Written by Peter

10 May 2004

Mary was in her late fifties quite large build and a widow who lived on her own as her children had all flown the nest.She lived a couple of streets away from me and had seen an advert I had placed in the local newsaganets and phoned me to find out more about what needed doing so I suggested she pop round for a chat and a coffee.

She turned up with a coat undone and the traditional cleaning uniform underneath which obviously meant she had done this before.I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and told her to have a look round the house if she so wished and after telling her this she went up stairs and had a look in the rooms one by one and as I was making the coffee I suddenly foze as I forgot to clean my room and realised I had forgotten to put the latest edition of a swingers magazine I subscribe to in the cabinet drawer so I was wondering what was going on and shouted up to see if she thought it was a big job.Mary then began to descend down the stairs and seemed to be a bit nervous so I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing and proceeded to drink the coffee.I told her that I could see she had clenaed before and she showed me a cv of places where she had worked before so I told her I would check a couple of them out and get back to her and she left.After she had left I shot upstairs to find my magazine on the side of the cabinet but it had been moved and I saw that it had been left open on a different page to which I had left it as I had arranged to meet a rather large balck lady the following week and she had left it open on the page showing men.I didn't think anymore of this and just chuckled and thought to myself I had better make sure I clean up if she does come again.I checked with ca couple of people on the list of cleaning jobs and they all said Mary was a good worker so I rang her and said I would like her to clean on both Monday and Thursday and she checked and said that would be fine.That night I was checking through my bedroom cabinet and was looking for previuos months edition of magazine and couldn't seem to find it and wondered if Mary had tried to find one to take home.I decided to lay a trap to see whetehr Mary wasn't as straight laced as I first thought so I decided to put a porno film into the video player and leave the tv screen so it is as if the tape has just finished and see whether she looked at it(one of mature women taking cock in all holes).I had already put a spare key through Marys letterbox so she could let herself in when she needed to so I set off in the morning and found myself daydreaming and imaging Mary finding the video in the player and her siting there watching it.The day soon came to an end and I travelled home and Mary had left a message on the fridge with one of the magnet things saying she found the cleaning easy and would do some ironing on Thursday if I didn't mind.I went up to my bedroom and sure enough there in the videpo machine was the film but it wasn't back to the start but it was finished at about 3/4 of the way though and I felt my cock harden as I thought of this large busted woman in her late fifties watching a hot prono film on my bed so I had to have a wank or I would of had a hardon all night.Thursday came and decided that I would again put a different film in see if she took the bait again but this time I would come home early and hopefully catch her out.

I set off as per usual and got to 11.30 and headed home and walked up the driveway not knowing if she had been so I unlocked the door quitely and I could hear some noise upstairs so I crept up the stairs having rmoved my shoes and managed to peek in through a crack in the door and saw Mary laying on the bed with her hand down her knickers and her big tits bouncing around and my cock was now busting to get free, but I decided to creep back downstairs and pretend I was just home by banging the front door.luckily my cock had gone down as I tried to think of something else at the time I decided to call out her name pretneding that I didn't know she was there and the noise I heard made me think she had nearly fell off the bed so I started to climb the stairs and slowly opened the door and found her on the foor as she pretended to be picking something off the carpet.Sorry Mary did I scare you? I asked and she said you didn't expect me back so soon and was just caught unawares but as she said that the video ejected itself as it does when the film ends.I see you have been slacking then Mary sitting round watching films have you?I am sorry please don't sack me as I need the money she said and I just laughed as I had no intention of sacking her.I asked her if she had taken a magazine from my cabinet and she owned up that she had done so becuase she hadn't had any sex life since her husband died some 4 years ago and she was fed up with pleasing herself with her hand she thought she may find someone to have a sexual realtionship with.I looked at Mary and told her I had seen her with her hand down her knickers and her tits out earlier and she went bright red so I walked towards her and asked her if she had ever sucked a mans cock and she said never so I asked her to undo my trousers and my cock was so hard it nearly hit her in the eye she didn tneed asking to pull my pants down and I told her to touch the bellend and run her finger over the slit and as she did this I went for a handful of breast and massaged it feeling her nipple harden under the touch.I told her to undress and let me see her naked body which she did and I have to say I am not usually keen on pussies with a lot of hair ..........(to be continued)