Written by Dirtyfucker

29 Jun 2005

then A few years ago I was asking around to see if anyone local could reccommend a good cleaner who wasn't too expensive and Mark a few doors down said he and his wife had used a middle aged african woman who was very thorough and leaved everywhere spotless and sweated blood to get things clean so I asked him for her number and gave a ring to invite her over.She turned up the next day dressed in a pink overall and I made a pot of tea and we chatted and I gace her a quick tour of the house and she said she would be happy to help out and we agreed what days she would visit and what needed cleaning and as she had been working for Mark and Sue I trusted her with a key and when she got up to leave I had a great view of her white panties and when she left I went to the lounge pulled down my trousers and wanked myself off thinking of Carmel sucking me off.I had gone to bed late the next day as I didn't have anything to get up for and was laying on my bed naked when I suddenly heard the front door go and I checked the clock and saw it was 10 o'clock and forgot Carmel started today and I was about to jump up and get dressed and then I thought I would pretend to be asleep and watch her from under the covers.She called out to see if I was in and after doing downstairs she climbed the stairs and I had half pulled the covers over me but managed to leave it so one of my bare legs was on show and my hard cock was a bit on show also and I heard Carmel gasp quietly as she spoke to herself making sure she had a peek as she lifted the duvet she looked underneath and saw my cock standing too attention as she collected a pair of boxers off the floor I smeaked a peek and she put them to her nostrils to sniff and closed her eyes and then I saw her lift her dress a bit to rub her pussy and she leaned against the wall to steady herself and I could hear her moan as she mumbled to herself.I stayed under the covers peeking as this woman rubbed her body and I needed to wank my cock and then Carmel said Mr xxxx you are awake I see and she lifted the duvet and I just lay there smiling and told her to show me what she had been rubbing for the last few minutes and she lifted the dress over her head and got on the bed with her heaving bosoms wobbling in her bra that was two sizes too small and she parted her legs to show me how damp her panties were so I pulled them to oneside and rubbed her bushy pussy and she moaned and I slipped a finger in and began to finger fukc her as she unclipped her bra to massage her chocolate coloured tits topped with gorgeous dark nipples.I didn't need her to ask her twice to climb aboard my boner and she was soon screaming obscenities as she rode my cock and I played with her dangling tits.I asked her if Mark had fucked her and she said on her 3rd visit he came up behind her in the kitchen as she was bending over lifted her overall pulled down her knickers and opened his dressing gown and fucked her hard until she felt his spunk shoot into her then he went to get dressed leaving her to pull up her panties and carry on with her duties and I couldn't hold back as she told me and I dumped my spunk into her blackhole and she carried on riding until my balls were drained and then she climbed off and took my cock covered with our juices and licked it clean then she got off the bed got dressed and told me to wait in bed untiul she had finished cleaning.

pt2 coming soon.