Written by Kevinandcathy

16 Aug 2003

I am a 41 year old women and would describe myself as good looking, very fit and sexually advantegous even through up until last month had only experienced sex with my husband. However all that was to change in one lustful night and I would like to share the experience with you.

Last month we went on holiday to Negril in Jamaica, we were staying in a complex on the beach, my husband likes to laze around the pool, I tend to get restless after a few hours of sunbathing, it was late afternoon and to be honest I was a little bit tipsy from the amount of alcohol that I had consumed. I decided to venture out of the hotel grounds and into the main beach. I got up of the sun lounger and bent down and gave my husband a kiss and told him I was going for a walk. He said “you better cover yourself up a bit, that Bikini is very revealing”. It did look sexy, however I think it was a mixture of the heat and drink that made feel daring, so I just slipped on my flip flops and headed out to the beach. I was surprised just how alive the beach was, and I could not fail to notice the local beach boys strutting their stuff along to beach in very tight Speedo swimming trunks. I was shocked at the size of some of the boys packages, I must have been staring to intensely at one of them because this guy just can over to me and said “Hi I’m Dean, do you like what you see sexy”, I was a bit taken aback, but yes I did like what I saw. The beach boy was about 25 years old, had a super trim body that had benefited from hours of gym work and in is trunks was the outline of the most massive cock I had ever seen. I murmured something back along the lines of “yes Dean very much so, and by the way my names Cathy”. To my utter surprise Dean said “I would love to fuck you Cathy how about it”. My initial reaction was one of shock, all I could muster up “was I don’t think that my husband would approve of that”. Dean reply “was I wasn’t thinking of fucking him, how about a drink”. Everything in my mind told me to slap him round the face, but I found myself saying “let’s do that first”. I am not sure if it was the drink or the slut in me coming out; after all I was standing there in a most revealing Bikini with a top that barely held my tits in and bottoms that were hardly any more respectable. If I was honest with myself I was quite flattered that I could still attract the attention of a good looking young man, and my god he was good looking, he was a beautiful light black colour, had lovely eyes, a very trim body and what seemed to be a cock that women would die for. Anyway we headed over to the beach bar, the bar was very crowded and we sat down at a table on the corner near the sand. Dean called over to the waiter “two dark and stormy’s”. We began making small talk about what I did and Dean’s work in Negril. I could feel his eyes staring at my tits, the bikini wasn’t the best at holding my tits in and on a couple of occasions I had to adjust my top as my nipples had popped out. As I slipped the dark and stormy I felt my myself getting even more tipsy. The talk had somehow been manovered into asking me about how many times a week I got fucked and me asking Dean about his conquests. Dean was now pleading “that he so desperate to fuck me”. I replied “that I couldn’t I was happily married and getting fucked enough times a week to keep me a happy women”. But my god after the drink and the talk I was very tempted to let him fuck me. Then to my amazement and thrill his hand started to slide up my leg, and he leaned over to whisper in my ear “that I would not be disappointed, he had pleased many women and they all came back for more”. At that I don’t know what came over me but I leaned forward and started to kiss him, the kiss turned into a long snog and being the experienced lover Dean no doubt was, his hand moved up my legs then pulled aside the material of my Bikini bottoms and started to finger me under the table. I didn’t even try to stop him, I was so turned on that it never occurred to me that there was over fifty people sitting in the bar and it didn’t take a detective to work out what Dean was doing to me under the table. I have got to say that I was behaving like a slut and I didn’t care, the frill of Dean’s stroking and then his fingers penetrating my pussy just made me cum, my whole body just shock as the intensity of the orgasm passed through me. I had to kiss Dean so hard to stop myself screaming. When I stopped kissing Dean and looked over at the table next to me the two men sitting there just gave me a dirty smile and made some comment to each other about English sluts. I was so embarrassed, I had just let a complete stranger finger me to an orgasm in public.

Dean stood up and took my hand “come on let’s go and fuck”. Every part of my body wanted to take it further there and then, I was prepared to go back to this stranger’s room and let him fuck me, and I knew that I would be fucked like I had never been fucked before by this dark stranger. It was so tempting but I heard myself saying “no I cannot, I need to ask my husband”. I could feel the disappoint and anger in Dean’s voice as he pleaded with me to reconsider. “No come over to Sandals at eight, if my husband says you can fuck me I will meet you in the reception”, I then just gave Dean a kiss and run off back to the hotel. My heart was racing; I couldn’t believe what I had just done.

