Written by Terry - never say never

1 Jan 2019

After going on SH chatrooms i wanted a meet , somewhere local for a oral release .

As always a few time wasters , then i got a reply , i made a private room , Roy was keen and lived about 15 minutes away , he was ok with having fun in his car , he said we could meet up in Morrisons carpark and he knew a more quiet place to go.

I waited and his white ford focus came in the carpark i flashed my lights he flashed back , a quick hello and i followed him a little bit out of town , close to a dissused layby .

Very quiet and out of the way , i joined him in his car , he said he had used this layby before .

It was agreed we both wanted oral , i pulled down my tracksuit bottoms he moved him , put my flacid cock in his mouth , the warmth of his mouth and soft lips got me hard , soft and hard sucks were building me up nicely.

Bobbing up and down on my cock , i was getting close to blowing .

I told him i was going to cum he carried on slurping and then i came and filled his mouth with my spunk .

I thanked , then it was my turn , he said ive got a treat for you , trying to get my head around what he it could be he teased me by telling me to close my eyes , he removed his jeans and said open your eyes , with his chair reclined , he was wearing a red basque with attached suspender and black stockings and a pair of lacy white panties , he looked hot , i touched his sexy undies , i made a grab for his cock and unwrapped it from his panties , lowering my head he gasped when i took him in my mouth , i tasted sweet pre come , moving up and down his length he was loving it and telling me to suck his cock , i was a lucky man sucking a lovely cock , i sucked him deep , he said make me come , i sucked and gobbled away , he tensed up then he came making me gag , lovely thick salty spunk , i was so turned on i asked could i shoot over his stockings and undies he nodded, taking my cock in hand i wanked away , he looked so hot, i knew i was going to shoot , i told him i spunked on his panties and stockings , i helped rub the spunk into his undies, he then cleaned up my cock with his mouth .

It was a great horny experiance, i had never thought about cd undies fun , i will be dabbling again next time.