Written by SONIA

25 Sep 2005

I was cleaning the house; I saw that the tap on the sink was leaking. I tried to fix it but the leakage became worse. So I ask my neighbor if she knew a


She said that she would phone the plumber to come, as she also needs one. She told me to just wait and when the plumber comes she will send him to my house. When I was done cleaning the house, the plumber had still not come, so I decided to take shower, I left the gate and door open so I can here if anyone is calling.

I went to the bathroom, and left the bathroom door ajar so I could see or hear if the plumber came. I took off my clothes and start my bath. My pussy hair had grown so I thought of shaving, anyway the plumber has not yet come maybe I can shave my pussy hair quickly.

After few minutes I am done with my shower and shaving and still no plumber calling. I came out of the bathroom naked and peep at the door thinking maybe the plumber is there at the gate, but no one is there, so I went to my room to get dressed, I took a shorts and T-shirt but I saw that my shorts needed stitching.

I sat on the settee still naked while I was stitching, and then I thought I would open the TV. And watch while I am stitching. The program in the TV was a love story; a couple was kissing and caressing each other. I continue watching and I was feeling aroused with what I saw from the couple on the TV. I lay on the settee, closed my eyes and imagine that I am making love with you. I spread my legs and insert my finger in my pussy.

I was already wet from arousal. My other hand was on my breast playing with my nipples. My eyes were still closed, my hands playing with my pussy slowly moving up and down on my clitoris and inside my pussy. Any moment I will be coming out but I don't want to come out fast, I still want to feel the sensation of playing with pussy, it is soaking wet that makes it feel good playing with her. But I cannot hold it anymore, but same time a voice calling from the gate. I don't know what to do, I am lying on the settee naked, and I wanted to come out. Because the gate was open, two men came in, must be the plumber.

Too late to go to my room to get dressed few steps more and they will be at the open door and will see me lying naked on the settee. And I was coming out, so what I did is just closed my eyes and continued playing with pussy, my finger moving faster in and out till I came out.

I kept my finger inserted till the tickling sensation subsided and I open my eyes and saw the two plumbers were they’re standing on the doorstep. I just pretended that they have seen nothing, that I am not naked in front of them. I stood up and told them to come in and guide them to the kitchen; they were behind me while I was walking naked to show them the leakage. And when they saw it and started fixing I went to my room to put on a dress.

I often think of that time and the more I think the more I get excited, since then I have done similar things on purpose, but never involved someone in sexual activities, that is my next plan, how many more out there do the same I wonder.