Written by Mudwoman

3 Oct 2013

You may have read Mudman’s post about my challenge to him. Well, this is the result of that challenge.

Mudman and I have had a lot of fun choosing the clothes for the challenge – deciding and shopping for the outfit he would wear when the day came to carry out the challenge ….

He looks so incredibly sexy in black underwear and stockings and I absolutely adore seeing him dressed like that. It turns me on so much. In fact when he wears any women’s clothes it is really such an incredible turn on…. I can’t control myself when I see him like that and I want to do such wicked things to him and I look forward to planning the things I do to him that we can both enjoy.

Anyway, part of the plan for the challenge was to think about what Mudman was to wear and to go shopping for the outfit. Getting the items was part of the excitement and a thrill in itself! Choosing the sexy knickers and stockings in M&S and procuring outsize shoes, for example, was quite a buzz!

Come the night itself, the anticipation was immense…. Waiting for Mudman to call to say he was on the way was incredibly tense and full of anticipation and excitement , and his feelings on leaving the house and getting to the car in the sexy outfit was nervous excitement! Having previously prepared the bedroom, I slipped into a short, sexy, little outfit, sprayed a little perfume, and waited for him to arrive…

When Mudman arrived it was such a relief and a huge pleasure to see him and I was so incredibly tuned on to see him in his unbelievably sexy outfit and showing his fantastic sexy legs… so touched and pleased that he had completed the challenge for me. I couldn’t wait to drag him off upstairs although I could happily have had my wicked way with him as he got inside the door – so turned on was I to see him.

We exchanged passionate kisses – our tongues exploring each other’s mouths and our hands were exploring each other as I felt all over his body and ran my hands up his skirt, feeling my way into his silky knickers and caressing his delicious cock, rubbing his nipples through his top, and then twanging his suspender belt…. He was rubbing me and touching me and making me even more aroused and I didn’t want him to stop or to let him go although I had got things planned for the evening ahead…

I don’t know how we managed to keep out hands off each other long enough to eat the simple food I had prepared as I knew we would both need our energy for the evening to come….! However we did do lots of caressing and touching while eating….We both ate quickly as we wanted to progress to more intimate time and it wasn’t long until we moved our romantic intentions to the bedroom...

Once in the sanctuary of the bedroom, all the items I had previously prepared were at hand… While kissing intently, I grabbed Mudman's hands and placed them in handcuffs and fixed them above his head to the bedhead. He was trapped and I then proceeded to kiss him all over and got him nicely hard- and myself even more aroused.

However, the agreement was that I was to talk to Mudman about my date and if he was aroused then I was given carte blanche to enjoy other dates as I desired…. So we then spent a while relaxing, reclined on the bed, finding it difficult not to touch each other and enjoy the pleasure of each other’s bodies, especially as Mudman was in such a vulnerable position and one which I find to be such a turn on….when we were feeling a little less aroused – difficult in the circumstances - and Mudman had reverted to a soft state, I started to speak of my recent date and the events that occurred during the evening. I regaled him with tales of teasing and temptation, of lust and desire and the things I had offered to have done to me - and things I had wanted to do -and the things I had done.

I was successful in my endeavours in that Mudman was aroused at hearing about my exploits and thus the evening could properly begin… I blindfolded him to add to the excitement of the anticipation of the events to come.

I was able to make the most of his aroused state and started by massaging his cock and with my mouth then moved to rub my clitoris on his hard member. I was running my hands all over his body and rubbing him through the sexy black knickers and rubbed his anus through the fabric, which I know he adores and finds really incredibly arousing. He was writhing and moaning by now and I was squeezing and kissing his nipples and rubbing his sexy hairy chest as I continued to rub his anus. He was desperately searching for me with his mouth by now and keen to reciprocate the pleasure. I moved down to his legs, removed his high heels and sucked his toes through the stockings, then pushed them between my legs rubbing my clitoris with his legs and then pushing his toes into my wet pussy.

When I was giving myself pleasure I could see Mudman getting quite aroused and was aware that he had no idea what was coming next…..

I stripped off one of the stockings from Mudman’s very sexy leg and peeled it back slowly…. Anticipation and surprise was key - and I reached across to a prepared item and painted his toenails a shocking shade of red… I then proceeded to strip the other stocking and repeat the exercise with the other foot… his soaking wet toes covered in my juices mixed with the heady smell of nail varnish creating an intoxicating smell. Mudman was enjoying the surprise element and the massage that followed was an adventure all itself, as I slowly stripped the clothes kissing his body all the while and licking him as I removed each item, to leave him in his sexy black silky knickers.

His cock was so strong and hard at this point that it could not be contained within the black lacy underwear garment so it was standing to attention outside of the knickers and made me want to slide myself onto his hardness and ride it until I came. However I wasn’t finished with him yet and I was soon pleasing myself by making him lick me with his hungry tongue as I sat on his face until I came, splashing juices all over his face, letting it run down his neck and body and soaking his blindfold…..

I slid down his body and then we kissed, with me tasting my pussy juices and until we had desperation for touch setting in from both sides…

I was sliding all over Mudman’s sexy body, my sweet juices mingling with the massage oil, and the smell of sex was so strong in the room… I could not contain myself any more, I had to have my sweet and desirable Mudman – I had to have his gorgeous and strong cock in my throbbing pussy… I pushed myself onto his member and heard him gasp as the surprise and the delightful feeling. I was soon moving backwards and forwards, thrusting his cock deep inside me to reach a point that it took my breath away with each thrust. Mudman was desperate to help and was writhing around the bed now and was twisting and turning with lust and desire, and looking to pleasure me. I could see his mouth glistening with my juices and I leant forward to kiss him and feel his tongue exploring my mouth as I greedily explored his. My hands were caressing, teasing, probing and squeezing - desperate to arouse and continue to be aroused.

It was not long until we were both nearing culmination and I cried out in pleasure as I climaxed again – loudly and with great delight while my juices flowed all over his cock in a seemingly never ending stream.

Aware that Mudman was not finished and could please me some more, I released him from his torment and freed him for the handcuffs. He immediately set about pleasing me and teasing me, touching and licking me, caressing my nipples and playing with my clitoris, squeezing and drinking my juices. After I had come yet again, he took a position on top of me and thrust his hard and swollen cock into my tender and so aroused pussy until he and I came in a massive shouted cacophony of noise that was a major shock to my sex induced state.

We eventually went to sleep but I have to say woke a few hours later for some more early morning sexual adventures……