Written by Carole X

24 Apr 2012

After a weekend of cheering up my husband’s brother and in the process awakening my desire for more, and more varied, sex and partners (search stories for “Carole helps out” if you want to catch up) I now had two partners. My husband, John, who was not all that driven by sex and was careful of me since finding I was pregnant following ‘that’ weekend; and his brother, Dave, who was and still is more highly sexed, and who took to visiting us once every month or two since his divorce.

After my announcement that I was pregnant John was very cautious, seeming almost frightened to touch me sexually. This was doubtless due to the trouble we had had in conceiving. John had no cause to doubt that he was the father, although I could not be sure which of them had impregnated me. Anyway, my pregnancy had no affect on my sex drive.

It was two months after I conceived that Dave next visited us for the weekend. He lived north of London, and recently mother-in-law had died so he moved out of his small but too-expensive flat and moved in with his father to keep him company. The funeral and subsequent wake were not occasions for anything more than a cuddle for comfort, so I was ready for some serious sexual attention.

On the Friday evening Dave was fairly distant, talking to John, reminiscing about their mum, how their dad was coping, and after food they went to the pub for a couple of hours. That was a bit frustrating after all the anticipation of his visit, so I took a warm bath & played with my little waterproof plastic friend to relieve my tensions. I ran him over my sensitive boobs, concentrating mostly on my large dark-red nipples, then under water down to my slit and onto my clit at full power. Oh, yes! It was funny how my boobs tingled when I came. The release of tension was marvellous. Then I removed any bristles from my pubes and soaked for twenty minutes.

By the time the lads got back from the pub I was downstairs on the sofa, wearing a demure dressing gown and watching a film.

John immediately went to the loo for a pee, and Dave took the opportunity to come behind me, pull aside the top of my gown, and take my unfettered boobs in his hands. They were tender, but he was gentle and the sensation was electric. Then we heard the toilet flush and Dave went to sit opposite me in an armchair. John came into the room with a couple of beers – only two as I was on soft drinks for the duration. Dave asked John if he could use our broadband connection for his laptop as he had some work to catch up on tomorrow morning while Dave was at work. Of course, John agreed.

After finishing his beer John and I went up to bed leaving Dave to watch TV. John drooped off to sleep straight away, the usual effect of some beers, but I could not because of the sexual tension built up in me. After fifteen minutes of laying there listening to John’s snoring I eased out of the bed, slipped the gown back on without bothering with tying the belt, & crept downstairs to see what Dave was doing. He was on his laptop looking at some on-line porn and gently wanking. He saw me semi-naked and grinned. When I got closer I saw that it was not porn (exactly) but the film he took of me masturbating after our Monday morning session. It was really sexy. While we were watching I took over wanking his cock, and he put his hand between my thighs and started rubbing my clitty. As I came on the screen, so I did for real.

When the clip finished he got up and laid me on the settee. He gently massaged my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. The sensations from my sensitive tits were overwhelming. I needed him inside me. “Please put your prick in me. I want your seed” I entreated. Very gently he entered me and I felt his seven inches sliding into my juicy cunt right up to my womb. “Not too rough, please” I said as he was getting passionate with my boobs, so he eased off of them and slowly pumped his manhood in and out of me. With my sensitive nipples being caressed and the action of his nice hard fat cock I quickly came, stifling my cries for fear of awakening John. After what seemed like ages he sped up, and as I came again his penis engorged and unloaded his spunk into me. We lay spent for a while, than decided it was best for me to get back to bed. This I did, via the loo to wipe off his cum, while he packed up his laptop and switched everything off.

The next morning John was up bright and early for work. I stayed in bed using my condition as an excuse, getting up to kiss him goodbye. As I got out of bed I saw a stain from Dave’s cum that had leaked out while I slept. He must have been saving it up for me for a week, there was so much, despite what had drooled out of me in the loo the night before. When John left I went into the shower where Dave joined me.

We showered together, using our hands to wash and explore every part of each others’ bodies. He rubbed his penis over me, and I pressed my breasts into him and rubbed his body with them making sure that his prick got full attention. We carried on until the water ran cold, dried each other and went downstairs, as he said that he had something to show me. I made coffee whilst he fired up his laptop and used our dial-up broadband to get on-line.

First, he ran through the photos he had taken of me on the previous visit. I was impressed with his skills – I looked pretty good. He spoilt that a bit by saying that he had used the software to touch them up, but I was still impressed. From some of the pictures of me displaying my wares he had produced close-ups of my private parts and two compilations where in one he had dozens of vaginas of different sizes and orientations and the other multiple breasts and nipples.

