Written by David

15 Sep 2004

This is the continuation of what happened when my wife Clare had her first sex with someone other than me (her husband). I was surprised that she chose someone who had had a crush on her years before, an old friend we were staying with who she had not seen for 20 years.

Grant and her were beyond restraint. I sat and watched in disbelief at first, but then felt pleased for her, it seemed almost right for both of them. After all, who doesn't have an old memory of someone they'd liked to have fucked all those years ago, but hadn't.

Clare was whispering how much she wanted him, she was kissing his neck, the side of his face, biting at his lips, while his hands unbuttoned the front of her dress, and slipped her bra up releasing large breasts capped with rose pink nipples. He buried his face in them, cupping them with his hands, licking them, sucking them, all the time murmuring almost incoherently how much he'd wanted to touch them years ago. I swear he was almost crying with pleasure.

She was leaning over him, still seated on the couch when she suddenly put her hands on his chest and eased him back. For a second they looked into each other's eyes and I thought for a minute that she was going to stop it at this point. Instead I watched my wife slowly kneel down off the couch onto the floor where he was kneeling now, and ease him back until he was lying on the rug looking at her, speechless now.

She said, "Grant, I thought about you back in the old days, and I've thought about you off and on down the years, but always as I made myself cum, I'd picture you fucking me, I've waited for this, I've never fucked anyone but David". He started to talk but she shook her head and moved her hands to his belt, snap, and zipper. He pulled the jeans off his hips, and his underwear too until he was lying there naked, his hard cock angled up toward his chest. He wasn't a monster, but easily adequate, and moist at the tip.

For a moment they were frozen, her with her hands on his hips, him just lying back watching her. Then Clare exploded onto him, licking the length of his cock, stroking up his legs, thighs, to his balls, and under him to his ass. She grasped his cock and let a moan out as she felt it against her lips, then sliding past her tongue deep into her throat, she was cumming as she sucked at him. I can last forever though it takes incredible willpower when your partner is blowing you and cumming at the same time herself, so Grant didn't have a chance, he started bucking and thusting at her, then he said 'oh god' as he let loose shot after shot of cum while she literally hung onto every drop, milking him up and down his length with the perfect envelope of her lips.

I could take no more so I moved in and kissed her, laying her down as she moaned and shuddered, pushing into her right away with my cock (which had been hard right from the time she pushed him backwards). We fucked tremendously, groaning and pushing, she raked my back, we forgot Grant for a moment, but he didn't forget us. As I came, as she came, we both looked over to see him lying beside us, stroking his hard-again cock.

I watched him fuck her, her cunt tight and wet, a vacuum of heat and desire that had him thrusting between his legs with unrestrained full movement, wrapping his hands under her ass to hold on for what must have been the ride of both their lives.

Later we did what you would expect, explored the options for three sexually expressive people. Clare was no one's wife that night, and she came over and over. When we tired she would quietly finger herself, waiting patiently for more. In the morning we both fucked her again, Grant sucking on her nipples while I was between her legs. Then

I masturbated once while she fucked him a last time (for now) before we packed and left

I don't know where things will go now. I think for Clare and Grant the experience was closure to a lifetime fantasy for both of them, but I suspect a door's been opened now that I, and she, will not easily close