirt and tank top while I still fumbled with my belt. Finally I was out of my slacks and shirt with her kneeling in front of me sucking my whole roll; all the way to my balls. Before I came I rolled her onto her stomach. She stretched out her arms laying her face on the lawn while offering her large ass high in the air. My engorged cock sank into her hot depths instantly. We fucked hard and came in less than a minute.

With my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see what earlier I could only hear. We watched a woman take on five guys while we kissed and stroked each other. However, my partner soon made it clear that it was early and she had more fucking to do, so slipped back into our clothes and walked back into the bar.

Wearing a tight, red and yellow skirt slit to her hip, and a matching tank top, Lori was seated on a barstool between Jose’ and tall, slender black man. He had one gold tooth shining from his continuous smile. She leaned alternately against each of them, frequently stroking both as they talked. The other man took liberties with her that indicated considerable previous intimacy. His huge black hand slid inside her skirt or into her top whenever he consumed her mouth with his large lips and probing tongue. When he stopped, Jose’ would take his place, or they’d both be at her. She looked like a bitch in heat in the midst of a persistent pair of male dogs. Finally, a resigned quiver washed over Lori and her legs fell open. Long, ebony fingers slipped under ivory coloured panties. Obviously they found the right spots as she began bucking against the touch. They rose together, danced, no, mauled each other, without regard for the music. It took only the slightest direction for her to expose her backside to him and slide his masculine protuberance along her ass.

My voyeurism was interrupted when a very tall, Latino, who seemed to know Natalie well, stopped by. They embraced like old friends and she introduced me to Ruben. Several minutes later they were on the dance floor. They seemed to talk and laugh at a feverish pace as they moved around each other with seductive contact. To my surprise Natalie began dancing suggestively towards me while Ruben humped her from the back and grazed the golden material clinging to her sex with two long, slender fingers. After she waved me toward her for the second time I followed her command. To my surprise he remained even after I pressed myself against her. She was, in fact, sandwiched between us as we rolled and swayed with the music. Finally I could take no more. Natalie felt this and directed me towards the door. All three of us moved quickly into the dark, humid night. In seconds we stripped her. By the time I got out of my clothes she was sucking Ruben's cock. I dropped behind her and slammed into her wet, hot cunt. Moments later she turned around and swallowed my dick and Ruben took no time to fill her back up at the other end. We pumped mercilessly for ten to fifteen minutes before we all came and collapsed in a sweaty pile.

I returned to consciousness and thought I heard Lori laughing. There were several groups and pairs enjoying erotic adventures. Then I heard it again. I was sure it was she. Finally, through the dim light her light skin distinguished itself from those around her. She was on her knees bouncing up and down on a cock while she ministered o another. She laughed again as a third coaxed the one at her mouth to let him in. She eagerly reached for the new cock and jacked it hard while popping it in and out of her mouth so fast he came in less than thirty seconds.

They continued to roll about playfully engaging in short bursts of sex from time to time. Assuming one of the men was Jose’ I was surprised to see him arrive with Rita on his arm and join them. Jose’ and Rita slipped out of their clothes. The men sat back and responded approvingly as Rita began showing her new and willing pupil the pleasures of woman to woman love making. Again Lori responded to the new sexual expression with passionate eagerness. When she began her first muff dive one of the guys fucked her from behind. Rita came. Then Lori turned around and began doing him with her mouth. The sight of her shiny ass in the moonlight flipped a switch in me and I crawled over and began fucking her. I couldn’t believe how hard she humped back on my "anonymous" cock. I didn’t have anything left to shoot but after the other guy came she took me into her mouth. Lori seemed to be unable to get enough dick tonight. I smiled as she recognized me and seemed to give me extra special treatment. While I enjoyed her talented tongue Jose’ ploughed her again. His girth soon had her attention in another direction so I simply sat back and watched her come again.

Natalie and I returned to the bar. We danced but had no more energy for screwing. Mostly we laughed about everything that had happened during the past few days. An hour later Lori and Jose’ entered. She looked remarkably together and happy as we met them in a booth. We hugged tightly. When we kissed there was the unmistakable musky smell of pussy and semen about her. I expected her to be timid, but she pulled the back of my head and sunk her tongue deeply into my mouth as if to say, "This is me. You might as well know it now!"

I kissed back just as hard hoping she understood my approval.

In the morning light we drank juice, lounged, and argued playfully as we tried to reconstruct the events of the night before. I found it interesting trying to see the sexual encounter from a woman’s point of view.

I was in awe listening to her. "I was just drawn to the undaunted joy these people find in sex. Christ, Craig, can you believe how much I’ve changed in just a couple of days?"

