Written by Colin.

17 Mar 2006

I was doing some painting for my son-in-laws step mother Clare,now she is married 'not happily I beleive'she is about 52 I am 54 very straight laced, ordinary but nice tits.

Any way I was paintng the staircase and she said I have to go out,I was working away and I went to the bathroom for a pea.Came out of the bathroom and started feel a hard on coming on.So I go back in the bathroom and opens the laundry bin and there was a white lacy thong and a pair of black sexy panties.My prick was full lenght now so I took them into the bedroom layed on the floor and started wanking while sniffing the thong and the panties under my balls.I started talking dirty ,Just then in to the room come Clair I was stunned.

She just said I could give you a hand with that,Its been a while for me.I got up my prick now totaly out of control.I kissed her hard while taking her coat off quickly followed by her jumper and bra.She quickly lowered her skirt and I took of another white thong.She pushed me on the bed and said make love to me now.I got between her legs and she was wet through.I slowly started pumping away at her all the while she kissed me and put her tounge in my mouth, her breathing was very heavy has she gripped me very hard.I new I coudnt last so I said I am cumming but I will fuck you again after.She cried out dont cum in me But it was to late I let go and filled her up.

She said I have never taken it in me before But I do like it.I said it tastes good and moved up and put it in her mouth.Christ I though she was going to bite it off,she love it.This got me hard again, so i turned her over and I saw my spunk had run down the crack of her arse.I put a finger near and worked it around she said what are you doing? I said you will like this and put a finger in slowly pushing it in and out.She seemed to respond so I put another in I said I am now going to fill your bum .No No she said trying to get up.I said it wont hurt and you will like it,she relaxed a bit so I pushed it in about an inch she winced ,she was tight.I slowly pushed in further and she completely relaxed and I rearlly hammered her arse with my prick .She was shouting out fuck me fuck me and I filled her up she went into a near spasm.

I have never had anything like that she said Can we do it again.We did once more up the arse and again in her cunt.We had a 2 hour session all together.Juring that week we fucked 14 times she is certainly slack now.Cant wait to paint the lounge.