When I got back to the hotel room my husband was in the shower, I pulled of my bikini and got in the shower with him. I just got down on my knees and asked him to fuck me, (I was just so desperate), Kevin got behind me and slide his cock into my pussy and began to vigoursly fuck me from behind, I was screaming at him to fuck me harder, fuck me you bastard, he obliged by hammering his cock faster and faster into my willing hole. I came so strongly that I just lost complete control and slipped out in the final stages of orgasm “fuck me black guy, fuck me” and at that Kevin exploded in me, his cum sputtered all inside my pussy. I collapsed to the floor completely satisfied.

In the bed, I cuddled up to my husband and said “you know that you would like me to be fucked by another man, it nearly happened today”. Kevin quickly turned over “I wandered why you were so horny tonight, tell me what happened”. I then gave him the full story, Kevin could not believe it, but turned lovingly to me saying “do you want him to fuck you”, “yes, yes I do, I was so hot for him”, Kevin replied “well it is okay with me; you are so sexy it seems wrong to just keep you to myself”. I kissed Kevin and said “there’s one other thing, he’s black”. I could see the look of surprise in his face, “that’s not a problem, you go and enjoy yourself”. I found myself replying “would you mind if we do this, I have planned to meet him in the reception at 8, we can have dinner together and if we get on, I want you both to fuck me all night”. Kevin laughed “you are a right little slut; you have only had me, now you’re planning a threesome”. Can I take that as a yes?

I changed into my most revealing dress a small black summer dress, and strappy sandals, to surprise the men I left my bra and panties off. I felt so horny, as we walked down the stairs I was praying that Dean would be there and to my pleasure there he was standing in the reception area in tight jeans and a tight tee shirt showing off his impressive body. I looked over at Kevin and said “there he is darling”. I could see the look and shock in Kevin’s face and that of Dean as we got closer. I introduced the two men and behaving like the slut I felt, I leaned over to Dean and whispered “if you want to fuck me, you are going to have to share me with my husband tonight”. Dean laughed and said to, “she is one hell of a sexy women”.

We went into the main restaurant, it never occurred to me what people must have thought, there I am sitting down with 2 men, one white middle aged man and a trim fit young black men, with me wearing a dress with everything hanging out. I could see the waiter’s knudging each other in a way that suggested they knew what was going to happen later on. It just turned me on even more, my pussy was dripping wet and I had only been in the restaurant for an hour. As the wine flowed Kevin and Dean seemed to get on very well. Dean went to the toilet and I leaned over to Kevin “what do you think, this is so exciting, and everyone is looking at us knowing that I am going to be fucked by you hunks tonight”. Kevin laughed “I was surprised how young he was, but he seems nice”. I grinned “it’s not nice that I am looking for tonight, I just want to be fucked senseless by you two”.

We seemed to all get on well and after about 2 bottles of wine the talk started to get sexy and sordid. I got up to go to the ladies room, I had to pull the dress down as it had ridden up and I am sure that the man sitting at the table next to me had got a good glimpse of my pussy. Whilst in the toilet I could hear two loud American women discussing me along the lines of “have you seen that women with the two men, she is no doubt going to be screwed later by them, this hotel is just full of brazen sluts with black men that they pick up of the beach”. I was angry and just going to burst out of the cubicle and have it out with them when the second women said “Yes the lucky bitch, that Dean and his friend screwed us senless last week, I could do with him tonight”.