Later, Jose’ called and invited us to dinner, suggesting we go dancing afterward. Lori and I were too tired but he convinced us to try. We were sure we could not make it again. But once we heard the music and got among the friendly people who now seemed like friends, we immediately joined the dancing mass with all of our energy. After about an hour I noticed a particularly attractive, English looking, couple. They were near the bar talking with Jose’. I recalled seeing them about the condos yesterday. Lori noticed them too. Spontaneously I stepped behind Lori, pulled her ass against me and we began dancing towards them (Cari and Dan, as we would later know them). Lori knew immediately what I had in mind and instantly transformed herself into a sultry bitch in heat as I rubbed her and pulled her dress up her legs.. When we were about 10’ away they noticed us and responded with hesitant smiles, looked back to Jose’ who nodded with a knowing smile and gestured with his hand for them to move on. Immediately they began returning our provocative dancing closing the distance even more. I felt strangely comfortable with the thrill of simultaneously wanting to screw his buxom, brunet, and feeling Lori's urge to fuck her professor looking husband.

By the time we were within arms length from each other both women were rocking to the marimba rock while exposed to the waist. Cari was wearing sheer red panties through which her small black triangle was visible. Dan’s interest in Lori’s sexual display was very noticeable and I knew he was being treated to sheer white satin stretched snugly against her love mound. I humped Lori’s ass harder and began lightly caressed her breasts with my hands as we danced even faster. . . and closer to our prey.

Lori reached confidently for Dan as I held out my hand to Cari. They were both sexually eager but their inexperience showed in the questioning eye contact that continued intermittently after changing partners. Although hesitant, Dan and Cari were willing to follow our lead.

I savoured the thrill of getting behind Cari, lifting her skirt over her ass and sliding my cock between her nervous cheeks while her bewildered, but overwhelmed husband watched in amazement at his little wife’s lack of inhibition.

She arched her very flexible back hard as I ran my hands under her top. Wriggling with delight she grabbed my pole. Dan, full of Lori’s sensuous care was still unable to fully disconnect with Cari and me. Just to tease him, when we were close enough for him to hear me I massaged her cunt and said, "Let’s step out," nodding towards the stairway to the garden. She moved without saying anything. Outside, Cari shuddered as my fingers dipped deeply into her snatch. .

With the heated passion of new sex we rolled and humped and touched. When I unzipped my pants Cari’s mouth raced to my cock. She swallowed it with complete abandon, saying, "You taste so good," in muffled tones as she licked, kissed and sucked.

Hand in hand Lori and Dan skipped through the doorway and into the garden not twenty feet from us. In seconds she had both of them free of their clothes, Dan on his back, and was frigging her pussy with his cock until it was fully hard before settling on in and bouncing to both of their great satisfaction.

But Cari stopped blowing me before I came. She crawled up over me, we kissed, and then she asked if I would fuck her in the ass. "Please. Dan won’t. I like my dildo in there, but I want to feel a real cock. She rolled over and I climbed over her soft round ass. This was a first for me, but I was very interested in giving butt fucking a try.

I spit on my dick and pressed against her anus, penetrating just a bit before the muscles squeezed the opening shut. I pulled back and stuffed as much saliva and pussy juice as I could up her anus. Then I tried again. Gradual relaxation allowed slow entry into this tight opening. Cari quivered excitedly as I began to fill her.

As we began to fuck she reached back and stroked my balls. I rubbed her clit and sopping wet vagina and tried to concentrate on not coming too fast.

When I burst within Cari she stretched out in a long, silent orgasmic spasm. Finally she took a breath and proceeded to have a nearly endless series of orgasms, each of which seemed to pull my cock deeper into her hot, tight ass.

Lying on the beach the next day with Dan and Cari we discovered our homes are only 75 miles apart. The thought of being able to see each other on occasion is, indeed, a pleasant thought. We discussed the possibilities of getting together as Jose’ walked by.

Jose’ said, "Hi," but his knowing eyes scanned the beach ahead picking up the gaze of an attractive couple, who seemed to be awkwardly trying to adjust the casual nudity on the beach. Jose’ introduced himself and talked easily as rum drinks were delivered. The young man glanced nervously between Jose’ and his wife who tried unsuccessfully to hide her attraction for their host. Then, as if it was a complete surprise, Georgette, another gorgeous friend of Jose’s joined them. She flirted with the husband. We looked at each other and laughed as she had him help her from her bikini top. In seconds she had him in hand and was running to the surf leaving Jose’ alone with his wife.