Written by Mr C

10 Dec 2006

This is CC. I would just like to say that I do love my husband, Bob, but I wanted to prove to myself that I was still attractive to men and this (and part one, posted Nov 30) is the result Bob writes this much better than I could so, over to Bob.

Check out part one, CC wanted a final fling, I have tried 3 times to get this on here, this is the 4th, so sorry for the delay.

I took CC to the bar early as she wanted some dutch courage before she went. I left her about ten minutes before Clive was due. She was wearing a cheesecloth blouse with stud fasteners, no bra, and the same green fluted skirt as the day before, with French knickers.

Clive arrived and a few more drinks went CC's way before they left in his van. Behind the cab on each side was a fold down seat. Behind Clive was young Joe, behind CC was a new face, introduced as Roland. As they drove along he reached round and cupped CC's right breast and complemented her about her breasts as he groped. CC pointed out that other motorists could see them and Roland pulled open the blouse and popped out her right breast saying, "Well they can see this too then!" He carried on for a minute or so and then with drew his hand. CC did herself up.

They arrived at the cottage they were at the day before. There was a van outside and Clive said that Phil and Alan, another new face, were inside. The last two had brought over an old settee to put in the room with the mattress.

As they entered the main room Phil introduced Alan to CC and pulled open the blouse and introduced her breasts as "The magnificent tits I told you about!".

While Phil played with his favorite things some one reached round and slid off the blouse and the skirt and knickers soon followed. Roland started to finger and lick CC while kneeling in front of her, getting her very worked up she Say's. Clive sat on the edge of the settee, now naked himself, and CC was led to him. She was told to sit on Clive's cock, with her back to him and as she eased herself down onto it she sighed deeply. Roland said something to the effect of, dirty bitch really loves it then, and stood on the side of the settee and put his cock in CC's mouth. Phil stood on the other side and grabbed a handful of tit and Joe got out CC's phone. Two pictures were taken and a short peace of video, with I think Clive saying, "See what sort of slut Christine is, she is here to fuck some strangers for free, slutty or what?" Joe said from behind the camera, "Tell the camera what your here for CC, your here to fuck strangers!" Roland removed his cock from her mouth but CC said nothing. Clive gave a few hard shoves of his cock and said, "Tell the camera CC, go on!" SO CC said out loud, "I am here to have sex with strangers." Roland then said that was not what she was meant to say so she said, "I am here to fuck strangers!" Clive said good girl and started to pump harder.

The others backed off a bit and the video stops. CC says Clive told her to lay on the mattress on her back. Once she was down there Clive got between her legs and pushed them apart and up, so her knees were near her chest, pushed his cock back in and rode her to a big orgasm. CC admits she cried out with the force of it and caught comments of, Dirty cow, Lovely big floppy tits and old slapper. Roland was in almost as soon as Clive got out after he pumped his load inside CC. Roland was kneading CC's breasts as he fucked her and asked if she did this sort of thing all the time. CC said no. Roland said it was a shame but anytime she wanted to get it on just call him. After a little while CC wrapped her legs tight around Roland and started toward another come. Roland said to the group, "Fucking slapper loves all this. Go on girl give it some stick, lots of cock still to come yet, go on girl!" Roland lasted until CC came again and then he too came inside her.

Joe was next and he put CC on her hands and knees, taking her from behind. As he got going he asked Alan to record a bit of the performance, saying how great the tits must look hanging down and swaying about. Phil got under CC and suckled on her breasts. Alan knelt in front of CC and placed his cock in her mouth. When Joe shot his load Alan took his place and Phil got in her mouth. Alan really gave CC some stick. He was very hard and fast and made her push hard back against him. He made a few comments to the others like, great find, and well pulled and asked where Norm and Sid were, why were they not "Getting some slut" too. It seems they are married and belong to their wives on a Sunday. Some of this part was recorded. As Alan carried on Clive said from out of shot "This is for you Bob, we know you arn't her Brother from whats on the phone. Did you know how much of a slut your wife is? She goes like a twenty year old in heat mate! Thanks for letting us all fuck her by the way. Much appreciated!" There was a chorus of agreement before the clip stopped.

Once Alan had added to CC's juices Phil put her on her back and came off between her breasts while saying how terrific etc they are and sprayed over her face and neck.

CC was taken over the back of the settee by two of them, some pictures in the camera show two men (No heads ever shown!) doing that, others show CC with her bum on the arm of the settee, laying back on the seat, with a fat body (Phil) stood at the end with her feet on his shoulders and his cock in her fanny. I think this is the horniest picture they took. I can't believe it is CC doing it with a fat slug like that but, the look on her face is of pure bliss.

There is a short video of Roland on top of CC on the settee with CC facing the camera phone to her right, legs wrapped tight around him. Roland is saying "..so much cock? You must be a popular lady at home CC, do you want to come again yet? Do you want to come again?" CC has a rather glassy eyed look as she looks up at him and Say's "Make me come? Fuck me? Make me come?" in a soft voice that can only just be heard over the squelching noise of their fucking.

More pictures show CC being taken in lots of positions and the last three are on grass! She does not know how she got outside nor just where they were done but Clive, Phil and Alan all have her riding them as they lay on the grass, with Joe and/or Roland in her mouth.

I had a text around dinner time saying CC would be dropped of later in a public park.

CC woke up on the mattress in the semi dark. Clive was still there but the rest had gone. She had slept for a couple of hours. Clive said there was hot water on the camping stove in the kitchen for a wash which CC was glad of. I got a text around 10.15 to meet them in the park. I found CC sat on a bench and as she got in the car Clive's van drove past honking. CC had her phone back but had lost her knickers again.

Later I asked CC if she was satisfied with her sexual adventure that she was after. She said that now it was all over it was terrific but had been a bit concerning for a while and hard work. The stuff on the phone helped her to put some of it together and a few months later we had fucked quite a few times while recalling it all. Cc now thinks that putting it all on S/H some how better. She has had one much smaller little fling since which, if this gets on the site, we may tell you about it.