Written by Doug

8 Sep 2005

Having written 3 of these memories of myself and Christine some weeks ago on this site and in response to complimentary e-mails I have agreed to re-count one more.

One day Christine and I went to her aunt Alice's house for lunch. She was a pleasant woman, if a bit dippy, about 70 to 75 years old (I never asked) and a spinster of this parish. It was the only place where cock fixated Chrissy, being totally transformed, never even hinted at sex, not a whisper even when we were completely alone. It wasn't the done thing.

Her aunt lived in a first floor apartment, and had done for years. She was now supposedly getting a bit frail, (Something I'd never noted about her) but declined all suggestions to leave her home of over 30 years to move to an elderly persons bungalow. Truth is, when the subject was brought up she was a bit fiery. Her home was a bit like her, very twee and proper. It was something of a time warp, but like many homes of its type it was always immaculate.

The two bedroom flats had a communal walled garden at the rear with a large grassed area and borders around the edges where each tenant had responsibility for their own particular border, where there was a degree of competition amongst the tenants, most of whom were elderly, as to who's looked best, and there was a joint responsibility for the lawn and each flat had a veranda overlooking the garden area.

Christines aunt was old school, very church orientated and regarded the fact that Chrissy and I lived together with her own pristine picture of reality where she clearly thought that as we had three bedrooms that we, as friends, had a bedroom each and that we would save ourselves until we were wed. She was, and is, just a sweet old lady with her own views on the world and neither Christine nor I did anything to alter that. In fact it was very sweet to see Chrissy always acting like a proper little girl in her presence.

Anyhow we had lunch and as usual there was enough food to sink a battleship. I don't know where Alice put the food as she was such a petite lady, but she ate as much as me and encouraged Christine, who was a food pecker, to eat heartily. It's just a "Woman of her period" thing with a waste not, want not mentality.

After the meal Chrissy and I were bloated and plonked ourselves in the old sofa that had the ability to swallow up whole humans and at the same time Alice was clearing the table, buzzing about like a demented fly who would hear nothing of having any help. We were her guests after all.

Christine and I were lost to the world (and looked it) and an afternoon " After lunch" nap seemed to be the order of the day.

Alice, still buzzing, said that she was going to leave us and go down to the garden

and told us to come down when we were ready. God only knows where this "Frail" woman got her energy. She'd just put away enough food to lay a Sumo wrestler low and here she was, trotting off to the garden.

Chrissy and I nestled together, but in keeping with the location and her prim behaviour in that location, it was all very sweet with not even a kiss.

We sat for about 15 minutes and Chrissy got up and suggested we go down to the garden and I said I was going to have a cigarette, so Chrissy said she'd wait and went off to the veranda.

I was having a cigarette in a non smokers house because Alice thought it was manly to have a smoke after a meal.

After it I went onto the veranda which was big enough for two large chairs and a couple of plant pots. It previously had had decorative cast iron railings, but they had long since been removed during the war effort and only the cast stumps remained and the veranda front was now just a large piece of painted plywood from one side to the other.

Christine was leaning on the cross rail of the veranda in conversation with her aunt and two other women who were in the garden and when I went onto the veranda I stood directly behind Christine and put my hands on her hips and pushed myself against her.

I said hello to the women and exchanged pleasantries about Alice's cooking, the weather and the flower borders.

Christine never moved her arms, but was obviously embarrassed a little by my closeness. Not because it was me or anything like that, but because she didn't want to do anything to cause embarrassment to her aunt, so she tried to shrug me off my pushing back or moving herself from side to side and I'm sure she had no sexual intent whatsoever, but her grinding into my crutch was giving me a hard on and I made matters worse by pressing into her bum until she whispered at me gruffly "Doug", which I took to mean "Stop it or I'll have to kill you".

I moved to her side and stood as they all chatted away to each other, but by now I was horny as hell and just looking at Chrissy wasn't helping. I thought "Fuck it", and slide my hand up under the hem of her skirt and straight on to her bum. She clenched her cheeks tight and wiggled her bum against my hand, once again indicating that I might be signing my own death warrant.

