Written by dan

30 Jan 2005

Having read many of the sexy stories on here I thought I’d ad my own – hopefully some people out there will find it horny.

My girlfriend and I often fantasise together about having sex with other men and women. I think it is safe to say that we both like talking and wanking over bi-fantasies. While she has actually had sex with another woman, I have not played with another guy – but the idea gets me horny.

Last week at the local pool I had a fantastic experience – sitting in the sauna another guy came in. We passed pleasantries for aout 5 minutes. As he liked it hot in there, he poured a couple of laddles of water on the hot coals, making me drop down to the lower seating. From my seat I could see under his towel – getting a great view of his cock and balls, which looked great. I think that he noticed me looking as he shifted in his seat and then disgarded his towel – showing off his great cock. At that moment another guy joined us in the sauna at which point I decided to leave.

I took a shower and imagined theguy coming in to join me – sliding his soapy hand around me and wanking my cock.

After showering I went back in to the main locker area where the sauna is situated and decided to get changed in front of the sauna door – giving the sauna guy a good view of my arse and cock.. I took my time toweling down and dressing – leaving myself naked as long as I could. Just as I was slipping on my jeans the sauna door opened and out he came. His towel was over his shoulder, giving me another great view. He spoke to me, wishing me a pleasaant evening and hoping he’d see me again soon.

That evening I mentioned my encouunter to my other half. She unzipped my jeans and sucked me off – offering to take me up to the shower for a slippery, soapy wank.