I walked unsteadily back to the table and Kevin leaned over and whispered into my ear “if you want to fuck him it is fine with me, go up to the room and enjoy yourself, I will see you in a few hours time, enjoy it”. I was a bit angry with Kevin and whispered in his ear “I want a threesome, now come upstairs and join in”. Kevin replied “no darling you just get yourself fucked by one man first” and at that he got up and walked off to the bar. I was fuming, it was my fantasy to have a threesome and it had been taken away from me at the last minute. I turned to Dean and just said to him “the bastard promised me a threesome, I wanted a threesome it’s so bloody unfair”. Dean laughed “you are so bloody sexy Cathy, you could ask any man to join us and he would”. Drunkenly I said “yes I could, couldn’t I”. Then I just got up and walked up to a mature man at the bar’ leaned over and whispered in his ear “my husband promised me a threesome with that guy other there now he’s bottled out will you make my fantasy come true” at that he looked me up and down and just said “show me the way darling”. I walked back to Dean and said lets go to my room and like a brazen slut I took both their hands and walked to the bedroom.

It turned out the men I had just picked up was called Duane; he was 55 years old, local men who owned a small restaurant in the town. Once in the bedroom both men were all over me, I wandered how I was going to control the situation and in answer to that I wasn’t going to be able to. The two guys pulled my dress over my head and I was standing there naked, both then picked me up and carried me to the huge bed in our bedroom and dropped me on to it. I looked up admiringly as both men started to strip, I jumped of the bed and began to help them with the task. Both men were well hung; Dean was long and chunky, whilst Duane was shorter but so much thicker. It was lucky that I was so juicy. I could feel the juices dripping out of my pussy and trickling down my legs. In a few seconds we were all rolling around the bed, hands were everywhere, I was having my breast rubbed by Duane whilst Dean was fingering me, then Duane was fingering me and Dean was rubbing my breast drawing small circles around my nipples. This was absolutely amazing I felt that I was just going to orgasm with them touching my body. We were all rolling around the bed laughing and giggling, I could see myself in the mirror and I looked like a piece of turkey in a brown bread sandwich. As the foreplay got more intensive I could feel that both men were getting ready to take me, there seemed to be a battle of wits taking place between the two men, (I am sure that the other didn’t want sloppy seconds so to speak). At one time both men were fingering me together, and I just felt myself coming to an orgasm and screaming so loud with my own pleasure. My mind was racing as the two men pleasured me. Who did I want to fuck me first, I wanted Dean to be the next cock to take me, however whilst sucking his massive cock it just exploded inside my mouth, filling my mouth with the biggest burst of come I have ever taken. My bottom was high in the air, and my pussy was there open and inviting, Duane moved in to position grabbed my waist, and then positioned his cock at the opening of my gapping wet pussy. I tried to move away and mumbled something like let Dean go first, please let Dean go first. But Duane took no notice and despite my efforts to move away his grip on my waist was too tight and the next thing I could feel was his cock penetrating my open pussy. The force of the entry took my breath away making me scream with pleasure as the speed began to build up. Dean moved underneath me and started to suck my nipples, which I could see in the mirror were swaying side to side as Duane took my “doggie” style, I could hear Dean moaning that he wanted to fuck me first and how disappointed he was that Duane was in me. I laughed between gasp’s and said “you shouldn’t have come in my mouth you bad boy”, Duane was pounding in and out of my pussy I could feel myself coming and just started to scream at him to take me harder and faster, and then the explosion happened my pussy was being filled for the first time with someone’s else cum, it was a beautiful feeling. No sooner had Duane pulled out a hungry Dean was on top of me, my legs were wrapped around him and he was pounding into me like a sex starved men. I was so turned on by the force of the fucking that I was screaming and a tirade of obscenities just came out of my mouth, about the need to be fucked and how slutty I felt. Dean was shouting “I hate sloppy seconds, I can smell Duane’s cum on over you”. I shouted back “don’t complain you bastard you started all this, just give me the fucking you promised me this afternoon” and he did.

I was so far away in the excitement of being fucked that I didn’t hear Kevin come back in the room, but as I screamed in pleasure as Dean’s cum emptied into my pussy, I looked up and saw Kevin setting in a large chair with his video camera. He taped everything that night, in the morning when Duane and Dean had gone, he played the tape back, and I was like a porn star. The two guys fucked me at least 3 times each, the positions that I found myself in were quite unbelievable. By the time Duane and Dean had left I was well and truly fucked out.

I play the tape and admire the mix of my white body against the darkness of my two lovers; it is such a turn on. As they say once black never back, that is so true and I will tell you about my husband’s birthday gift for me shortly.