Written by Chameleon

24 Sep 2017

Its surprising how a single experience can lead to the unexpected.

Clare and I were back in town late, so called at a pub in the old town that we like, with a view to eating there. I forgot my jacket, so Clare went ahead, when I arrived in the pub, to my surprise, Clare was engaged in an animated conversation with a guy at the bar.

Instead of walking up to her as I would usually, I walked around her to the other side of the bar and observed, while ordering drinks. Clare had seen me and looked somewhat bemused by the fact that I hadnt joined her.

The guy was in full flow with her , very animated and also quite tactile, lots of touching but nothing sexual at that stage.

Anyway we couldnt eat there, we hadnt booked, so went to the golf club and ate there instead.

I was curious about her pub friend , it turns out that he thought she was a poker playing aquaintance he knew, and hadnt seen for a while, Clare actually thought it was his pickup line, and also mentioned that as she walked out, he had a good look at her rear, up and down, she was wearign her very fitted jeggings, which emphasise her bum.

Over the next few weeks off and on I mentioned her encounter, basically seeing if she was game for a little fun, something that had happened very occasionally over the years.

Initially she wasnt at all interested, but gradually I got some if's and what abouts, basically if something did happen, would I be ok with it. Twice in the past she had been with another guy one nighters and we were still tohether, this time I said I actually am the instigator.

A few more weeks past before after a day out we called at the pub, a Saturday night as before, but this time with a plan. Clare wasnt in jeggings, but a very full black knee length skirt, which she knew I always thought of as a fuck me skirt, it just needed lifting !!! along with some deep pink stockings,cream blouse, black heels, matching black suspenders, bra, and a wonderful pair of tiny sheer black panties.

In we go and to my delight, ou guy is there, I didnt follow her in but walked through the side entrance, and again stood at the garden side of the bar.

He didnt let me down.

I am a bit of a geek, and I have an app which effectively turns a mobile phone into a microphone.

I had pre loaded this onto Clares Motorola, and with my earpiece in mine , I was getting all the pub background noise, but also most of the conversation between Clare and as it turns out Gary.

He was very happy to see her again, wondered where her husband was, and where had she been. He bought Clare a large white wine, and then as the bar only has limited high bar stools, found one for her and brought it over; he seemed delighted when she perched herself ontop, with his assistance his hands spending quite a lot of time on her bum, she told me later that he had a good feel of her suspender straps through her skirt.

Chat carried on , getting a lot more personal, he even asked her if she always wore stockings, Clare asked him how he knew, Gary just grinned.

A second large wine, and Gary getting very tactile, his hand on Clares leg above her knee, actually moving up and down. He came out with hubby is a lucky man, being able to fuck you when he wants. I suppose this prompted Clare, as she simply said why would you ??

That was the trigger, he took Clares hand and helped her off the stool, she asked where are we going, Gary saying into the garden, there is a summer house.

They actually walked past me outside, and into the long pub garden, it was dark and there were only afew garden solar lights.

I followed discreetly, I could he him saying I want to fuck you so badly. I coukd just make out that he had lifted theback of Clares skirt and had his hand down the back of her panties, I think fingering her as she walked. I stopped at the smokers den.

The summer house was unlit and I couldnt follow, but I did hear, and the sounds of your wife being fucked can be quite arousing. Clare did ask him to push harder and her orgasm , followed shortly by his was loud enough to be heard by a couple of smokers , stood next to me who sniggered, someone getting fucked hard.

I went back into the pub, Clare and Gary about ten minutes later. She made her excuses and left . I was waiting outside,

Naturally I wanted an account, even though I heard the event.

Gary it seems was very eager, he had been fingering her as they walked, and by the time they got to the summer house she was wet, Gary had noticed.

She said as soon as they were inside , he was all over her, blouse open, boobs squeezed and pulled up and out of her bra, he sucked on her nipples like a baby, and was grinning when her nipples responded hardening like wine gums.

He didnt take her skirt off, just pulled and folded it up, she was leaning over the bench in the summer house, he rubbed her pussy through her panties, before pulling them aside, they had a narrow gusset, spat on his finger and rubbed her pussy lips. Clare heard his zip go, then felt him pushing at her lips, he felt fairly big. In fact she said when he came into her he was big and his cock was quite thick.,she had to brace herself on the bench, boobs hanging over her bra cups, legs apart, Gary holding onto her hips pulling at her suspender belt, she thought he was going to rip it.

He was a little rough, and really tried to force as much of his cock into her as he could.

Clare said she came first, and felt Gary come shortly, there was no condom, and she thought he was filling her up with his cum, she said he clearly was a heavy cummer, when he withdrew, it was leaking down her legs. And soaked the gusset of her panties. I had noticed there were even signs of his cum on the back of her skirt, something the smokers also noticed when she walked past them on the way out.

So off to the car, I had to feel Clare I was so excited, her crotch was sticky, her inner thighs wet , it had even darkened her stocking tops, and her panties were just a sticky mess, keeping at least some of the cum inside her.

What a night, we have spoken about it over the weeks since, we havent been back to the pub, but I guess we probably will.