Written by Big E

4 Oct 2004

Jay and i have now been married over 26 years, both of us in our late forties. Before and since we've been married i've always known my wife has had fantasies about making love to a black man. When she was working in a local factory office, she and the girls there would always talk about the subject and when i'd pick her up at night with a couple other girls, they would laugh and joke about what they had been saying that day. She once got invited to one of the office girls party at her house, a proper girlies night out. Unbeknown to them the husband of the birthday girl had arranged a strippergram to arrive late in the evening. There must have been around twenty women at this party, no husbands were aloud to stay. Apparently when he arrived they went wild when he turned out to be black. I think the husband knew what they got up too at work. Jay told me when she got home that was on a high having seen a black man for the first time. In his routine he came to stand in front of her, letting her hold his monster. She said it must have been well over ten inches long and very thick. At the end of his act he asked the birthday girl if she would like to suck it, which she did to perfection. I think Jay got a bit jealous of her.

That was it as far as Jay seeing a black man in the flesh. She would often talk to friends when they came round for a chat about her experience, but the chance to see another never came around again for years until this year in Cornwall on our Hols.

We found a nice cottage to rent this year right down at the bottom end of Cornwall near Penzance. The tiny hamlet consisted of two or three holiday cottages and nothing else. The cottages were spread well apart so were very private. They were very close to the beach and cliffs, with some ideal private bathing areas with no one else around. All week with the weather being really hot we would set off for the beach to get an all over tan. We found a ideal spot well away from anybody and would take our clothes off. That happened everyday. When Friday arrived our last day we did our usual thing and went to the beach. We'd been there for just over an hour when i suddenly woke,i heard somebody whistling. I stood behind a rock to see who it was. There on our little private spot was this black walking in the sea. He was very tall meduim build wearing a pair of skimpy trunks. When he turn our way facing us you couldn't help but see a massive buldge in his trunks. I woke Jay to say we had company, she quickly got some clothes back on as did i. When she peered over the rock to see who it was, her jaw dropped, i knew then what she had seen. I said "shall i invite hime over for a drink", we always had a large bottle of wine in cooler box with us. "you can do" was her reply. I stood up and went to meet him. I introduced myself and i found out his name was Lance. I invited him to join us for a drink, which he gladly accepted. I introduced him to Jay who was looking a bit weak at the knee's. He told us he was staying in one of the other cottages in our little hamlet.

We shared a lot of conversation that afternoon as well as a lot of wine. It was getting near to the time we normally set off back to our cottage when the mood suddenly changed.

I had noticed that Lance had been eyeing Jay up all afternoon and that she had as well and she was begining to flirt with him. We ran out of wine, so i made the excuse to leave and get some more. I was really starting to get excited though wondering what would happen while i was away.

I left, but instead of going back to the cottage i crept behind a rock out of their sight, but were i could see everything that would happen. I sat there patiently wondering if anything would, then after a while i saw Lance move closer to Jay. They were talking and the next minute she reached out her hand and began to stroke Lance's massive tool. Lance began to fondle Jay and undid her bikini top to reveal her 38dd tits. Jay as massive nipples and Lance soon moved in the these probing them with his tongue. Then Lance stood up and removed his trunks revealing the biggest cock i'd ever seen, Jay eyes was now buldging at the sight of this monster. She was was now knealing in front of him and she began to take his monster in her mouth. She had never done deepthroat before, but she was having a good try now. She must have buried seven or eight inches of this tool inside her mouth and she was loving every minute.Lance then removed her bottoms revealing her very hairy cunt. Jay was abnormally hairy down there and i think Lance found this a real turn on. Then she got on all fours her favourite position and began to take his monster every inch of him, by now i had my cock out wanking behind this rock, i'd never thought Jay would do something like this behind my back but i was really get turned on by this, i wasn't going stop it now. Soon he was pumping away making her scream in pleasure, this got to much for me as i cum buckets loads behind this rock, never had i cum so much in my life. As i turned back he withdrew his cock and began probing Jays arse. She had always refused me to do this, so i was intrested if she would allow him. She never even stopped him, she took it all and loved ever minute. I think they must have thought i might have been on my way back, so they finished off by Jay sucking his cock taking every last drop of this black mans cum in her mouth, swallowing every drop. I made my way back whistling so they could hear me. When i arrived everything was as i had left. I told them we had no wine left, so we packed up and made our way back to the cottages. We left that night so we'd miss the traffic home, but i got Lances number before we left. On the way home i told Jay what i'd seen, she expected me to be mad, but i also told her that i'd been wanking behind the rocks. She knows i have Lances number and i've told her if she wants we'll invite him up for a threesome, she can't wait.