Written by MQ

3 Feb 2005

Charly and Jane were buzzing with excitement. They had been talking about it for ages but tonight they were going to do it! They were going to go out dogging! Jane dressed in a slutty little PVC skirt, stockings, high heeled boots and low cut top that showed off her tits beautifully and showed her already hard nipples poking out. Charly looked her up and down appreciating the sight of his special sexy lady dressed like a little slut and pouting at him with her full red lips. 'I don't think I'm gonna be able to keep my hands off you, dirty little minx' he growled, reaching down to stroke her legs up to the bare patch that was showing between her stocking tops and skirt.

They climbed into the car and drove off to a local countryside spot, nice and secluded, quiet and fairly private. The place was deserted, or so it seemed. They flashed the car lights as it advised on the website they had looked at, then got out of the car. Charly pinned Jane against the car door and pushed his hand between her legs. She was very wet already, the excitement was intense and she couldn't wait for what they hoped would happen very soon. They had taken a camera with them so Jane posed sexily around the car and trees around them, spreading her legs so that her pussy was on show and bending forward to allow her fine tits to spill over. She bent forward over the bonnet of the car so that Charly could see her pussy from behind and snapped away at her fantastic bare bottom shining in the moonlight. His bulge was threatening to burst the seams of his trousers but he knew he had to wait.

There was still no sign of life so Charly walked over to Jane who was still bent over the bonnet and buried his face into her bottom, licking her pussy from behind and making her moan in pleasure. Her pussy was soaked from her own juices and he lapped at them like they were nectar, flicking the tip of his tongue against her clit. It didn't take long before Jane cried out with a wonderful orgasm and gushed more juices from her pussy onto Charlys face. He licked his lips in satisfaction.

They found a park bench and sat down together, Charly massaging Janes tits and teasing her erect nipples, Jane rubbing Charlys cock which she had now freed from his pants. They heard rustling in the bushes behind them and heavy breathing. This was what they were waiting for. Jane got a knot in her stomach, what if he was going to attack them? He went quiet as he realised the couple had noticed he was there. 'Would you like to come and sit with us?' Charly said so he could hear. The man emerged from the bushes. He was older than they, mid forties perhaps, Charly and Jane were both in their early 30s. He was fairly tall, quite slim and not half as bad as Jane had secretly dreaded he might be. He sat down next to Jane and looked her up and down. 'Evening' said Charly. The man replied 'evening' and grinned at them. 'Fine looking young lady you are' he said to Jane. She blushed but the familiar stirrings had already taken over and she shifted her position so that he could get a really good view of her tits. 'Do you mind if I touch.......?' 'No that's ok' replied Jane.

The man gently stroked her breasts and bent down to suckle on her nipples. She sighed, enjoying the sensation of his tongue lapping at her. Charly stroked her thighs and fingered her pussy. She felt so good, two men pleasuring her. She reached down and found that the mans flies were already undone. She pulled out his cock and started to stroke it gently, slowly increasing speed until it was rock hard and twitching at her touch. Jane laid back on the park bench and opened her legs wide. Charly passed the man a condom which he put on and laid over Jane while Charly played with her breasts. There was a cool breeze that kept her nipples hard as buttons, poking up into the air for Charly to tweak and tease. The man carefully pushed his cock into her pussy, she gasped as she felt a lovely stretching sensation as it went in. He started to pump into her and she cried out, too far gone to care if anyone was listening by then. Charly bent down and kissed her long and hard and she panted as he flicked her nipples and the man thrust his cock into her. Jane got hold of Charlys cock and guided it into her mouth. She sucked on it like she wanted to suck the spunk out of him before he could cum. Charly moaned as her tongue flicked around his cock and she sucked and sucked for all she was worth. He watched as this complete stranger fucked his lovely lady and watched her body writhing in pleasure. It turned him on so much he couldn't last much longer. He felt his cum rising and Jane pulled it out of her mouth and wanked it hard and fast until it spurted all over her tits. The man who was fucking her watched as Charlys spunk dribbled over her tits which were bouncing in time with his thrusts and he also felt his orgasm build. Jane put her hand between her legs and rubbed at her clit, she was so close to cumming she had to make it happen and the feel of the mans cock inside her made her orgasm so intense she screamed out loud as his spunk jetted out inside her.

They all panted as they parted and Charly and Jane sat down on the bench. 'Thank you' said the man and wandered off back into the bushes. 'You're very welcome' Jane replied as he disappeared into the darkness. She looked at Charly who kissed her gently. They headed off back to the car, but not before they noticed another man lurking in the bushes wanking hard at the sight he had just witnessed. They smiled at each other, this was something they would do again soon........