I ignored her concealed protests and pushed my hand between her thighs and slowly started rubbing my hands back and forth between her legs over her knickers.

For a few strokes she kept her legs clamped shut and it was very difficult to move but I felt the warmth and dampness of her pussy through her knickers and wild horses wouldn't have took my hand away at that point.

Slowly, Christine shuffled her feet apart and opened her legs and I was able to stroke right under her between her legs and when I felt her push her bum toward me I almost whipped my cock out and fucked her on the spot, but even I wasn't that crazy.

I slipped my hand into her knickers at the crotch and felt how wet she was and it was easy to slide two fingers into her pussy and slowly finger fuck her and I knew she was loving it with the slowest of gyrations of her pussy over my fingers.

She was very, very wet and my fingers were really sticky and every so often I joined in the 4-way garden conversation that was still going on, but in an obscure way, like "Oh Mrs so-and-so, I love those plants too but don't you find the sap really sticky" and "I make my own mulch girls, nothing quite like getting your hands in there and feeling it all squidgy and running through your fingers" and at each comment Chrissy would butt against my hand in an effort to shut me up, as if the old girlies had a clue what I was actually talking about, or what I was doing at that moment.

And then I said "Well if you'll excuse me ladies I'm going to have a smoke, but I'm sure Christine would love to stay and chat" and at that Chrissy nearly snapped her neck with the speed she turned her head to say "What" in a somewhat livid and frustrated whispered tone. I just patted her bum and walked back into the sitting room with Chrissy looking back at me with a very bewildered look.

In the living room I took of my shoes, socks, jeans and underpants and crawled back onto the veranda unheard by Christine, who only reacted when I slid my hand up the back of her leg. I was completely concealed behind the veranda hoarding and I removed Chrissy's knickers and skirt and surprisingly she hardly made a move.

I slid in front of her with my back against the hoarding until I was sitting between her legs. I moved down as far as I had to and with one hand on her bum guided her pussy to my tongue. Christine didn't need any further encouragement and I lapped at her clit pushing as much spit onto it as I could muster.

I couldn't get lower to put my tongue into her so I put my hand between her legs and fingered her pussy while gorging on her clit.

Christine had to maintain her position and maintain her conversation as if nothing was going on and the thrill of it, the secrecy of it was mind blowing.

She was getting wetter by the second and I was sliding my fingers easily in and out then suddenly her calves began shaking and she started pumping her knees into my chest and all the while leaking copiously against my hand and then she stopped and clenched my hand in her thighs.

I let her stay like that for a couple of minutes as I felt her cunt throbbing against my fingers then I pulled away from her and crawled back into the living room where I stood up and walked back out onto the veranda and stood beside Christine at the veranda rail.

The elderly girlies asked if I enjoyed my smoke etc and I briefly chatted with them before taking Christines hand and wrapping it round my cock and holding it there and rather than let her wank me I held her hand and started fucking it as it gripped me, pulling my arse back a little and thrusting into her hand before pulling back out and thrusting in again. All the while leaning on the veranda rail with my arms crossed.

Sliding back and forth through her fingers, my cock was throbbing and Chrissys hand felt good as it got into the rhythm of my fucking and clenched and unclenched at the right moment, but once again, within just a few minutes, I tensed and as I did Christine said "Oops silly me" bent down and swallowed my cock just I shot my first load with most of it hitting her top lip and nose and the rest going into her mouth before she clamped her lips round me and sucked hard.

I stood there very tense, with a full-on knee trembler as I spurted more cum into her mouth and she gulped and swallowed and gulped again and looked up at me saying "Hmmm" as she licked round my knob end, then just as quickly as she'd bent down she got to her feet and leaned on the veranda beside me with a huge grin on her face.

She put her arm round my shoulder and said "aaaw are you tired ??"

At that we were summoned to join Alice in the garden and went inside where we put our clothes on and Chrissy stood giggling like a naughty schoolgirl, wiping her mouth saying "Was that my pudding ??" and "All gone" and "Wait till we get home you".

It was one of those things that you're not supposed to do, but it was intensely erotic and something never to be repeated.