Written by 0ne lucky fella

22 Dec 2006

After several months sharing John & Lorraine's bed & fucking at the beach every Sunday. Lorraine called me, asking me what I was up to that evening. Replying that I thought I may have a beer or two, she asked me if I wanted a fuck or two. I mentioned to her that normally She & John went to bingo that evening. She told me that she need me to fuck her, so that she could let heself go sexually instead of holding back like she normally did. She told me that she will tell John that she wasn't feeling too good & would go to bed early. Which apart from feeling ok she wasn't lying about the going to bed bit.

Bingo started at 7:00 so John who normally called the numbers left about fifteen minutes before then. I was literally waiting at the back of their bungalow & as he pulled out of their road I was going through their back door which she had left open.

Going straight to the bedroom where I knew I would find her, it didn't come as a surprise to find her naked exposing her wonderful body to me & her legs nicely apart to give me a beautiful view of her pussy. I went to turn the light off but she told me not to, as she wanted to watch me strip & look at me body, especially especially that great big cock between my legs.

Having removed my clothes she came to me, took hold of my cock, held her hand around it & then said my cock must be at least 10 inches as there was so much still protruding beyond her clenched hand. She gently stroked it giving me exstatic feelings, then slowly bent forward taking the tip into her mouth, slowly working it back & forth until she had completely taken it down her throat. I gradually lowered myself down onto the bed with my head pointing down towards her feet. She knew exactly where I was going & opened her legs so that my mouth came to her pussy allowing my tongue to start to work on her labia, slowly working it's way to her clitoris. My tongue only worked at it for a couple of minutes when her mouth really started to work on my cock getting faster & faster. She started to buck her pussy up at me, at the same time making muffled sounds as she started to go into orgasm. It didn't take me long after to start ejaculating my cock deep down into her throat making me cry out in sexual pleasure. We both lay there using our mouths on one another as we gradually came down from our highs.

My cock was still hard so she came out from below me, told me to lay on my back, then proceeded to straddle me, took hold of my penis & guided it into herself. Both of us started to ride each other. She was slamming down onto me & I thrusted up at her. As she moved up & down on me her gorgeous tits where jiggling up & down, looking wonderful. Taking hold of one of them I lifted my upper body from the bed so that my mouth could take the nipple, working on it so that it became fully erect. My hands went around her to her arse gently squeezing the cheeks & I worked one to her arsehole, slowly inserting a finger into it. This started to make her thrust down harder slowly picking up speed until she started to shake & scream out as she started to come. Her rapid movements & the sexual outpourings from her mouth set me off & I started to thrust up at her with rapid movements of my own until I started to groan out loud as my seed started to flow from me deep inside her.

We both lay there relaxing for a few minutes totally spent our bodies glistening with sweat. My cock started to rise again & I was about to suggest to her that I ride her doggie fashion when we heard their car pulling up by the house. She mentioned that it must be John & paniced for a few seconds. Then told me to get into the closet in the kid's bedroom, as they were at school in England there was no reason to go into that room. As she closed the door behind me she was also slipping her dress over her head.

She was so wrong about no reason to go into that closet, apparantly John had been discussing a cetain board game with somebody at the club & had told them that he had one & would go home to fetch it for them at the break in the bingo.

The closet door flew open. I was standing there stark naked with my hands covering my penis. John was not taken aback in any way. There was no look of surprise on his face. No look of hurt. He just looked at me for a few seconds, obviously in deep thought. Suddenly he called Lorraine into the bedroom, then told us both that he was going to call the club & get somebody to replace him as bingo caller. He also told us that neither of us should move.

On coming back into the room he said that he now had the opportunity to see me fuck Lorraine with the light on & he then told me to remove my hands from in front of my cock so he could get a real view of what I had between my legs making his wife into such sexual slut. Removing my hands he looked at my cock , then told Lorraine to get it hard by using her mouth. Once she got it back to its full glory, he said he now knew why she wanted it so much, as it must be a good 10 inches & no doubt reaching places that his 5 1/2 inches couldn't get to.

He then told me to lay down on the bed & Lorraine to straddle herself over me with her back to me & then told her to enter my penis into her cunt. He then told us to fuck like wev'e never fucked before. He wanted to see her slidding up & down my cock. Telling us this was what he had really wanted since the first time we had got together. He wanted to see another mans cock, especially a large black cock sliding in & out of his wife's pussy lips. He had started to get me worked up with the way he told us what he had really wanted & I was beginning to fuck Lorraine for all I was worth. I wanted to give him a show that he wouldn't forget, so I used my strength to lift her up & down so that he would be able to see my cock sliding in & out of her as he wanted. Eventually I noticed that he was shedding his clothes as he was taking in the view of his wife's pussing being plundered by a big black cock. Once he was naked he started to wank himself. It wasn't too long before we were oblivious of him as we had both worked ourselves into a sexual frenzy, our bodies desiring to to satisfy each other. We were both sexually one, definately sexual soul mates. We had found each other's sexual needs & ways of working each other as both of us needed, to fulfil each other. John was completely forgotten as we got lost in the throes of coming & enjoying each other. He only camae back into my mind when I heard him crying out & I saw his knees started to buckle & he spewed his come all over Lorraine's tits & belly.

Nothing was said for awhile, John eventually breaking the silence by telling us what he had seen was his dream come true & thanked us for putting on such a great fuck scene for him. He then said he forgave us for going behind his back & from now on we would always have the light on. He also told Lorraine that she could fuck me by herself whenever she wanted, as long as he knew about it. At this she thanked him, then told him to fuck off back to the club as she & I had some more private fucking to do. John laughed at this & immediately left