Written by Madame S

27 Dec 2004

One of my Hubby's Christmas prezzies suprised me on Christmas morning, I had all the usual, sexy underwear & choc's,which were lovely but when I unwrapped an 8 inch Rabbit Vibrator the look on my face said it all. "I thought its what you wanted" he said smiling wickedly. Oh yes darling it is & I can't wait to test it out,I replied.

I quickly showered paying particular attention to my pussy. I shaved my pussy lips & neatly trimmed my bush leaving only a tiny patch of pubes. Just as my lover likes it. I returned to the bedroom clean, perfumed & wearing only a pink thong. Hubby had prepaired my new gift & he had it buzzing & rotating away as he lay on the bed. His cock looked hard already as his boxers had a distinct sexed up bulge in them. I provocatively painted on some nice red lipstick & Ilay down on the bed. My lovers lips soon met mine as we french kissed passionately, our tounges probed each others as we exchanged juices. My hand reached down & stroked my man's cock which was as I had suspected hard & ready for sex. Fuck me now with the Vibe I ordered as lust engulfed me. My lover obeyed instantly & my pussy lips were soon forced apart by the 8 inch rubber head. My pussy soon gobbled up the shaft of the sex toy & my lover pleasured me by stroking the vibe gently & slowly in to my now soaking pussy. My lover commented on how sexy my smooth pussy lips looked as they took the full length & girth of the sex toy. I was now well sexed up, but the best was yet to come as the rabbit entered into its own as the rotating shaft was turned on & the "rabbit" buzzed away on my clit. The sensation was heavenly & after some slight adjustments I soon had mastered the controls of the vibe as it pleasured my pussy. I told my lover to get his cock out & put it in my mouth so I could suck him whilst he wanked himself into my mouth. I soon reached orgasm & I sucked & drank my hubby dry at the same time. What a great start to Christmas. X