Written by Peter

21 Jul 2004

One summer I travelled to my wifes mother as she had been going through a bad patch and my wife thought she could do with some tlc.I have always had a bit of a crush on Margaret as she is a large lady with enormous tits and apart from seeing her in a swimsuit once or twice I had yet to see them hang freely and several times I have had a wank thinking of her riding my cock as they swing from side to side in my face.We pulled up at her house and she was on the doorstep and greeted us both with hugs and I responded and gace her a good long hug back feeling her big tits squeezed against my chest felt good especially as Linda(my wife)had a low need for sex these days and I was thinking of looking elsewhere.Maragret told me to bring the bags up and I followed her and had a good view of her big arse swaying under her flowery dress and by now had a raging hardon and for a moment imagined myself lifting her dress and pulling her kncikers to one side and licking her old pussy out.I managed to stand so she couldn't see my erect cock and she told me to make myself at home and relax.Once she left the room I went to the bathroom and splashed my face as I was boiling hot and needed to cool down as my heart was racing and just then I noticed a laundry basket and opened the lid and searched through and found a pair of Maragrets panties and sniffed them and they seemed to still

be warm so I wonder if she changed them before we arrived.I sat down on the toilet seat and rubbed her panties up and down my fully erect cock and mouthing things like go on you slut suck it,take my hot cum down your throat,show me how dirty you are and after a few minutes I shoot my spunk indside her knickers and lay there hoping someday I would get to fuck Margaret and fill her pussy with my spunk instead of her panties.Just then there was a knock on the door and Maragret asked if I was ok so I threw the panties in the basket and pulled the chain and pulled up my trousers and opened the door and told Margaret everything was fine and with that she went into the bathroom and locked the door after her.I went downstairs and Linda was on the phone talking to one of her old school friends who lived not faraway and told me she was going topay her a visit and she was gone leaving me alone with a woman I desired and whose knickers I had spunked into not 10 minutes ago.I went into the kitchen and got a can of beer and just then Margaret came downstairs checking to see if Linda had gone and whe I said yes she asked me if I knew what had happened to these and she held up her knickers which were stuck together.i looked away and said maybe they had got a bit damp and thats why they were stuck together.She then put them to her nose and sniffed and said it smelt like spunk and asked if I had spunked into her knickers and quietly I admitted it and apologised for ruining her knickers and she told me not to worry as she had plenty of pairs and then she licked the damp patch and told me she would prefer to lick thespunk from my cock and led me upstairs and I ran my hands up her dress as she walked and we fell onto her large bed and I pawed at her large tits and told her to sit up and I lifted her dress over her head and told her how long I have wanted to see her body and she told me to treat her as I wished as it had been 5 years since she had a man in her bed.As I undid her bra and let her tits fall free she managed to undo my zip and free my cock and started to wank it and was now breathing heavily and saying how good it was to feel a cock again and wanted to lick and suck it so she moved down and sucked me long and hard playing with my balls as she did so and I justshot my seed into her mouth and she took it all and I told her there will be more after I have licked her pussy out.I pulled her large knickers down and saw her forest and rubbed my face into her sweaty box and nearly passed out she smelt so sexy I parted her lips and straigthaway her clit begged for attention so I started to suck on it and felt her hips lift up and she screamed out yes yes yes and I my face was flooded with her juices and I ran my tongue around and had my first taste of this mature slut and knew I wanted more so carried on licked her clean until she was bone dry.My cock was now wide awake agin so I told Margaret to mount me and ride my so I can suck on her tits and I took each one in hand and sucked them in turns paying special attention to each dark erect nipple and this made her suck my cock into her pussy more and at one time she was riding so hard I thought she might break my cock right off.We were enjoing ourselves so much we hadn't heard the front door go but were soon to know Linda was back as she screeched at us both hitting us as her mother still sat on my cock with her tits dangling in my face and she stormed out and I told Margaret I had better go after her and she said I had better finish off first and once again started to ride me and I was enjoying myself too much to refuse her wish so wcarried on until I shot a wad of gooey spunk into her pussy and she then rolled off and lay there with my spunk dripping out of her hole looking a true slut.I got up and went to have a shower and she followed and squeezed in behind me and soaped me all over and got me hard once again and got on her knees and sucked me off.My head was spinning and on one hand I knew my maariage was over but I had found slut to use when i wanted.Our marriage ended and I still meet Margaret once a month and she sometimes brings her friend who is also large build and loves to lick my spunk out of Margarets bush so we are all happy.

If you get the chance of an older woman go for it.Love to hear from other people and any other older ladies who may like to meet up.