Written by fi

18 Mar 2004

There has always been a bit of an exhibitionist in me, that started from a very early age. My b/f and I often have car fun, or outside sex, often in the very cold weather, doesnt sound ideal does it, but I swear it makes you randy knowing you may be caught that you fuck like heck which keeps your temperature up, as well as something else of course.

The one saturday we went out shopping into our local market, you may know how us girls like our clothes. We were on the market and I saw a nice top that I fancied. I am quite a big girl on top so wanted to try it on. They had no proper changing rooms but had a make-shift type of area where you could go and try the clothes on. I went into the changing area which was just sheets draped around making a semi-secluded area. Anyway I went in and took my top off, i do not wear a bra usually so my boobs were on full view. Just at the moment there was a "boo" I looked around suddenly and it was my b/f ogling my boobs. I gave them a jiggle and carried on trying the new top. He then disappeared, I took off the new top I was trying exposing myself again, as I looked around I saw a hand again at the opening and I thought yea ok, lets give him a bit of a flash. I wobbled my tits at him, and pulled my pants down exposing my partly shaved cunt. I opened my legs and pulled apart my pussy lips, and gave myself a little finger. I said in a low voice come and give me a fuck and laughed. I made my way towards the curtain and the hand went, just vanished. I got dressed and paid for the new top, it was good value already with the fun we had.

I went out of the stall to my b/f, I couldnt see him straight away, he was standing a couple of stalls away. I went over to him and said he was a spoilsport by not coming in to fuck me. It was then he told me what had happened. After he looked the first time, another lad about 18 or so had seen him, my b/f went off to the edge of the stall, and then the lad went and had a peek instead. It was the stranger who was looking at me the second time, it was he who had a good view of my body, my boobs, bum and pussy, and it was him I asked to fuck me.

I was horrified at first but then I thought it was erotic, it was a good job he didnt come in to fuck me, I dont know what I would have done.

As we were walking out of the market my b/f elbowed me and said look over there , the lad who watched you is there. I looked over and he smiled and winked. I smiled back and licked my lips. Becuase of the joking my b/f had given me I thought I would get my own back. I walked over to the watcher and went up close and said I will be back about the same time on wednesday, look out for me and blew him a kiss. I went back to my b/f and told him what I had done. He was very frsutrated by what I had done becuase he would be at work. I said I would come along, to see what happens, and that evening I would tell him in graphic detail what went on. Lokk out for my next posting, I will tell you what happened yesterday, wednesday.

see you soon.

byeeeeeeee x fi