Written by CathyS

3 Oct 2006

I was coming home late one night from work when I got chatting to a guy on the train. At that time I bothered to pay for a first class ticket: on the one hand so that I could at least get a seat on the train, and on the other so I might get chatted up in the process...

This guy struck up a conversation which was typically inane. Howevever, he was quite cute and I flirted outrageously with him. When we got to my stop I asked him if he might like to come for a drink, which was so not like me. He was quick to jump at the opportunity and shortly we were in a cab on the way to my place. We wasted no time and started snogging in the cab and he placed a hand between my thighs in the first mile or so. I felt his cock pounding in his pants and thought this is going to be a good night.

When we arrived home I unlocked the gates and led him to the house. By the time we were over the threshold we were already partially undressed. Various bits of clothes were being thrown off. He got me to the kitchen floor and said the most unromantic of things; as he pulled himself close to my crotch he said "don't worry Cathy I just want to lick your cunt". I wasn't worried in the slightest as I wanted a fuck and since this wasn't a romantic encounter, I wasn't worried about his dirty talk either.

He was an expert in the cunt licking department I have to say and made me come. Thick jets of my juicy cum coated his face before he surfaced. He bought himself up and kissed me deeply. As he was doing that I felt down to his cock which was now nuzzling my fanny and felt the most fantastic cock. It felt absolutely huge and pulsated in my grasp. "Please let me fuck you now" he pleaded. As if I wasn't going to allow a fuck at this stage...

He ploughed his member into my willing and gaping cunt in one easy movement. I bucked my hips toward him to get the maximum amount of cock into me. Wow! What a fuck!!

After a few minutes I pushed him away and got on all fours and asked to be done doggy. This was great and I came buckets.

He was lasting really well and I came absolutely heaps of times. After a while I got down and sucked and wanked him. When he came he came jet after jet of hot thick cum. I managed to get most of it in the back of the throat and swallow but a heap got in my hair and dripped off my chin onto my tits. I must have looked such a sight.

Afterwards we finally moved to the bedroom and fucked all night. That was certainly a night to remember.

I never saw him again, not even on the train. But that's ok, I've had my fun with him...