Written by Jackie CD

29 Apr 2006

Three weeks ago my partner caught me fully dressed fucking another TV on our bed, Now she actively encourages me to go and get it, and l oblige. I've plucked up the courage to go out fully dressed and made up late at nights.

On monday l drove to one of my favourite spots and went for a walk along the side of the reservoir. I was dressed in a long white coat, black mini dress, heels, red stockings, red lace basque and see through red knickers.

I walked to the layby at the end of the road and there were 4 cars with couples either fucking or fondling in them. I strolled along the path, wiggling my ass beneath my coat as l walked away from them.

I could see some other cars dotted around but without people in them and wondered where the people were. As l got near to the carpark l noticed a guy stood with his back to me fumbling with his trousers.He turned quickly as l approached said sorry and began to walk away, still messing with the button on his trousers.

I walked to the car, took off my coat and leaned in letting my dress ride high up my thighs, revealing my stocking tops.

I could then hear the guy walk towards me asking if l wanted company. I said in my most feminine voice that it depended what he had to offer.

At that stage l was unsure whether he had guessed l was CD. He said he had plenty and l had just disturbed him as he was wanking into some of his ex-girlfriend's panties. I asked to see them and he pulled them out of his pocket, they were black satin and looked sexy. I offered to model them for him and he quickly agreed. I slipped round the other side of the car, pulled my panties down and slipped the black pair on.

He asked me to flash him and l showed him a rear view. Next he asked for a full frontal and l explained that l was a bit different. He said he guessed but that was ok as he was really horny now. I walked over and slid my hand down the front of his trousers, around his cock and then began to slowly wank him. I moved him around to the car and sat on the passenger seat as l pulled out his throbbing cock. Within seconds l had it in my mouth, ramming deep into my throat, the salty taste of precum was really getting me excited. I began to wank my own cock as l sucked his. He asked me to stand up and lean on the car, telling me he'd never sucked a cock before but wanted to now. I layed on the bonnet as he pulled aside my panties and slipped the tip of my cock in his mouth. He began wanking and sucking me, slipping a finger into my nice tight lubed ass pussy.

I pushed his head down onto my cock giving him the full length, which he easily swallowed. Soon l was begging to be fucked and he turned me over, slipped my panties to the side and guided his cock into my eager hole. He was frantically fucking into me, holding onto my hips as he slid in and out. My hole was eating his cock greedily as he fucked me, telling me it had been 3 months since his last fuck. I said l wanted his cum in my mouth and on my panties too. This spurred him on and he whipped his cock out of my ass and begged me to open my mouth. He was a heavy cummer, it felt like pints as his hot, sticky cum shot into my mouth and on my face. I licked up as much as l could, sucked him clean and he rewarded me by letting me keep the panties. With that he shot off to his car whilst l spent the next half hour wanking into the panties thinking about my chance meeting. I'm making it a regular place to visit now, there's always someone there, ready to fuck me.