When we had viewed all the photos he said that he would show me a website. I know that I cannot promote other websites on SH, but as this one is now defunct I think that it will be OK. It was a North American site called Adult Show-Offs (ASO). It was a good name, describing the content precisely! There were any number of pictures of naked members (in both senses of the word), and forums covering everything to do with sex that you could think of except involving children and animals. I really got to like this site before it suddenly folded.

Dave went to “Photo competition of the month.” Each month there was a different theme. The previous month had been “Best Rack”. He showed me the entries, and I realised that the winner was one I had seen earlier – in the series on Dave’s computer. Those tits were mine! No face, just chin to navel. The comments were very complimentary. I remember one said “I’m gay, but I’d like to put my head in between those puppies.” My emotions were mixed. He had told me that the pics were private, just between the two of us, he would not show off the pictures that he took... But I could not be recognised, so no-one knew it was me... And winning made me feel great. I had the best tits! I warmed to the idea.

This month’s theme was to involve a flower, so he asked me if he could take another picture to enter. I said OK, as long as he did not show my face. Oh no – he had other ideas. We went upstairs and he got me to lie down on the bed and open my legs wide, displaying my bald pussy. After arranging pillows under my chest and head and telling me to hold my arms by my side to push up my large, firm breasts to the maximum, he picked up a daisy he had taken from the bunch of flowers that he had brought with him for me, snapped off the stalk three inches from the flower head, and slipped the stalk into my vagina until the flower was snug against my fanny. Then he took a lot of photos. The best one was taken from the end of the bed, between my feet. It showed my now bigger breasts in soft focus, rising above my belly like two flesh mountains with my rosy-red nipples as peaks, and with the flower and my cunt in sharp focus. Another winner, it turned out. For another very good photo he got me to stand, legs well apart (what else?), and bend forward from the waist. The flower was still in my cunt, so he took another, licked my naked and exposed arse-hole to make it wet, and then slipped the second flower in there. Making me bend right forward so that my tits and hair swung down to be seen dangling between my knees, he took photos from behind. One of those was runner-up.

By the time he was satisfied with his artistry his prick had subsided to a half-lob. He was standing, checking through the photos, so I moved to kneel in front of him, leaving the flowers attached to me. I took his lovely uncircumcised member into my mouth. In its flaccid state I could just manage it all, down to his balls, but very soon it regained its full seven inches and I had to withdraw most of it. I sucked on it with relish. It seemed funny; only two months earlier, before my weekend cheering Dave up, I did not like giving head at all, but now I loved to do it. I’d been talking to my best friend Maxi about the technique. She’s a bit slutty, actually, and has had a lot of men, and she had explained how she could relax her throat to stop the gagging reflex. This was my chance to try for myself.

I sucked and licked Dave’s ball-sack for a minute, then took his tool back in my mouth. I could taste his salty pre-cum. By now his foreskin was drawn back. The knob slid to the back of my throat and I gagged. I drew back a bit, consciously forced my throat to relax, then I tried again. For a few seconds I let his bulb slip into my throat, then I had to pull back quickly. I got over the spasm, relaxed and tried again. This time I managed it for longer. After a couple more tries I perfected the technique. I heard Dave groan appreciatively. I was away, letting him fuck my mouth properly, but it was only a minute or two before I felt his cock swell and pulse as he sent his cum right into my throat. I drew back, sucking his bell-end to extract all his juices, and carried on doing this until his after-orgasm sensitivity meant that he could take no more. Making sure he was watching, I ran my spunky tongue round my lips and swallowed the remains of his load that I had in my mouth. He said that he wished he’d had his camera handy.

After a bit of a cuddle we dressed as time had moved on and John would be back fairly soon. I made coffee and we went back to ASO, looking at Dave’s gallery. All of the other pictures that he had taken of me were there. By now I was used to the idea, and in any case he had lightly pixillated my face where it was shown, but the pictures were rather spoiled by that. Some of the comments, which again were all complimentary even if very rude in many cases, asked to see my face properly. I did not like the blurred effect, but realised that it was sensible. Although I was excited by the thought of my intimate parts being seen by thousands of men and women world-wide, I was worried about being recognised. But I didn’t want my face to be pixillated or blacked out.

I wondered how I could get around it, and a couple of weeks later I solved that problem when John and I went to a fancy dress party, me as Marilyn Munroe. I have the same body shape as she did when she was my age (25 at that point, ten years ago) and my face is similar except that I am brunette. From a fancy-dress shop I hired a white dress, similar to the one she wore over the ventilation grating, and bought a really nice MM-style blond wig. With MM lipstick and make-up, down to the beauty spot, and a few fake diamonds I looked quite like her. It was completely different from my usual look – and perfect for my pornographic photographic career.........