Written by Lara Reed

28 Aug 2005

My name is Lara. I am a 40 year-old wife and mother. In all my time I have ever only been with one man until last week.

I had just returned from taking the children to school and I was feeling rather horny. My husband had told me to expect a guy to call by at around midday to possibly buy our car. As I was feeling horny I decided to lay on the bed and play with my aching pussy. I was dressed in a flimsy vest top, short denim mini-skirt and brown knee boots. I could see the point in wearing any underwear. I lay back on the bed with a copy of my favourite adult magazine in one hand and my vibrator in the other. I was reading the story about a woman who had cheated for the first time. This had always been a fantasy of mine. I lay there imagining I was of the woman in the story, and feeling my orgasm building.Then the door bell rang.

I did my best to make myself look presentable. I straightened my hair and pulled my skirt down. As I opened the door I saw a younger guy off about 20 standing in front of me. He was very tall and looked quite athletic. He was also very, very handsome. As I looked at him I realised that he was staring at my breasts. I looked down to see why. My hard nipples were visible through my top.

He introduced himself as Michael and explained that he was here to look at our car. We stepped outside and he started to look around the car. The slight breeze was making my nipples harden more than ever. I kept catching him looking at me. After a while, he asked if we could go for a test drive. After I agreed he told me I would have to drive because he would not be insured.

We climbed into the car and set off down the road. I was very aware that my skirt did not cover much now I was sitting down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Michael looking at my legs. Normally I would find this very unnerving but I was feeling so horny that I was actually enjoying the attention. As we drove through a wooded area Michael asked me to pull up into a picnic area.

Without any warning at all he told me how pretty I was and how he couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. I was in a state of shock. He then went on to tell me how hard I had made him. I couldn’t believe that this handsome young guy found me a turn on. As I looked at him I could see the bulge in his trousers. As he caught me looking at his crotch he pulled out his cock and asked me if that was what I wanted to see. It was about 8” long, quite thick and had a big bulbous purple head.

I really couldn’t believe I was in such close proximity to another guy’s hard cock. He took my right hand and gently placed it against his cock. As I grabbed it I could feel it pulse and throb in my hand. My heart was racing. The next think I knew I was wanking it. It was such a natural thing to do that I didn’t realise I was doing it.

“Please suck my cock Mrs Reed.” he said. “After all, you have made it like this.”

With that I lowered my mouth over it. I kept hold of his shaft and wanked it as I slurped greedily on his knob. As I did this he squirmed in the passenger seat and ran his fingers through my hair.

Just as I thought he was going to lose control another car pulled up in the car park and I jumped up. As I sat there with saliva running down my chin, Michael hurriedly struggled to get his cock back into his trousers before saying “I think we better continue this back at your place Mrs Reed.”

There was an air of confidence in his voice that I found a great turn on. As we drove back home I started to try and talk myself out of what I was about to do but suddenly I realised that I didn’t want to talk myself out of it. I needed cock right now and I didn’t mind who’s it was.

As soon as the front door closed, Michael pushed me back on the stairs and pulled my top off. He started kneading my large breasts and sucked and pinched my nipples. Everything he did just made my cunt wetter and wetter. I was just lying back, enjoying it and moaning.

After a while he stood up, took me by the hand, and led me through into the living room. He told me to sit on the edge of the middle seat on the sofa and then disappeared into the kitchen. I could hear him looking through the cupboards and after a short while he appeared with a bottle of wine from the fridge. He put the bottle down on the floor then knealt down in front of me. He told me to pull my legs up and as I did this he started to lick my clit and finger fuck me. I was so wet that my juices had run around to my arse hole.

He was very good and it wasn’t long until I could feel that familiar feeling of an orgasm building deep inside me. He obviously sensed this too and pulled away. He looked me straight in the eye and kept eye contact as he reached for the bottle and removed the foil from the top. He then unscrewed the top and smiled at me.

With me still holding my legs up he placed the top of the bottle against my cunt. It was so cold it made me gasp. He then slowly tipped the bottle and started to ease the neck of the bottle inside my cunt as he poured the wine inside me. It was a strange but very erotic feeling.

Michael then went down on me again. Licking my clit and finger fucking me as before. When my orgasm hit me I screamed. As my muscles contracted, I shot a jet of wine out of my cunt. What an amazing feeling.

Michael then stood up and pulled me up. I could feel the wine running out of me and down my thighs. He sat where I had been and held his lovely cock upright. I straddled his legs and took hold of his cock. Again it throbbed in my hand. I looked deep into Michael’s eyes as I lowered myself onto his cock. The feeling of his knob brushing past my labia was fantastic. His cock was so thick that it took me a little while to impale myself on it fully but once I did I just sat there and savoured the feeling for a while. I then started to ride his cock. Slowly at first, but it wasn’t long until I was really slamming myself down on Michaels cock and he met them with a furious up stroke.

In what seemed like no time at all, my pussy started to contract and I was cumming all over Michael’s hard young cock. This in turn made him cum and he emptied his huge balls into my womb.

I sat there for a while. My legs were like jelly. There was so way I could stand up. I just stayed there feeling Michael’s cock go soft inside me before it flopped out. I stood up and felt my young lover’s spunk running down my thighs.

Michael got up and dressed. He kissed me before saying, “I’ll take the car. I’ll call round with the money tomorrow and I’m gonna bring my mate with me.” With that he winked and left.

I thought I would feel guilty, but surprisingly I didn’t. I felt so alive and confident. Role on tomorrow.