Written by happy employer

13 Nov 2006

our friend does sum cleaning for me and my wife twice a week as we both work long hour last friday i got home early and ann was still in the house,she is a size 12 and 5ft 9 she has big tits and is always funny she was in the front room as i opened the door there were 3 piles of ironing 1 of the piles had both mine and the wifes underwear on ann said she did not no my wife had so much sexy underwear i asked if she had any she smiled and just looked at me not saying anything we took the ironing upstairs .jokingly i throw her a pair of black holdups that were new sha asked wot she should do with them i told here if she had time to put them on,she just told me i was a dirty fucker and to piss off down stairs so i did . about 30 min later she called to me to help her move a box as i got to the top of the stairs i could c her lying on the bed in the front bedroom all she was wearing was the hold ups and a smile i must have undressed in double time, she parted her legs and there was a lovly shaved cunt the lips were nice and pink my head was in between her leg licking the lips they were lovlyshe moved around and stuck my now very hard cock in her mouth and was sucking like there was no 2 morrow, she took every drop of spunk i had in the next hr i came up both her other hole she has asked if we can do this more as she would like to be my slave if i would like she went shopping at the weekend with my wife and got a lot off sexy unerwear my wife has told me that someone is going to b lucky she does not no yet it is me,,